[UPDATE 12:42 p.m.] Oyster Fest Arrest Goes Viral; Racial Bias Alleged

Samantha Alonso Jackson

Samantha Alonso Luna [Photo used with permission from her Facebook page]

Any hope that racial tensions from the stabbing death of David Josiah Lawson would cool down over summer, got a reality check this weekend when a Hispanic woman and College of the Redwoods student, Samantha Alonso Luna, age 20, was arrested by Humboldt State University Police Sergeant Janelle Jackson in Arcata at Oyster Fest and videos of the arrest went viral with over 8000 shares on Facebook as of this posting.

The comments on the posts show a community divided. And, as so often happens in a small community, the altercation also has a personal side as Jackson’s son who graduated Eureka High a year before Luna later called her to defend his mother.

Alonso Luna, who legally has a double last name, told us she prefers to go by the single last name of Luna. She told us she had been attending Oyster Fest with several friends when she found a 17-year-old friend intoxicated. Worried about the girl, she said she persuaded her to go with them.

“A sober friend picked us up,” she explained. They got into Luna’s friend’s vehicle.

University Police Sgt. Janelle Jackson [Photo from HSU's Oikuce Department's Facebook pag

University Police Sgt. Janelle Jackson [Photo from HSU’s Police Department’s Facebook page]

According to scanner traffic, at approximately 8:25 p.m., officers pulled over the vehicle at 9th and F Street in Arcata. Luna, a former honor student at Eureka High, said it was because the intoxicated minor had put her head out the sunroof.

“I told her, ‘Whoa, you can not stick your head out,'” Luna said. “At about that moment, the lights [from the officers’ vehicle] came on.”

Luna’s friend, the driver, pulled over.

Sgt. Jackson, who received the Humboldt State University Police 2017 Community Policing Award for “the connections [she] established with the campus community”, and another officer walked up the vehicle.

Luna said, “[Sgt. Jackson] asked everyone for their names.” Then, she said Jackson asked the minor her birthdate. “[The minor] doesn’t really want to say her real birthdate and kinda stumbles,” Luna explained. Then, according to Luna, Sgt. Jackson tells the minor she will go to jail if she isn’t truthful. Eventually, the minor is taken from the car and arrested.

Luna said she wanted to find out what she needed to do to help the minor. In the video below which had over 435,000 views as of 10:15 a.m., the frustrated Luna can be seen questioning an increasingly exasperated Jackson about what will happen to the minor. According to Luna, then Jackson focused on her and asked her name.

Luna’s legal double last name coupled with her identification of herself using only the last name of Luna caused confusion.

The following testy exchange was videotaped by an occupant of the back seat and later posted along with a series of other videos about Luna’s arrest on her Facebook page about 2:24 p.m. Sunday. The videos are used here with Luna’s permission.

In the following video, Luna and Jackson grow progressively more upset with each other.

“That’s when everything went kind of crazy,” Luna said.

Jackson told Luna to get out of the car.

Luna argued saying that she was not going to get out of the car.

Jackson reached in and captured Luna’s arm.

“She told me she was going to take me to jail,” Luna said. “I don’t know why we would need to go to jail. My instincts just kicked in. I got defensive.”

Sgt. Jackson pulls Luna out of the car and the two begin struggling. Another officer comes to Jackson’s aid. The video below shows the incident.

Three more videos of the struggle exist (3) here (an officer warns that he will pepper spray Luna as she holds a handful of Jackson’s hair), also (4) here (Jackson tells another officer to cut her hair in order to free it from Luna’s grip ), and (5) here (an officer tries to get Luna to calm down).

Luna was eventually taken to jail and booked. The University Police have not responded to our request for comment.

By Sunday afternoon, Luna was out of jail and had gathered the videos of her arrest. She posted them on her Facebook page. Not long afterward, Collin Jackson, a former athlete at Eureka High and son of Sgt. Janelle Jackson contacted Samantha Luna.

“I didn’t know that was Collin and Greg’s mom,” Luna said. She explained because they had been classmates, she had Collin’s number. When he called, she said she was just surprised to hear from him. It wasn’t until in the middle of the call she realized that his mother was the one that had arrested her.

She said he told her to delete that video or she was going to regret it. After she hung up, he sent her a message. “you fucked with the wrong famil[y],” it said.

Later, he messaged her again, she read it to us over the phone, “I’m sorry it just made me mad at the moment because that was my mom,” he wrote. “I’m sorry I’m not trying to threaten you. For real I’m sorry that happened.”

Though in Video 3 during the arrest struggle, Luna claimed racism, she explained Collin Jackson is of African American descent and some people have told her that therefore his mother couldn’t be racist. She isn’t sure about that, she said. Couldn’t Sgt. Jackson be racist against Hispanics? she asked.

