Southern Humboldt Gets a Craft Brewery – Gyppo Ale Mill

This is a press release from Gyppo Ale Mill:

Shelter Cove – The anticipated opening of Gyppo Ale Mill is finally here. A family owned brewery, taproom and restaurant, is ready to serve exceptional beers and mouthwatering food! Gyppo Ale Mill is Southern Humboldt’s only craft brewery with sixteen different beverages on tap. They are currently pouring excellent house craft brewed beers, a house made root beer, local red and white wine, hard cider, and kombucha.

Gyppo Ale Mill hopes to be a place the community of Southern Humboldt gathers to love, to laugh, to shoot the breeze and to enjoy one another. The vision is to maintain an inviting atmosphere for everyone, all the while serving kick-ass beer and superb food.

The term Gyppo [gyp•po |ˈjipō| ] runs deep in the family blood and the heart of the local logging community. With pride in the name, Gyppo Ale Mill has planted their roots in the community and plans to continue embracing the dynamic independent culture of Humboldt County.

Gyppo Ale Mill first success is a crowd favorite keeping the local community happy with brewing a clean and crisp Mexican Lager followed by the Northeast Haze IPA. Gyppo Ale Mill currently has eight beers on tap and new fresh seasonal coming out monthly!

Beer is just the start of the menu. Gyppo Ale Mill is dedicated to keeping food organic, natural and locally sourced. Staying as close to home as possible, the fish and chips comes hours out of the ocean from the Shelter Cove waters. There is something on the menu for everyone — from the carnivore to the vegan, to the gluten loving to the gluten-free. The flavorsome gastropub menu perfectly pairs with the array of house brewed craft beers.

Great family, great beer, and great food — Gyppo Ale Mill invites all groups of people, from the hills of Southern Humboldt to the tourist of the great Redwoods, to drink an independently brewed beer to a free wheeling life. Cheers!



  • This should make Shelter Cove road safer.

    • Yes! We have a designated driver program. Come in and let us know you are the Designated Driver and we’ll hook you up with free house made root beer all day and night.

  • Good for drinkers. Smoke crack, I don’t care…but…booze okay, ganja no way, is one of the most insane government prohibitive double standards going. Marijuana is a blessing and should be free for all to grow and consume as they please. Yet it’s treated like a psyhotic. Hypocricy at its finest, keeping people stupid for stupid’s sake.

  • Could of been Redway. Looks like I’ll never make it out there. Bummer

  • JustWantToHeartheEndoftheStory

    Gyppo is listed as an offensive term for Gypsy, which is in itself an offensive term to the Romani people.In this hypersensitive day and age, it might cause some snowflake to melt in horror…

  • Sounds like it just did.

  • The dope industry is shriveling up and dying in front of our eyes. SoHum hill money is evaporating. I would be way surprised if this business makes it more than a couple yrs … unless it’s just a front .. and even then??

    • Pharmstheproblem

      Go away with all your negativity. Things will end up being better after the pains of change…

      • Things are likely to be better for some and worse for others. It’s good to be positive though. I hope the pains of change are more mild than expected and pass quickly.

  • Really so glad that this place finally opened!!! Such a a long journey. I cant wait to get down there and eat fresh fish and drink local beer! CHEERS!

  • There are so few decent places to eat around SoHum. Ever since The Cove closed there hasn’t been much in Shelter Cove. Fish & chips at the deli are frozen & imported.
    Now we have two new places, and they’re very different.
    This is exciting news!
    People who’ve been there tell us that it’s high quality and great!
    We haven’t been there yet, but are looking forward to eating & drinking there.

  • Po ick ur battles

    Nice move with the free root beer. The driving over shelter cove for a beer road thing is sketchy

  • Meaghan Simpson

    Are the beverages at Gyppo Ale Mill real Heirloom Certified Organic?

    We have Eel River Brewing Co award winning Organic beers made here in Scotia and the Eel River Brewing Co Restaurant in Fortuna…Porter is my fave. You can purchase is most retail stores.

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