California State Senator Mike McGuire Denounces Separated Family Policy for Undocumented Immigrants

Photos provided by Custom and Border Protection to reporter on tour of Ursala detention facility in McAllen, Texas.

Separated family members detained in cages [All photos provided by Custom and Border Protection to a reporter on tour of Ursala detention facility in McAllen, Texas via Wikicommons]

Press release from California State Senator Mike McGuire:

The Trump administration’s heartless and expanded policy of separating children from families arriving at the border is cruel, inhumane and indecent, even by Trump standards.

Tent cities for children. Children in cages and baby jails. Parents being deported without their children. It all sounds too horrific to be true. But it is true – and it must stop immediately.

I condemn President Donald Trump, Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen in the strongest possible terms. They have created this nightmare, lie about it, and defend the indefensible.

It is true that we need comprehensive immigration reform – reform that has been blocked at every step of the way by the President. But the tragedy unfolding before us right now is a humanitarian crisis that must be stopped. These children cannot wait on congressional gridlock, partisan politics or the cynical gamesmanship of this President and his accomplices.

I will be working with members of the Senate in the coming days to put the entire weight of the State of California behind efforts to end this barbaric practice.

In the meantime, Mr. President, all it takes is one phone call from you to stop this madness: Do. It. Now.

Photos provided by Custom and Border Protection to reporter on tour of Ursala detention facility in McAllen, Texas.

Detained children.



  • How do other countries handle illegal immigrants?

    What would an ideal policy look like?

    • This is about separating children from their parents and putting them in metal cages, we’re better than this, aren’t we? Any decent human being with kids would not agree with this, they are trying to protect their kids and this is what happens, there is no excuse, I agree with Mike McGuire’s statement.

      • Yes. But driven into a corner by those who will not listen to others and frustrate all policies of temperance and reason because nothing is good enough except what they want, this is what happens.

        Children should not be used as shields, tickets or leverage either but that is exactly what happens. What parent pays strangers to guide them and their children across deserts, stuffs them into semi trucks to sneak them across borders. That happens too yet the silence about it is deafening.

        Now the advocates for open US borders have latched onto a bad (understandable but bad) policy to use as a tool to shame those who disagree with them into backing off of even trying to stem the tide of illegals. None complains about Mexico not resetting ‘assylum seekers in Mexico but shuttles then right to out borders. No one complains about the out of control murders in Mexico leading to crime when they cross illegally.

        So yes, I’m better than that but I seriously doubt whether the unreasonable blamers are.

      • So do I. This horrible practice is not American. It’s inhumane; my country should not be putting any children in cages, not snatching babies from their mothers’ arms as they scream in terror. I don’t care what your politics are, this is WRONG. This administration will pay for the practice at the polls this year. And do not believe what the moron in chief says about it being the democrats’ idea. Thats another lie.

        • In my 1911 I trust

          So what happens to American kids when their parents go to jail? Oh yeah, they are separated from them and their kids get sent to grandma or another family member. Same thing we should do with illegals. We should put their parents in jail and ship the kids to Mexico City to be picked up by family. Illegal immigrants do not have rights!

          • What happens to American (presumably you mean U.S. resident) kids when their parents commit a non-criminal civil offence such as an immigration violation? Nothing. Their parents get sued for damages. I’ve never heard of the government locking children in a dog cage because their parents committed a civil tort.

        • McGuire – like rabid lefties above – is a traitor, to California and the country. He supports criminal aliens and the socialist “sanctuary state” policy that destroys America. He should have been run out of Sonoma County on a rail, tar and feathered beside HuffnPuff.

          Remember Kate Steinle!

          • Funny, seeing as how your ‘president’ is a traitor to our nation, the Constitution, and all it stands for, as are his disgusting and harmful policies. I submit you have no idea what a real American is Mr. Rebel.

        • You do realize this has been legal policy since the bush days?