She said she doesn’t know why Jackson focused on her. The male driver, she stated, was white. “They never asked him for his ID or his age,” Luna noted. “They let him off with a seatbelt ticket.”

Luna is facing far worse consequences because of her struggle. “I have four charges,” she explained. “One is resisting arrest.” She says she also faces charges for public intoxication, giving false information, and battery.

“I didn’t mean any harm,” she said. “I am not a threat…I won most successful student…I got an invitation for Stanford and Berkeley… I’m a good student.” We weren’t able to substantiate that before post time, but, we were able to substantiate in 2015, she received the California Seal of Biliteracy Award for achieving “a high level of proficiency” in three languages–German, Spanish, and English.

Someday she dreams of going to Stanford and studying law. “I just don’t think I could ever afford that,” she admits. For now, she said, She is going to the College of the Redwoods for her associate’s degree in Administration of Justice program.

Luna is still struggling to deal with the events of the weekend. “An attorney messaged me and told me she would take my case pro bono,” she said. “I’m waiting to hear back to set up an interview.”

She told us she is stunned at the amount of attention the videos have gotten. “I always wanted to go viral,” she said wistfully. “But not for something like this. I had hoped it would be for something more positive.”

UPDATE 12:42 p.m.: HSU Police Say That Arrest of Minor That Occurred Previous to Viral Videos Also Involved Battery on an Officer



  • Hispanic is not a race. It obviously is a best an ethnicity and, since a Spanish name covers a lot of different people, probably not even that. Choosing to immediately assign racism to every disagreement has become ridiculous. And as to why the police focussed on her, it was probably because she deliberately called attention to herself. The posted video just starts at a point she is being very impatient with the police who is still trying to get information.

    Almost nothing ends up being something positive these days. Everything becomes fodder for outrage. It’s like people believe being being outraged is the same as being a good person. They seek to be outraged over everything. And other people use it as tool for forwarding their agendas, encouraging constant baiting.

    • Well the stupid little girl is going to jail now I doubt she’s going to learn a lesson I’m sure her parents are very proud whatever he f__king last name is

      • Think like an adult

        I have a first name, middle name and two last names, which is hyphened, I do not have all four names on everything. When I get asked what my name is I ALWAYS say my first name and my first last name. I’ve never had a problem with this with any police officer ever. Was this officer trying to get any excuse to arrest this girl, absolutely! Did she ask the white driver for his name? Absolutely not. Was this officer acting unprofessional 100% yes! As a person of authority and “educated” she should have known how to act! As a parent she SHOULD have known how stupid teenagers behave. Definitely should have acted more as the grown, older, wiser adult in this situation. If she would have acted like a true, professional officer of the law from the beginning things would have not escalated the way they did. After the officer ripped her out of the car and pulled that young ladies hair first, of course things got worse. At some point this young lady should have let her go and should have stopped resisting, she is not 100% innocent but honestly the white officer lady is a dirty cop. Cause and effect. Always Cause and effect.

        • I agree, cause and effect. The cause was a nasty attitude in a drunk 20 year old who very much wanted to be the mouthpiece. She was rude and grew more belligerent as the officer asked her questions. She could have simply answered the questions as you or I would have and then been on her way. She made a choice, a wrong choice and now she is suffering the consequences of her choices.

        • If the officer was so gung-ho about arresting her she’d have arrested her for being an intoxicated minor.
          Period. Instead, she tried to be informative and helpful, beginning the encounter with the presumption they were trying to help their friend. In response to this, Alonso Luna was rude, combative and ultimately willing to commit assault. Why is it that everyone else is supposed to be “wise” and have the patience of a saint? Had Alonso Luna behaved evenly remotely respectfully, the officer was clearly willing to let them be on their way. Luna brought it on herself. No one is doing her any favors in denying this.

        • In my 1911 I trust

          You forget that they aren’t real cops. They are campus police, bought and paid for by HSU student tuition. The fact that the Arcata Police Department uses them essentially as a reserve force is BS. The City of Arcata doesn’t have the funds to maintain a police force that large, so they are basically subsidizing part of their force with money from college students’ tuition. Campus police that are paid for by campus dollars need to stay on their campus. The whole case is BS for that reason. She should’ve never been pulled over by a private police force. College campuses should not have a private police force. More importantly private police forces should not be able to police outside of their private institutions.

        • Bobbie Phillips-Heil

          I totally agree. This officer should be fired if not charged for false arrest. and as for her son contacting this victim it is intimidation of a victim and is also a crime. and btw for the cop that acted so unprofessionally I also have 2 last names. it does not give her the right to arrest me, and if she puts her hands on me like that I will not only have her badge but I would be suing a department and demanding the officer to be charged with Battery.

