Canada Legalizes Recreational Cannabis; Second Country in World to Do So

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Today, Canada became only the second country in the world to legalize the recreational use of cannabis. Uruguay went first in 2013. However, Canadians won’t be able to consume freely for several months–probably sometime in September.

“It’s been too easy for our kids to get marijuana — and for criminals to reap the profits. Today, we change that. Our plan to legalize & regulate marijuana just passed the Senate,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on Twitter today.

According to the StarTribune,

The task force recommended adults be allowed to carry up to 30 grams of pot and grow up to four plants. It also said marijuana should not be sold in the same location as alcohol or tobacco.

The most controversial aspect of Canada’s move to legalize marijuana nationwide has been setting the minimum age for use at 18 or 19, depending on the province. That is lower than in U.S. states that have embraced legalization.

Advocates argued that putting the limit at 21 would encourage a black market and drive youths into the hands of criminals. But some health experts have worried that the lower age will encourage use of a substance that can have long-term consequences on still-maturing brains.



  • groba dude osnt trustafarian

    Take out the money, let everyone grow and smoke.

    Pot will not make the world better, but decriminalization of personal behavior will save governments money, and reduce the cache of intoxication.

    Probably should also let people sell other common drugs and sexual services as well.

    Get the profits out of it, and the crime will go away. The suffering caused by drug addiction and human exploitation is another subject.

    • I agree with the caveat that there are societies that have been so damaged by their members’ of drug use (like gat in North Africa or alcohol in Russia) that it is virtually part of the national identity. Pot seems to have that effect on its users. They seem to depend on it blinding them to its problems.

      But the boat has sailed on restricting its use. In fact the boat is so far out to sea that the attempt to drag it back is futile and self damaging. We just have to deal with the fact that a larger opportunity to become useless drags on society exists and will not be dissuaded.

    • Medical is very helpful but recreational would have been better off in the hands of outlaws. Not all the cartels and gangs that destroy the environment and create a climate of violence.

  • Big ups to Canada. Ganja is big business in Canada, and will soon be big Biz here. If you’re not paying attention to whats happening with publicly traded Ganja companies in Canada you really should look at the price action over the past few years. We are talking HUGE gains to those who invested early. All us soon to be retired ganja farmers ought to put a few $ into some of the companies in the California market. This isnt based on fundamentals its all hype, get in get out and make some money. Ganja in the US when it inevitably becomes legalized in the next 5 years will be BIG FUCKING BUSINESS, and if you invested wisely early on you stand to make some serious LEGIT money in the coming years. Im talking doubling, tripling, quadrupling ++, your $ if you play this right. Canopy growth was trading at under 2 dollars a share in 2015, its about to break all time highs soon at over $43 thats an increase of over 2000%

  • Great news. The market for illegal Humboldt growers shrinks even more. It might be time to sell the growdozer and the Chevy volt.tough times ahead, they can always fall back on their carpentry skills to make an honest living lol

  • So nothing changes then, just more regulations and enforcement and big ag can make more money. Move along folks nothing to see here.

  • Ohhh Canada. Weed may as well been legal for the last 10 years. Walk through a major city in Canada and every area near an outdoor ashtray smells like weed. Cops don’t care. People don’t care.

    Those weed stocks are scary. All burning cash faster that they increase revenue.

  • Lake County Not So Bad

    I wonder how much the price of canola oil will go up when thousands of acres of Canadian canola fields are converted to cannabis? Go big ag!

  • “Legaliztion”. More like let people grow 4 measly plants and bury the rest of the small growers in red tape and civil fines. Big Ag wins and everybody else loses. Idiots are celebrating. Fools think they are “free” now but they just got issued some new chains. Big win for 1)Big Ag 2) Government regulatory agencies 3) Corporate financial investors …The revolution won’t be televised- it will be undermined and re-marketed to the unconscious masses. Everybody line up for your SOMA. Remember- We made you be free!

    • Thank you Farce. This is legalization in name only. Just like what we have in California and other US states that have “legalized”.

    • Pretty much the opposite of legalization here, funny how you can twist wording and get sheeple to vote for something completely reversed of what was originally wanted.

    • Your dead on too bad people in the triangle didn’t see it coming. It’s what the government does I experience 40 yrs ago in an industry that needed permits. Tough times coming.

  • Bulgiarian beef stew

    Last weeks news finally catching on in humboldt

  • From what I understand about this legalization.. is that the government is going to take control of the industry by selling it and growing it. And take it out of the private market.

  • How feasible is it to grow your own at home? It seems to me as soon as your plants are ready for harvest the neighborhood kids would hop the fence and rip you off. Anybody have experience?

    • That’s one reason grow bros like pit bulls 😉

    • My neighbors in Yuba City were growing 100 plants in plain sight in their back yard, in 2006. The cops told the other neighbors that “it was legal” and they couldn’t do anything.

      So much weed is grown in backyards in towns in the valley, in Nevada and Butte Counties, hell, all over CA!

      Humboldt does not have a corner on the market, and hasn’t in years!

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