      • In my 1911 I trust

        Its a good thing. About time we see a small fraction of what these people are willing to sacrifice. A lot of illegal immigrants willingly trek their kids miles and miles across desert and mountains to a boarder where they know that this can happen. They do it anyway. How many of these illegals leave their children in Mexico to come to the USA to get a job and supposedly send back remissas to their family? How many of those people end up marrying another illegal or other person in the USA and forget about the family they left at home? More than most! How many of them leave their kids with their grandma so they can come to the USA? Their poor grandma who has already raised a bunch of kids? Many of them. So few of you know what happens on the other side of the border, but are quick to judge on our side. This is what my tax dollars are for!

    • The kids in our school ask why people cannot make their country as good as ours? Why can’t the Hondourans, Mexicans and others make their country safe, and so people want to stay there. They do not want to leave their country, but seem to be forced to. And of course, the number one reason these people are in such a bad way is because their government took the guns from the private citizens. Only drug thugs and the police, who are owned by the cartels, own guns. Do not come here and mooch off us, stay and fight, take your country back just like we did from the British. We were out manned, and we did not have the firepower they did, but we were smarter than them, and did not play by the rules. By that I mean we killed the officers. Start taking out the heads of these cartels, it will make a difference.[edit]

      • Oh the laughter!!!

        Because the big money interests in the US profit from maintaining a low wage economy in those countries, that’s why.
        As long as GM can pay people in Mexico $400 a month to do the job a US worker gets $4000 a month for, they will keep Mexico poor.

        • Nonsense. Look back farther than 30 years. Mexico was desperately poor prior to NAFTA. It had constant currency crises where the peso was devalued. It was run by oligarchs or dictators for the benefit of themselves. Even with a socialist revolution, the PRI ran the country as a dictatorship where wealth and power was concentrated in a few ruthless families. The US’s part in these things is better ignored.

          NAFTA was the first opportunity because US companies now had government sanction to ship jobs to Mexico, which lifted the ordinary person’s ability to earn while it simultaneous suppressed the US worker’s ability to compete. It was sold to American by the Clintons and subsequent administration as a positive as it opened markets and of course American worker’s would specialize in high paying technical jobs. Oh the utter arrogance of that. It was clearly shown as a loss for Americans with each treaty and loosening of regulations regarding foreign competition. Yet treaty after treaty repeated the damage. Other countries got access to American markets, RAISED the income of foreign workers . Meanwhile Congress pretended that it wasn’t happening, adding endless regulation impacting American businesses, while American earned contempt for its own stupidity.

      • Agree! Step up to the plate, put your big girl panties on and fight your own country for what you want! Life is hard and unfair everywhere, we’re not here to baby you and make your life easier so you can take the easy way out. Realize when you do something illegal and your children are with you, they’re going to reap some consequences as well.
        Quit using the children as the pity point. If it’s amnesty they seek then they can do it legally at a port of entry. This illegal immigration is way out of control, has been going on far to long and it’s about time to ‘put the foot down’. I’m tired of millions of tax dollars going towards taking care of these people while our own people suffer and/or sacrifice, not to mention, most end up disrespecting OUR culture! And to those who think otherwise, why don’t you collectively come up with a way that they can legally stay at your places of residence while you pay all of their costs and help them in the ways you think they’re entitled to. Each one of you can support a family or two.
        BTW – The majority of people don’t have a problem with people immigrating LEGALLY.

        • Totally agree!! Why are we expected to support allof these people? Now they are going to do dna tests to make sure that the kids are related to the people they are traveling with or just being used by the adult illegals. Again, I don’t want to support them and am tired of our government raising taxes to support them, so McGuire you pay for them, you make a lot more than the rest of us.

    • There are lots of pictures of kids being separated during the Obama administration, they arrested over 500k, most he sent back. Where was the outrage? Now the republicans are being hammered for enforcing Obama’s policies? In 2008, the beginning of the dark years for our country, a democrat house, senate, and president, did nothing to fix illegal immigration, and failed us all.
      During the occupy of wall street, they protested in front of a Wall street person’s home. This republican had just given $750,000,000 to cancer research. Truly a real human being. Tom Steyer, a democrat, and a pagan, spent $10,000,000 to spread lies and evil through his ads, which were lies, all of them. He could have done some real good for the world. He could have bought 8 Da Vinci surgical robots, and with the rest, for training. Idiot.