      • The “STUPID LITTLE GIRL..” as you say, her last name is Jackson. Jackson, according to the video, is acting like an offended child. This is NOT the right temperament for the trade of a police officer. If she cannot even keep her composure during such a minor altercation as this, how do you think she will react under actual stress?
        The job is NOT for everyone. And when we place the wrong people in these positions it creates a public danger for us all.

        • You are dead right. The officer is in the wrong. She grabbed the young lady for no reason, yanked her hair, and then got a dose of her own medicine. Two last names is common for Spanish language names. An officer does not get to punish someone just because she believes she’s being rude. This officer abused her power. The video does not lie.

          • Agreed. I expect much better decision making from law enforcement. Leave your ego and your temper at home.

    • Hispanic; Hispania= Spain. Their white n many are blue eyed. Thats what i saw there

    • She got off light, remember Rodney King?
      If she were in any way posing a threat to the cops they would’ve pulverized her with batons and a capsaicin bath. She didn’t even put up enough of a fight to get a boo boo.

      Remember Rodney King!

      • if the officers were ‘racist’ in any meaningful way, in the USA, today: if the history of Our Fair Country tells us anything she could have been tased, shot, arms pulled out of the socket, clubbed, broken eye sockets, lost teeth, thrown in the back of a van and driven fast over bumps, knee to the back breaking ribs and even suffocated, p[uit in a choke hold until dead and many other atrocities committed on people of color..bnut in this college town she was treated as a student and a white person.
        ‘Racist’, what fkg nonsense in this case.
        Put me on that jury.
        And yes I bet the officer wishes she had been less tired after dealing with drunken assholes all day, and had been able to back off instead of being the control freak. her lack of professionalism escalated this needlessly…
        …….but ‘racist’? nope, what a weak bunch of crap.

        The real professionalism of the officers is laudable, they didn’t smash, tase, gas or injure her in a serious way. God, what a nasty job dealing with jerks like her, all day, every day.

        • Not to mention the underage drunk minor thay were escorting home had already assaulted the same police officer just before the video started.

        • Owl,
          “Because they didn’t smash, tase, gas, or injure her in a serious way, the real professionalism of the officer was laudable”
          You actually wrote that! Where are you from? North Korea? It is VERY different here in the United States, Thank God.

        • Just because she didn’t get brutally murdered or tortured doesn’t mean that what happened isn’t still a big deal. Racism isn’t only torture and beating. Don’t downplay the situation just because the poor girl didn’t end up in a hospital

    • Hey guest, you don’t get to dictate what is “officially” a race or what isn’t (The Nazis tried that). Whatever she identifies herself as is what matters.

    • Trumpery trickles down.

    • what kind of [edit] wants to seriously argue that “hispanic” isnt’ a race?

      is white not a race now?

      is black not a race?

      How is hispanic not a race [edit]?

    • Hispanic is a protected class under Civil Rights Law. This is a fact. The officer did treat the white male differently, which is a factor used to prove discrimination. Other than really rude personal comments, that’s all, Folks.

    • Awesome for the police to deal with DRUNK ENTILED PRINCESS!!! She should go to jail

    • I mean….are you not able to recognize when someone is Hispanic?? Just because it’s not considered a race on a census form doesn’t mean Latinx people haven’t suffered due to racism in this country. I live in Texas, and can tell you right now that Hispanics do experience overwhelming prejudice.

      Most things in this country ARE tied to race. It’s the history of our nation. All people, but especially white people, have had racism ingrained in their subconscious due to the way our society was built. So yeah, police officers have bias. It’s not fair a lot of the time

      • List of people who face prejudice: fat people, short people, people with skin defects, people who smell funny, people who talk too much and people who are too quiet or have speech defects, people who smoke, people with accents, people with funny hair, people with no hair, people with too much hair, people in wheelchairs, deaf people, people with poor eyesight, police, government employees, women, etc etc etc.

        Of course there is prejudice everywhere. As soon as you look or sound different, you will experience that. White people are subject to it too, depending on their surroundings. But you will certainly find it if you look for it and insist on it.

        But to answer the question that you meant as a statement- no it is not always obvious. Cubans, Mexican, Spaniards, South American, Indian- so many, so different. But then apparently you feel differently and don’t see individuals and individual behavior as a possible cause. Racism itself is not racist at all.

  • Alt Right For Life

    Don’t understand why she would become combative with the officer.

    A year in jail will give her time to reflect and not make the same mistake again.

    Sad to see people play the race card in a feeble attempt to not have consequences for their actions.

    Jail her.

    • Fame, attention, and $$$$

    • Really? [edit]. Jail her for a year? You wanna pay the $35,000 that year costs?

    • She wasn’t combative; she was only upset and rightly wasn’t submitting to arrest for no reason.

    • Sooo were just supposed to submit? That’s exactly what not to do. Fight for your rights. No matter if it’s a cop or not.

