[UPDATE 12:51 p.m.] Rollover Accident on 6th and H in Eureka; 6th Street Closed

A fireman searches the rolled over vehicle. [All photos by Mark McKenna]

A fireman searches the rolled over vehicle. [All photos by Mark McKenna]

Around 12:30 p.m., two vehicles, a white Subaru and a Silver Ford Escape, collided near the intersection of 6th and H Streets in Eureka.

6th Street is closed at H. Traffic is being diverted from 6th up H. One southbound lane is closed on H Street.


A fireman searches the rolled over vehicle.

A fireman spreads sand around the rolled over vehicle. [All photos by Mark McKenna]

UPDATE 12:51 p.m.: One woman from the Ford Escape was transported for a wrist injury. There were five four people in the Subaru including an infant.




  • Speed limit must be 55 mph thru there

  • Roll over & play dead???!!! ;op Sorry I couldn’t resist!!!

  • There is a light at that intersection… 6th is one way. I’d say the Subaru “won” the encounter, but how fast do you have to be going (separately and mutually) to flip a car at an intersection? Not a subject I’ve put much study into, but I’d be curious to hear what the answer is.

    • I wonder the same thing. It seems like Eureka has an abnormal number of rollovers.

    • My dad was a physics expert and used to testify in court in cases just like this. The calculations always hurt my head..lol But my guess is that car hitting the flipped car was the one speeding, if the hit was perpendicular that is.

      The striking car is low to the ground, upsetting the rollover factor of the one with the higher stance. But even still the strike would have to be hard (increased by higher speeds) to flip the other car upside down. Otherwise it would’ve just scooted the struck car a bit sideways.

      • Thank you. This explains the physics and makes a lot of sense. Yes, braining the math for this sort of stuff is an either or sort of thing (you can or you don’t). But the detail of how fast the Subaru was going still niggles at bit… And who was running the light?

  • I would assume someone ran the light, nothing to do with speed. Well, of the velocity variety. The other variety is quite popular in eureka…

    • Agreed, all TOO popular!!!

    • Although it’s obvious someone was going too fast and someone went through a red light, there are a lot of signals in a short distance through H and I and 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th. A quick glance could make it possible to see multiple lights and be confused as to which is which. Treating those intersections going both ways with caution is a good idea.

  • It’s a good thing that gas can (shown in one of the photos with the Ford) didn’t leak or spill during the rollover! Maybe it was empty?

  • Good thing it was a Ford Escape…if it was a ford Trapped it could have been worse.

  • Too bad about the antifreeze spill from the Subaru running down the gutter into the nearby storm drain.

  • See Church, say prayer

  • He bought his way out of this bullshit didn’t he.

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