  • The people that support this treatment of families and children are not Americans. They certainly have no idea-or perhaps actually disagree with- what this country was always meant to be. Its disgusting that we rip children from their parents. But it will never happen to someone THEY know and love, so they jump on the bandwagon.

    • In my 1911 I trust

      Those people trying to cross our borders are not Americans. Shame on those parents for forcing their children to embark on such a dangerous journey. A journey the kids may not survive! Any American who did this with their children would have them ripped from their arms and placed in Social Services. How can you call yourself an American and condone the fact that people are sacrificing their own children to come here? A true American would have reverance for our Constitution, our borders, our country, and for all of those who became Americans by going through the legal process. Might as well spit in the face of the next American you see who immigrated legally!

      • These kids aren’t going to social services. They are being put in cages!!

        So would it have been ok to take the children of the growers, who were breaking the law, and put them in a cage?!! Or is it only ok because they are not “from here”?!

        • You prefer the decade long policy of releasing them into the country that they tried to enter illegally with the promise to show up to have a hearing and likely be deported later? They rarely show up and the cries have been “Oh the poor children the the mean Americans are trying to deport.” Honestly there is no policy that entails restricting free access to the US that doesn’t raise this rhetoric.

          And there is now at least 2 generations who came to the US with hatred and contempt for the US. Who don’t understand the forms of government here and don’t care to. You can see what America means to them from the last recession where the flood of people returning home when jobs dried up left whole communities decimated. Too many consider the US a place only to earn money while they keep themselves to their old cultures.

  • Mike McGuire doesn’t care about those kids. He is a Trump hater and is politicking for the midterm election!

    • I agree, if he actually gave a Flying Fig then why did it take so much time since this started for him to say something???? Too little Too late!!!

    • At least he is taking a stand. It doesn’t matter what his motivation is at this point. To bash him for finally saying something will just cause fear for the others to take a stand. Let it be for now and pick the right time to make your point. This is not that time.

      • This is the last opportunity for Americans to stand for themselves. The deluded parts of the population have an idea that they can be supported by a government without being competitive. A crisis equal to the industrial revolution up has already started right now. Only so much money can be wrung from our accumulated wealth to support those unable to compete in this dog eat dog world. Just as then, millions will be displaced from society and, without the US having the ability to earn, there will be no one to support them. We need no competition for jobs that are rapidly disappearing with creating enough replacements.

  • Is this a new law? Why doesn’t congress do something? Because they can’t agree on a new policy that gains each senator the most , any politician that is in Congress right now should be ashamed if themselves, pass a policy that works, quit trying to scratch your campaign sponsors back , but a politician can’t, money and power for myself come first, then the people

    • It’s not a law; it’s a policy handed down by the trump administration. Sessions says the parents are “criminals” for crossing the border illegally, so of course we must take their kids away. However, Congress has not had anything to do with it. The actual law says it’s a misdemeanor, for which no one goes to prison. They flat made this up.

      Just as Hitler did.

      • It’s a nexus of policies left from Obama’s catch and release, where children can not be held and their parents were then released too, when Trump wants to hold the illegally entering parents rather than letting them into the country without ever having the chance of deporting them until they commit a sizable crime. And in California, not even then.

        I hope the Trump’s Administration can come up with a better policy but there is a huge, filberate push at the border that is way larger than they can cope with yet. Thanks to Mexico’s policies and internal activists frustrating any action to remove any illegal.

      • It is actually a law passed by Congress during the Clinton term, Trump has just initiated a zero-tolerance policy enforcing the law.

  • Trump said that the children were being detained because they were the ones that were going to grow up to be the murderers, rapists robbers and drug dealers.
    It is amazing he can see into the future like that.
    I guess his next step is to take away children born in the United States to U.S. citizens because they also may become murderers, rapists, robbers and drug dealers.