      • She was being arrested for public intoxication, her rights weren’t being infringed upon. Had she complied she would have sat in jail to sober up and been released scott free. But now she can’t go to law school because she wouldn’t shut her mouth.

      • Not during the stop. If the cop is wrong, then prove it in court.

        • Right! Guilty until proven innocent. That’s how law enforcement works in Humboldt county. Too bad we haven’t caught up with the rest of the country yet.

    • Luna wasn’t an officer, just Jackson. Why Jackson escalated the situation, and then got into a hairpulling contest with a child is ridiculous, and an embarrassment for our department. Why her son is calling the victim and threatening the victim is making it even worse.
      I don’t see it as racist, just a lack of understanding of Hispanic names, which is inexcusable for any ca officer in this day and age.
      Jackson has shown she is not suited to the job, she has become a liability.

  • Did we feel a little bit responsible after contributing to a minor and that minor goes to jail, don’t blame the cop , they are just doing their job upholding the law that we the people voted on , maybe look at yourself , your intoxicated self

    • Where in the article does it say she gave alcohol to the minor. That [edit] cop was in the wrong. Her last name is Luna. It’s the very last word on her birth certificate. I know several Mexicans who have the mothers and fathers last name on their birth certificate and a lot of them choose to just use the last one on their birth certificate. And Mexican IS a race!

      • Mexican is a nationality, not a race. Mexico is a multi-racial nation. Luna is not on her birth certificate at all. Her legal name is might include “Luna” it is not clear, but a two part last name is still two part last name, when asked to id yourself to an officer, giving only half of your last name is a crime.

        • Why was she even required to identify herself to begin with? She was not the one behind the wheel driving. From the videos it appears both “adults” could have definitely handled it in a better manner, but for fucks sake don’t we have more serious issues in this world for law enforcement to focus on? The tension between cops and citizens doesn’t seem to be getting any better in this country. So glad I seem to be able to avoid these type of interactions.

          • The Voice of Reason

            In the video the officer is giving samantha all the information she has as far as the arrest of the minor goes. Samantha continues to question the officer in a vague way and starts raising her voice at the officer as it seems she doesnt believe the officer has no other information to provide. The driver asks a specific question to which the officer provides an answer to the best of her ability. Samantha is still rasing her voice at the officer who then informs samantha that she could go to jail for public intoxication which is why she was asked to identify herself. No one else in the car was acting in a manner to get them arrested for public intoxication. I do agree that the arrest was messy but I do think samantha was in the wrong. Its best to be respectful and not elevate a situation like that in the way that samantha did. Its her fault and has nothing to do with her race and ethnicity.

          • By law, if law enforcement pulls a vehicle over for any reason. They are to identify all passengers for their safety as well as the possibility of someone having a warrant, being missing, or other issue. Know the facts before you complain!

            • Who was complaining? I was simply questioning as California is not a stop and identify state. Hell, if she wasn’t driving she doesn’t even need to have identification on her person. Give me a break with officer safety crap. If I am not operating a motor vehicle or the officer can articulate a crime I have committed I am telling them to kick rocks when they ask me to ID myself. She was however breaking the law by drinking underage so I guess she will have to deal with those consequences.

            • By law, what a joke.

            • https://www.aclusocal.org/en/news/california-you-have-right-not-show-your-id-law-enforcement-most-cases
              By law you can refuse to identify your self to an officer . Most cops don’t know the real statutes . They know what pertains to them and omit the reality that you have rights which may trump their want to know certain info . It pisses them off and they threaten to arrest in most cases successfully.

              • Great post Killa, I have read that article many times and I think most citizens of this country would be better off to read it and inform themselves. As soon as you stop exercising your rights is when you are at the greatest risk of losing them. Unfortunately a lot of people let others bully and trick them. The best defense is to be knowledgeable so that you can cover your own ass. Don’t expect law enforcement to inform you about your rights. They have their own agenda, and I have mine.

            • Really, they are recruited to do so by law? Can you please cite the statute or legal precedent for your assertion?

            • Choni, you are misinformed.
              They didn’t do that in this case, and they are certainly NOT required by law to do so.

          • “Why was she even required to identify herself to begin with? ”

            This is obvious in the video, but Voice of Reason answered your question below.

            “From the videos it appears both “adults” could have definitely handled it in a better manner, but for fucks sake don’t we have more serious issues in this world for law enforcement to focus on?”

            Remember that the video is edited to begin at the instant that makes the criminal look best, yet it still shows the officer handling the situation in what I think was a very patent manner. She did not have to give any warnings. Yes there are far more serious things for law enforcement to focus on, which is why it is a shame that Alonso-Luna behaved this way.

            “The tension between cops and citizens doesn’t seem to be getting any better in this country.”

            Very true and making completely unfounded accusation of racial profiling, as Alonso-Luna seems to be doing exacerbates the problem.

