Family Searching for Missing Man

Demetrious Goodwin

Missing person posters are being placed around the community. [All photos provided by family]

Family and friends of Demetrious Goodwin are placing posters up throughout Humboldt County. Dee, as he is known, has been missing from McKinleyville since June 10. He was supposed to meet family members on the 15th to travel to Laytonville but never showed up.

He doesn’t have a vehicle or drive, according to family members. He has been seeming unstable the last few months.

However, according to family, “It is very unlike him to disappear with no contact and our family is extremely worried about him.”

His arm is heavily scarred from an accident with a woodchipper. He is black male adult, 5’7″, 225 pounds, with black and brown eyes and a goatee.

If you see him or have any information about his whereabouts, please contact the Humboldt County Sheriff at (707) 445 7251. Demetrious Goodwin



  • Will keep an eye out. I keep wondering about the many people who have been mentioned on this site.

  • thank you ^

  • He looks like a super sweet person…I sincerely hope for the best.

  • A really good guy and an old friend. He’s been around for a long time and has at least one son. Hope this turns out ok.

    • He is a good person and a father to two, loved son and family member and friend to many. Hoping D is ok and found soon!

    • yes Dee is a nice guy , he has a son that is 19 and a 10 yr old daughter, demetrious didnt show up to her birthday last friday? very unusual. Dee is also called Papa D. he is struggling with Alcohol addiction .

    • He has a teenage son Kai and pre teen daughter Jasmine

  • I’ve known Dee my whole life, he’s a very caring wonderful person. Please come home buddy or let somebody know you’re alright, you have a lot of people that love you and are worried.

  • i was searcing for him yesterday in a field behind safeway in Mckinleyville , i got a tip from a girl named Jiosclyn who he had been hanging out with , She said he sleeps there sometimes.
    there are many homeless camps there under the redwoods. i left a poster on a tree in there.
    we showed a security guard for Safeway his picture and he said he saw Dee in the last few days go into the store!

  • I hope he’s found safe and sound. Fingers crossed.

  • good friend of Dee made her own posters and drove around eureka talking to people , she hit myrtle town, downtown plaza, oldtown and welfare office. she said a few people thought 11 days wasn’t a very long time to be missing , which i guess could be truth to some heavy drinkers and addictions?
    come home dee ! 🙏❤️

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