    • Nonsense- that is just partisan clap trap. The problem that Trump faces is that he promised not to tolerate unchecked illegal immigration. The people involved in this issue did not go through a check point but were caught attempt illegal entry elsewhere.

      Detaining the adults is part of the zero tolerance- no more of Obama’s catch and release which lead to all being given a firmnsaying show up for a hearing. Of course almost none ever did.

      But then what about the children? Children have special rules that require they not be detained more that 3 days. The dilemma is the parents need to be detained and the children are not allowed to be detained. Trump’s administration came up with turning the children over to another government custodian. Not a good idea IMO. But a smashing good weapon for those who are the problem and those who refuse to deal with the problem and just want a good weapon against Trump.

      Damn crocodile tears being shed right and left.

  • You break the law you go to jail. Your kids do not go with you. It’s simple. Citizens are treated no differently

  • These people do not have to come into our country. I stand with Trump!

  • The saddest part of this story is Trump and staff ignore the the reasons why people are fleeing their countries to seek safety here in this country.

    • In my 1911 I trust

      Its not Trump or anyone else’s job to care about what’s going on in those countries. Its the peoples job who are running from these problem countries to fix those problems. Once we slam the border shut and force them to deal with their own problems in their own countries that we may start to see the problems in those countries resolved. Until then they are just going to try to come here and they will inevitably bring those problems with them.

    • Obama was busy on the world stage and created only ever more grief. Why do you think that the US can fix other countries? They resent even the attempt to turn them into American. Except where money is involved. That perks their interest just fine.

  • They should DNA test them to make sure they are they are their kids , rumor has it that 25% are being smuggled in by relatives or others because in the past they would not hold them if there were bring kids with them and there was no way to document they were actually blood related. Every things not so cut and dry.

    • It doesn’t matter in this case who’s F’ing kids they are they are still human beings & NOT ANIMALS to be put in a damned CAGE!!! Maybe someone should put you & your children in a cage separate from each other, then see how Hell YOU like it???!!!

      • Some of these children are being trafficked. It does matter who’s kids they are.

      • Obama caged seriously didn’t know those pics were from his presidency… You sound like CNN…

        • And who told you that Bevis? Do your own research people. Don’t be a sheeple who believes everything you hear!

          • The same applies to you. Obama certainly did when his words of “reconciliation’ were read as an invitation to flood the borders with unaccompanied children who would then allow their families to fools. Of course he (and the press) just moved on without fixing their mess,

      • Right on Dan Fuller!!

      • In my 1911 I trust

        I would never put my children in a position for that to happen. That being said, if I do, throw me in one cage and my kids in another, I can guarantee you I will never do that again. So it seems like it would work.

      • So where are we to put the children then Dan Fuller? Just let them go?

    • Lol. great point about the DNA testing

  • unbridled philistine

    I for one am pleased to see enforcement of our borders how ever I do feel for these outlaw children. Border laws havent been enforced in my life time! This is the new America, America first for once! It will take time to even out all these new ideas and laws. Remember we are ready for big change. Mr. Dan Fuller still thinks the old way really shows his age. We are still fighting his generation. Why do such older people have so much say? Deciding things for a younger generation! Needs to end… Your opinions are antiquated at best.

    • you don’t have enough people on your team, its over and trump knows it. he is just fulfilling his end of the secret deal that we are just learning about and fulfilling some of the promises he made to the 20%. the republicans that got trump in are no longer on board. you might want to watch real news. we just lost a years gains. money speaks.

    • Outlaw children???? What law have they broken??? Besides being Non White???!!!

      • White?! No Dan non American, I agree with you on most points but that is way off

        • I agree Dan has no clue..race card they will stop coming now they know what will happen..sneaking across the border is just as bad as robbing a lose your kids .period end of story go about your day don’t do dumb shit..

    • “Why do such older people have so much say? ” Because we have more life experience and human kindness than you have, obviously.

      • And we tell you that repairing a long standing awful policy can not be done with continuing the same policy.