            “So glad I seem to be able to avoid these type of interactions.”

            It is not difficult, at all.

            • She was arrested because of two last names on her ID I’m sorry but the police have better things to do with their time what the officer should have done was backed off and called for a supervisor and just detained them no reason to let it escalate into that that is the police officers fault. Luna was not responsible for her friend getting drunk she ran into her at the event people are not paying attention

              • So Luna Stated that she ran into her at the event? Hmmmmmmm It gets more interesting as the day goes on…

                I have been thinking about it.. If I get pulled over by either an African American Cop or an Hispanic Cop or Native American or a Chinese Cop or a Male Cop or…… You get my drift? I am first and foremost going to call out Racial Bias no matter what the situation… but I am sure I would only get laughed at as a “Dumb Blond” TLOL

                • Racial bias or not (and Bill Cosby is an example of racism being an equal opportunity employer as he was racist) the cop has no right to have “captured Luna’s arm”. Laughable if it wasn’t so indicative of officers on power trips.

                • I guess captured is how it looked to you but what about the aggression towards an officer and who pulled whose hair? I am sure Luna has been in an altercation like that before in her life indeed.

              • I would not want the officer to “Back Off” if I was the parent of the underage passengers and they had her against her will it would be a crime if the officer “Backed Off” as you say. Think About it!!!

            • You added the hyphen.

            • She was required to identify herself, the cops can ask anybody, at any time to see your ID.
              More to the the point, whenever a car is pulled over, you have sent up a red flag and everyone in the car is suspect, suspicious.

              • Holy hell it is amazing how ignorant some of you are about your own rights. The cops can certainly ask anybody and any time to show ID. And guess what…. You are not required oblige unless you are operating a motor vehicle or the officer can clearly articulate a crime they have reason to believe you have or are about to commit. If I am walking down a sidewalk and a cop stops me and asks to see ID I am telling him to go back to school and educate himself. You keep being a little sheep under control of governmental agencies and let me know how that works out for you.

                • You’re going to tell a cop to go back to school for asking for your ID and educate himself or herself on what, exactly? What, like it’s not within their rights to ask you for it? Maybe you should go back to school…just a thought…

                  Oh wait, you acknowledge they can ask you at anytime. Second sentence.
                  You just love to be ironic. I get it. Yeah, yeah, you’re right about not having to give a cop ID just because they ask for it. But you come off sounding a bit…antisocietal…marginalized….no..no..FRINGE!

                  Really, cops can ask you anything they want at any time. Like “can I search your bag”, “do you have any ID”, “will you please come here to answer a few questions”, “is that your child”, “are you a moron”, etc. So yes, they can ask you for your ID even when you are just walking down the street. No, you don’t have to give ID to them (or answer any questions, ever, about anything, if you don’t want to). Just ask them if you are free to go, and wait for the answer (please note it might not be the one you want).

                  Hell, even if you just committed a crime, or they suspect you committed a crime, you don’t have to present ID. Naturally they are going to arrest you and investigate, but hey – you didn’t give it to them. Stick it to the man!

                  The only time you MUST present ID is when pulled over while operating a motor vehicle. That’s lame. Or, good. Depending on your POV. Or don’t give it to them. See what happens.

                  You keep being a sheep for InfoWars and let me know how that works out for you.

                • It is within his rights to ask and it is within my rights to tell him whatever the hell I please. Maybe I am anti societal? Is that some kind of crime? Fringe? Is that supposed to be some kind of insult. I guess knowing my rights and being willing to stand up for them makes me fringe in a world full of sheep. They can ask away I never ever consent to a search of my person or possessions under any circumstance. You are incorrect however if you are being arrested for a crime you do legally have an obligation to identify yourself. I know that if they have not read me my Miranda rights then I am not being detained and they can take all their questions for me and shove them where the sun don’t sine. I don’t even know what this infowars is you speak of so kind of hard for me to shill for something I have zero involvement with.

                • Some people want authority figures..haven’t been weaned off of mommy and daddy yet apparently; in for a rude awakening given the cops are not trained well and are given too much power and too much responsibility for mental health issues in our community etc. so sooner or later it is going to affect privileged people who think they are immune.

                • Presenting ID is required by law if the officer has probable cause to think a crime was committed. Supplying alcohol to a minor is a crime. Therefore the officer had every right to demand ID. If not provided, then being taken to the police station to get it is a definite possibility.

                  Your interpretation skips some pretty important words. Conveniently.

                • This advocating for the absolute right of each individual to do what they want can easily be taken too far while sounding good. Someone was advocating for their right to pedophilia a short time ago.

                  The minute others are involved in anything, a person’s personal freedom is compromised. That is reality. The only issue is where the line is drawn, not whether there should be a line or not.

                • And you can expect to go to jail as well. I made no fuss over showing my id the one time I was “pulled over” as a pedestrian and the stop went just fine. Don’t be a jackass when stopped by police and you won’t get treated like one PERIOD.

              • WhoAreThesePeople?

                Yes. They can ask for ID. But the law states that no, you don’t have to show it.

          • She started questioning the arresting officer. If she wanted more information go to the police station. The officer is not obligated to give any information. She drew the attention to herself. Hispanic, Mexican whatever. Come on seriously just because you are a good student does not except you from respecting the law.

        • No it’s not… One is used as middle name and one is used as last name. Do not assume if you don’t know how what the hell you’re talking about.

      • Race is entirely a social construct that technically only has three divisions.

        • What are the three divisions?

          I thought it was just one (human race).

        • Breeds of dogs and the colors of the rainbow are also arbitrary divisions of spectra which vary between cultures. Most concepts are social constructs, that in no way makes them any less valid.

          Roughly 64% of biologist agree that race is a valid classification level for homo sapiens. The term fell out of favor because it was too often confused with ridiculous notions of human racial categories (ie black, white, asian) Now many use the less specific term “population”.

      • You derive from a confusion over last names that the officer was a dumb bitch? I suppose the officer is required to know by magic that she is “Mexican” (sounded pretty American to me but then she did offer that she won a prize in language), and that she should not question her about any discrepancy in names because everyone should know every cultural variation in names.

        But then, if someone thinks that, I can see where they would be offended constantly. Still it might occur that being so aggressive, even if you think you are right, is not sensible in that situation.

        • Many people have Two last names… What planet r u and the officer on?

          • Right! I thought that was weird. I know tons of folks not Mexican with hyphens. Their moms wanted to keep their last names. I thought it was more a womens lib thang than a nationality thang.

          • But not arbitrarily use just one of them without explaining.

        • Being upset is not being aggressive. On the other hand the officer was aggressive when she without due cause or process “captured Luna’s arm”. ( that phrasing keeps making me laugh though this really isn’t funny…what a euphemism!)

          • Let’s see what happened? The officer ordered her out of the car. She refused. The officer opened the car door. She attempted to pull it shut against the officer. The officer grabbed her arm to drag her out of the car. She fought the officer, grabbing her hair.

            Condensed version- officer gave her legal order, she refused and assaulted officer. Your version- well you ‘ll need to say what “due cause of process” is. A court trial at the car door?

      • So Kym, “dumb bitch cop” is cool by you? That surprises me a little.

      • Human is a race. Mexican is a nationality.

      • Mexican* is a Nationality not a Race.Despite their publication”la Raza’ translates the Race…These lawyers are ambulance chasers after the settlement out of court?

      • She may use Luna but what does her ID say? She knows what she is doing. By the way my son has a hyphenated last name and he is not Hispanic

    • What a loser. The cop that is. Hating on the poor girl. The cop is obviously jealous of the girls looks. F#%k the police. Straight up 🖕

    • Also I’m sure most of the peoples comments siding with the cops are probably loser cops.👮‍♀️ I mean in what world. When you live that mendo/humboldt life we say f the police, we pirates round here…

  • Why look so bad

    Snowflakes will realize that when the sun beats down on their entitled life, they will get burned. Respect and dignity are two things that Luna did not happen. She makes us Hispanics look bad. What a Guera!

    • Here we go with the Name Calling the Right (NOT Correct) first line of defense, start calling everyone they disagree with a Snowflake!!!

    • Respect is defined in many ways and she isn’t obligated to be deferring to a cop who is demanding Luna submit quietly to all requests.

      • Why yes. That is exactly what she is required to do. She doesn’t need to be happy to do it but do it she must. Or what happened can be expected to happen.

        Shouldn’t be a surprise to her but I suspect it’s the natural result of living in a society that is required to treat her as if her person is sacred to officials but permits her to treat anyone any way she can get away with because she is not an official anything. It’s sort of a cultural version of sanctifying selfishness.

  • “I’m sorry I’m not trying to threaten you….”
    Really? Seems to me its rather obvious you just did, sonny.

  • This has nothing to do with race. Quit being such a mouthy [edit] and life will go much smoother.

    • hey local how about quit being a misogynist [edit]. Live might go much smoother for you.

      • I believe we are not to use direct personal insult against other commentators here.

        • I am more offended by the poor English than I am the insults :(. Oh and saying something critical about a person who happens to be female doesn’t necessarily make one a misogynist. You keep watering down terms like that you are going to really ruin in for the people who are actually victims of misogyny.

          • A man calling a woman a “dumb b—-” is a misogynistic statement. Not sure what planet you grew up on to think it’s not. I’ll be even more surprised if you are a woman and you are defending this.

  • Dark Horse Clover

    Unfortunately she won’t be able to continue to go to law school due to her behavior. She admitted being defensive and she did resist arrest she also is facing charges of battery on law enforcement that charge is a felony charge she can kiss her law school and dreams goodbye.