    • Outlaw children?! We are talking about children who were born in the US and are legal citizens who were taken from their illegal parents as well as illegal children. When you were a child, did your parents allow you to decide what to do? No. You did what they told you. These children should not suffer for the decisions of others. Do some research!! Stop watching the news feeds on TV, who are telling you what their sponsors and supporters want you to hear.

  • Taurus Ballzhoff

    How would you like a constant incursion of immigrants into your children’s country?

    OH wait! USA. EVERYONE’s an immigrant!

    Never mind…

    Let the children out of jail immediately! Separating families is what Hitler did!

  • Most of the history has been censored and banned off the various platforms, but it’s still surfacing. This problem goes way back, it’s nothing new.

    Trump is neither party, yet he is both parties. He wants to get this issue solved once and for all.
    It’s difficult for newbies to politics to know the reasons why certain publications and outlets have been censored so hard, unless a censored article or photo surfaces despite the cover of darkness. While the title of this article sounds ‘mean’, it does so only in that it questions a much meaner issue. The photos are from 2014, yet the msm are passing them off as today’s pictures now that they’ve pretty much smothered and smeared, censored and banned the news outlets that released them in past years and admins.

    Just stfu & Fix it.

  • He’s an idiot. The law requires that if you cross the border illegally, and you are arrested for it, your children can not stay in custody with you. That is a 2008 ruling of the 9th circuit Court of appeals. According to the law you are not allowed to take the children and leave them with their parents in custody. The 9th circuit Court ruled that the non-dentention of minors applies to those accompanied by a illegal immigrants. The reason for this is that there was an agreement in the 90s called the Flores Agreement. Which stemmed from the federal government being sued and they came to a settlement. The federal settlement said that when unaccompanied children come across the border they have to be released or remanded into the custody of some sort of parental figure or guardian in the US. Then in 2016 the 9th circuit Court ruled that those children actually have to be released whether or not they came across with a parent. So they came across with their parents, we still cannot legally keep them for a long period of time. They still have to be released ASAP. It’s by operation of law that the children are removed from their parents. It’s not Donald Trump. All he is doing is enforcing border laws more strictly than prior administrations.

  • Most of the pictures that are being shown are from Obama’s term 2014 and before.

  • The immigration issue is complex and offers no easy solutions. And there are a number of fairly held positions on how much is or isn’t too much but the President’s continued passing the buck and sketchy relationship to the truth aren’t helping. The Democrats are not responsible for the current border drama. The President has the power to stop the separation of children from their parents. A phone call from him and the practice stops. It has been reported that the President said that the Democrats are backing the “infestation”of immigrants in this country. Human beings don’t infest anything.The language brings to mind another time when people were referred to as a form of “pest.” That time it was people as “rats” and “parasites” and we all know how that ended up.

    • Oh but the Democrats are responsible. Obama opened the flood gates, then created regulaion to gut the laws regarding deporting, then ignored the resulting mess. The Congress pretended along with him as their own self interest and avoidance of responsibility dictated.

      What a short memory you have.

      • Its not about memory its about having a president who’s a compulsive liar who won’t take responsibility for anything. I went to school with jerks like the donald.

  • Oh the laughter!!!

    Has Jared Huffman weighed in on this?

  • It was just announced that the US is no longer going to separate the children from their parents. gee that was easy.

    • And what now? Hold the children in detention with their parents? It was a bad policy and it is heartening that it was changed so soon. But it still leaves all the questions about what to do with illegals unanswered unless your answer is let them all in.

  • unbridled philistine

    I have a son and I would never put him in a situation like this.. Outlaw criminal parents did this not Trump. If you put your children in jeopardy like this you are a P.O.S….. Try putting the blame where it belongs on the responsible party of custodial parent!

    • unless you live in the projects of Compton or comparable, you really have no idea what you would do to survive. privileged white people making ignorant comments is what trump supporters do best.

      • unbridled philistine

        You have no idea what I am capable of! No idea where I am from! No Idea If I am privileged or not! Nor do you know what Ive done to survive? You just sound butt hurt over Trump!

        • You sound like he hit a nerve and proving his point!

          If fleeing gang, violence and gov persecution to protect your family, is considered irresponsible,
          I’d hate to see your parenting style in action!