    • Defensive as in excusing herself for being nasty.

    • Struggling against a cop trying to yank you out of a car ruins your life. This country blows

    • My mother was a police officer in 1968 for a small college town in Tennessee. This was right after Miranda rights we’re introduced. If cops grabbed a student like that back then some one would of lost a job. Glad mom’s
      quit force to have a family and find her true calling as a nurse.

  • Truth & Justice

    And the 20 year old “victim” is charged with public intoxication??????????? How could that be? It’s illegal for her to be drinking………..

    • I was wondering the same thing. She is 20 years old she was at the OysterFest, how did she get the alcohol in the first place? Someone either bought it for her or she was carded to get it, why are there no charges or even suggestion of finding where she got the alcohol in the first place? At best its contributing to the delinquency of a minor and not to mention it could be argued that if she hadn’t been intoxicated in the first place this altercation would not have happened. People do stupid stuff under the influence and she shouldn’t have had access to alcohol in the first place. It also sounds like she is a good person that made a mistake, a really bad mistake.

      • I wouldn’t call her a good person. I went to school with her, and she’s always been an argumentative loudmouth. She’s never respected authority and always expected to get her way. She may be a good student but that doesn’t excuse her from her actions.

    • I think what some are not picking up on is she is being asked for information, I never read that she gave the officer her ID, she told the officer what her name and DL number was. I don’t know what my DL number is without looking. My point is alcohol was involved in pulling over the car. Questions were asked and when answers don’t line up it makes the officer question. For instance if I’m correct and Samantha didn’t give her an id and just told her the name and id number and she called it in and it doesn’t match is that because it isn’t really her? Also the questions Samantha was asking the officer about the minor the officer can’t really answer she doesn’t know all the details once the minor was taken to jail and likely can’t share that with anyone but the minor’s parents or guardians. So many are judging on this video without knowing what led up to it. There will be an investigation and if it goes to trial a jury will decide and hopefully justice will be done, whatever that may be.

      On a side note. In normal situations if you are respectful to officers they will be respectful back. Everyone has a bad day and dealing with people who have been drinking too much can try anyone’s patience. Just because a pedestrian has the right of way does stop a car from hitting them. Looking before crossing the road is always a good idea. Odds are if you give someone attitude they are going to give you attitude back.

  • You posted Ms Alonso as Luna Jackson on the first photo

  • Oh my God, are you fucking kidding me? you do realize that the police could have charged everyone over 21 in the car with contribution to the delinquency of a minor! Oh and as a white male, I guarantee you if I grabbed a female cop by the hair for any reason whatsoever, there’s a good chance I would have been shot but at the very least tased or pepper sprayed.

    • As a white male, hahaha, please! You’re soooo marginalized.

      • He makes a valid point actually, but keep spreading your reverse discrimination. You are no better than the racists yourself if you excuse unfair behavior simply because the victim belongs to a supposedly privileged group. Isn’t the point to try and view folks a individuals? Anyone person can be marginalized for a number of different reasons and you excusing that because in your eyes their skin color and gender make them immune to that really disgusts me. Try not to be part of the problem that you are rallying against.

      • Still the Racial Biased thing is not agreeing with me at all…. If I get pulled over and do a dum a@@ thing like Luna did I hope it reads. Female pulled over and resist arrest… not White Female, or Black Female or Hispanic Female…getting sick and tired of society putting a label on everything!!!! And also on people using their race as a scape goat. You do something wrong just “Own It”

    • The intoxicated minor did not attend the event with the driver or Luna if you’re going to comment on something pay attention to what you’re reading Luna said she found her friend drunk at the event….. Many people have two last names especially among Hispanics if you can’t tell Luna is Hispanic by her appearance and certainly Her speech you have no business being in law enforcement because you can’t read a situation…

      • Appearance and speech have nothing to the do with wether a person is Hispanic or not. We had a friend who was born in the U.S., adopted and raised by a couple of German descent and looked Hispanic and had a Hispanic accent. Anyone that did not know him would have thought he was Hispanic.

  • Lost in the Ozone

    Verbally combative with an officer, then pulling officer’s hair and resisting arrest. Lucky she wasn’t pepper sprayed, tasered and/or beaten with a baton. Young woman was given ample opportunity to peacefully comply with officer before she escalated the situation. Ahh, the drunken nature of Oyster Fest in full display!

    • Haha they couldn’t pepper spray her with out hiting the terrorist female police officer. the police or blue Isis as I like to call them because they are the biggest domestic terrorist of our time.
      Don’t assault and pull hair. Just because you are a cop and then get all offended when someone does it back t o you in self defense. She could have defused the situation but instead she escelated it. That cop should have been more professional

      • Spoken like an innocent never having known what living under ISIS or been a target of terrorists is like. In fact, never having lived in a place where such remarks result in death. It’s like when a junior high kid thinks that not being asked to the dance by a popular boy is the end of the world. Then she grows up and finds out that not only is it not the end of the world but it was her own behavior that created the tragedy in the first place.