      • Local observer.. Anti white… having a good day lol….so glad trump won ..its funny to watch you skewerm… Those kids will be fine send them back home when their old enough they can come legally.. Their parents are criminals sorry end of story

      • Right on Local Observer!!

      • As yours is to belittle everyone who does not agree with you. Which is hard to do because you are large on accusation but way short on details leading to success. “You’re all wrong and heartless” does not count as a solution.

      • What is your alternative? Do what Obama did and hand them a form detailing their obligation to show up and be deported when we get around to it? Because that is what has been going on. And it has not worked well.

    • i wouldn’t put my dog in such a dangerous predicament

  • Anybody who’s really concerned about these kids can become a legal sponsor/ custodian, if they pass the federal background investigation required to do so.

  • So, where was the outrage when the Obama administration was doing precisely the same thing. Uh hmmm, thought so.

    • Nope. No one was held against their will for more than 72 hrs & families were not separated!
      Lay off the Kool-Aid, cults are bad for your health!

      • Aren’t all of these people free to return to their home country? If so, they aren’t being held against their will.

    • I stand with President Trump. Why don’t they change the country they come from and make it better ? They come here because this is the best country ever, then they want to change it to be more like Mexico. I don’t get it.

  • tRump & Beauregard have admitted they are holding the children hostage to get the money to build Cadet Bone Spur’s wall!!! That sounds an awful lot like kidnapping & extortion to me!!! More fuel to power Mueller time!!! Fresh charges!!! Can’t wait HOT date… Mueller time!!!

    • Dan, why don’t you start up a donation jar and start assembling houses for the floods of illegal refugees? At least that way you’re doing something instead of rambling on with no platform Maybe you’re part of the Hillary campaign ?

    • Thank you Dan Fuller! I don’t always agree with your comments but today I stand behind them!

    • Yeah Dan fabricate kidnapping and extortion to offset all the heroine, gang members, criminals, and polluters of our wilderness that you want to free flow into this country

    • turn your home into a sanctuary tent city shithole then sir dan

  • Illegal immigration is what has financially ruined this country for the average American. I ,like Trump, support responsible immigration. Weeks ago the Attorney General announced to the whole world if you come into this country illegally you risk being separated from your children at the border. Keep up the good work and then round up all illegals who did not arrive here legally and DEPORT THEM TOO.

    • We’re not talking about deporting in this feed. It’s about the fact that our president and his supports think it’s ok to lock children in cages!! It would be more humane to deport them.

      • If we really want to do something for these people why don’t we invest in building a safe zone inside their own country. Provide security, economic development, erc. and let develop their own country by and large into their own America. It can all start with Dan fillers donation jar. Make a difference don’t just preach and criticize from your soapbox

        • How about you take your money out of the US Gov. pockets so it can stop it’s terror campaign around the world that makes other countries end up like shit and leaves it’s inhabitants looking for a better place.

          • Completely different topic

            • Ya, my bad.

              I thought you had turned the topic into telling others what to do with their money.

              Similarly, don’t buy any California wine, fruits of vegetables. And no Midwest meats. And no more dining at any restaraunts, because a HUGE percentage of all that relies on those children’s parents.

              • But wouldn’t rely on them if they weren’t here. Instead, those jobs would need to pay better and would go to legal citizens. The US would thrive, not suffer, without illegals. The argument that we need them to do “jobs Americans don’t want” is complete garbage.

                • What about the millions of jobs that are legally “outsourced” to India and other countries, how is that different then “illegal aliens taking all the jobs?” I think the outsourcing has had a much greater impact on employment opportunities here then allowing folks to work in the fields and wash your dishes.

                • Fantasy world: Business pays more than they need to to their employees.

                  Run a farm or restaurant, then pay employees more than you can afford, see how long you last.

                  What should a dishwasher make at your place Willy?

            • Willy, have you bowed for your supreme leader today?

        • Easier said than done. Now how bout realistic policies that actually work and don’t hurt children in the process?

  • Hey, we allowed waterboarding and sleep deprivation and torture to happen to Muslims will nilly whatever Cheney wanted.

    We continued the Muslim civilian killing drone war with Obama.

    Trump is a fascist who would love to kill the free press and wants Americans to salute their great leader like North Koreans have to.

    So why is anyone surprised at this?

    Oh yeah, because thinking people care.

    Power to the people. US Gov. Is the terror threat.

  • “The law prevents immediate deportation of children coming over the border alone from countries other than Mexico and Canada. Federal officials must assess each child to see if he or she is eligible for asylum or refugee residency, a process that can take months….”

    Feinstein would know, she and Bush are the ones who signed it into law.

  • There are many issues and questions to be addressed here. One question is the youth that cross by themselves and are placed in centers, the other is the youth (typically younger) who are taken from their families when families are at the border requesting asylum. First of all, follow the money. These migrant youth detention centers have been operating for years in many places around the country under the guise of “non profits”, whose administrators make $800,000/year. These centers were for migrant youth crossing the border by themselves. 1. How long are the youth held in these centers? 2. Where are they sent from the centers? 3. If they become of age (18) at these centers are they then sent to one of the dozens of new for profit private prisons? How are the babies and youth that are taken from their parents being tracked so they can be reunited? Why is the defense industry so deeply involved in building these centers? Why do staff at Southwest Keys ( one of the larger operators) encourage the incarcerated youth to call their family back home and encourage siblings to head north? This seems to be trafficking of youth for profit, our tax dollars. Big big money in prisons and detention centers. I don’t have an answer for this huge issue, but as long as there are for profit prisons and detention centers there is incentive to keep this crazy immigration issue status quo, and not find civilized ways of dealing with it. check out how much money the prison lobby has spent in the past few years.

  • Glenn Franco Simmons

    It is unconscionable to separate children from a parent or parents. Adding insult to injury, these children are then essentially incarcerated in internment-like conditions. The callous arrogance of the Trump administration officials who have endorsed and implemented this Draconian policy is visible for all to see. The children will suffer trauma that will affect many for the rest of their lives. Just Google PTSD, separation anxiety, toxic stress, etc. The indignities suffered by the children and parents challenge the perception of the United States as a compassionate and civilized country. Is this the best we can do?

    • That ‘trauma’ is on the parents. ‘We’ didn’t bring them here. ‘We’ didn’t tell them to come here. It’s not the U.S.’s job to save the world.

  • Phony compassion

  • Well, I guess the age of conservatives pretending to be libertarians is over.

    • Securing borders from foreign invasion, military or otherwise, is one of the things that government was created to do. Libertarians tend to want to get government stranglehold off the government’s own citizen’s necks but protect them from foreigners attempting to do the same. Whereas apparently liberals prefer to have government choke the heck out of it’s own citizens so they can’t even defend themselves from their own government much less foreign intruders.

  • the photos are of temporary intake holding areas while the illegals are being processed. an example of fake news.the detainees and children are moved to other quarters as soon as they are processed.according to the head of border control in san diego, it is not their policy to separate children from their parents, however in some cases, the children are not really the children of the detainees,having been used as pawns to facilitate asylum requests. mr. mcguire should note that the existing procedures are set forth in laws passed by the clinton administration and continued by the obama administration, his party. both hilllary and barack took the same position as the current administration. the massive wave of illegal immigration, abetted by mexico, is a serious problem. the democrats will not come to the table on this in an effort to gain votes.they demand amnesty for illegals. this is not right,as it rewards them for improper behavior when other immigrants achieved citizenship legally, and is a tremendous expense to american have all seen the serious crimes committed by some repeat deportees.this is a serious problem, and the press and democrats, since they hate trump, are exacerbating the problem with their halftruths and stonewalling, such as comparing this to nazi germany where millions of people were starved then exterminated. that is not the situation here.indeed, the detainees are being fed and housed, and given medical care while awating adjudication of their cases. lets get real, press and left-wingers.

    • On this issue of weaponizing facts, both left and right wingers agree. They just choose different facts to use. So many have become so bitter and blinded that to allow that there is any truth in an opponent’s views is not tolerated. Continuing down this road of one upmanship of spitting hate at each other goes on and on, getting more and more extreme. The media encourages this as their own contribution.

      If a temperant and respectful point is made, both sides treat it as an opportunity to score. This behavior has caused compromise to disappear, leaving a constant spewing contest in its place. It comes down to no honor among partisans.

      • On this issue of weaponizing facts, both left and right wingers agree. They just choose different facts. So many have become so bitter and blinded that to allow that there is any truth on an opponent’s views is not tolerated. Continuing down this road of one upmanship of spitting hate at each other goes on and on, getting more and more extreme. The media encorages this as their own contribution. And politicians actually market it for their own uses.

        Yet if a temperant and respectful point is made, both sides treat it as an opportunity to score. This behavior has caused compromise to disappear, leaving a constant spewing contest in its place.

    • The caption tells you that this is the Ursula Detention facility. Children are supposed to be processed and moved out of there in under 72 hours or three days. “But because of backlogs, hundreds of minors end up having to stay past the 72-hour limit.” The article linked describes the conditions in the facilities they are held in later. It also has photos.

    • Jeffersoinian.. Best comment yet…the truth….to bad these liberals will scroll right by…they lost and their going to lose again…..just wait and see

  • Apparently Senator Mike McGuire wasn’t too concerned back during the Obama administration.

  • The oversight committee’s oversight hearing on the HHS’s PAST commitments to safeguard and track the children.

    They’re finally doing their job, despite the outcries of the … fill in the blank.

  • House to vote on bill that keeps famiies united at the border.

    Dems vote no to bill that keeps families united.

    President Trump is about to sign an EO that keeps children and parents united at the border.

    Chuck WACO Shumer basically says that he would rather watch the children burn in hell than to oblige Trump’s saving of the families. (a reader’s spin on what he literally said)

    • Thank you Shak.

      Could it be that much of the outrage is fake?

      I wonder what’s really going on here.

      • It’s (the reality of what’s really going on) been hinted at in the OIG report. They are still investigating every concern that was raised.

  • DHS has approx 12,000 undocumented children in it’s shelters that Feinstein passed a law for in 2008.
    Out of those 12,000 children, 10,000 are unaccompanied minors. Their parents did not bring them.

    Which leads the inquisitive reader to learn more, in hopes of finding a solution.
    Sometimes the learning curves are almost impossible to comprehend.

  • This WH press release by DHS covers what the cabal’s MSM omits or bashes.

    • Close the border down….we are under attack…we can’t afford to take care of anyone.. We are broke …what’s wrong with you people..we have legal american family’s that can’t eat …america first….period…it takes money to feed and keep a roof over head.we don’t have any money…what part of that do you not understand…..seriously delusional people..does anyone feel sorry for the legal homeless..ever been to the tenderloin in sf….my god ….yea let’s bring more people here you all crazy………thank god trump won…I have faith he will fix the imagration problem….

  • thank u shak, but as usual this link gets buried when comments unmask liberal lies

    • Meow, while it’s true that is a typical sign of shills burying info by sliding important info down into the bottom of the pile of comments, it’s not true in this particular instance that I’m aware of. The comment section was already long by the time the EO news hit the airwaves and hence my post.
      Good eye though!!

  • Man Arrested for Possessing Child Pornography Hired to Manage Children at Migrant Detention Center

    • Thank God the EO was signed.
      The entire system is being scrutinized and addressed, because it goes a lot deeper than immigration.
      If people don’t believe her, there are millions of others blowing the whistle on the old system. The Lakota’s finally, after many horrifying years, made headway.
      All kinds of evil emerges whenever our politicians use kids and money as pawns for their campaign rhetoric. The medical kidnapping cases are making headway even though parents have to group together and form strong civil suits against their state for kidnapping their children in order to receive extra funds from the govt grants.
      The system was not only broken, it was pure evil… until this admin.

  • Why has MADD been silent? Where are their news releases?

    The Angel Moms have not been silent, where are their news releases?

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