      • make sure not to call the police when you need help.. god help your soul

  • Some peoples kids I swear

    “Jackson told Luna to get out of the car.

    Luna argued saying that she was not going to get out of the car.”

    That’s what got you arrested Ms. Luna; disobeying a direct order. Race was just something you wanted to attach to it for extra drama.

  • Why wasn’t the white driver questioned???? Why didn’t this cop understand that many Latinos are assigned both parents’ last names, but few go by both? She didn’t lie about her name. This cop escalated the situation with someone she knew was drunk and being driven home safely. She went into fight or flight mode with the cop, doesn’t completely justify it, but she tried to tell the cop that she was concerned she was being profiled. Hope her charges are dropped. That cop was harassing her and should have let it go. Instead, she just grabbed her? Could have been rational and explained why she needed to get out of the car, but she attacked her instead. Luna reacted in self defense in a state of shock, I would have too.

    • The driver was questioned but was not belligerent or intoxicated. You must be assuming their race. If you have a two part last name, it doe not matter at all what you “go by”. You must give your legal name to the officer or it is a crime, and a lie. The cop did not escalated the situation, in fact she gave several opportunists for Alozo-Luna to correct her behavior.

      “She went into fight or flight mode with the cop, doesn’t completely justify it, but she tried to tell the cop that she was concerned she was being profiled.”

      Does not justify it at all, or even make sense as an explanation of her behavior. Flight/flight is a response to a threat. Her concern was unfounded and irrelevant.

      ” That cop was harassing her and should have let it go.”

      You seem to be deeply deluded.

      “Could have been rational and explained why she needed to get out of the car, but she attacked her instead.”

      It was explained, she was being arrested for public intoxication and giving a fake name. She was not “attacked” she was placed under arrest forcibly because she was resisting.

      “Luna reacted in self defense in a state of shock, I would have too.”

      She was not being attacked so this was in no way self defense. You should seek professional help if you feel you are likely to react in a similar manner.

    • Do you really think that police officers pulled over a car, arrested two minors for public intoxication without questioning the driver of the car?

  • If you watch the video in slow motion you can see Luna turn and face the officer and grab her hair. That’s when the officer grabbed Luna’s hair. The video was editied also to try and favor Luna but as I see it she is in a world of trouble. First Luna is drinking under age. Second you fought a police officer. Third you created a class narrative about racism when there was not. Finally officer Jackson had to get her had cut off to release your grip on her to finish the arrest while you kicked the surrounding officers. Jackson stands up with obvious abrasions to her face. So my advice to you Luna is stop drinking as your underage but in general. No good has come to this and your most likely going to need a good criminal defense attorney. I would not go for the free facebook lawyer. I hope you learned from this lesson and can move on with your life after you face punishment. This is going to affect you for a very long time.

  • Note to Collin: Your mom is doing her job and knows what she is doing, all this is par for the course with her profession and she can handle it. Don’t get involved.

    Note to 20 year olds: Don’t drink, be an ass, or grab cops by the hair. Wear your seatbelt instead of woohooing out the sunroof. Don’t go to the internet showboating afterwards. Especially don’t do this with a minor in the car to whom you should be an example. Stanford does background checks that include internet searches, and coming across as a victim/badass hybrid doesn’t help. Don’t play the race card when you are illegally under the influence of alcohol, being a PITA, and fighting cops. It is an equal opportunity cop-swarm road rash event when you are like this.

  • its not public intoxication until you step out of the vehicle, into public property. just like its not a DUI if you are parked and the keys are not in the ignition. how much is this going to cost REMIF?

    • Frank Pembleton

      Dear local observer. Wrong. You can most definitely be arrested for sitting in a car in a public location. In public is in public. Doesn’t matter if you are sitting in a car or not. Apples and oranges comparison to DUI elements.

      • its the same for a boat. you need to read more or learn to understand law. REMIF will pay to settle this I can assure you. just like the 3.5 million that most comments said would go now where. and its just a matter of time before there is an investigation into the selective arson going on. welcome to the 21st century.

      • maybe this will help.
        so when you are drunk at a bar and the law enforcement poster on the wall (if there was such) tells you to not drive drunk and call a cab – are you drunk in public while being driven home in the cab?

        • You can’t get charged with driving Under the Influence if the keys are not in the ignition, but you can be arrested for public intoxication and yes if you take a taxi home and for some reason you end up stopping premature to your destination and encounter a police officer you can get intoxicated in public charges. You can also be charged with public intoxication while inside a bar or even on your own property if it’s within view of a public area without a privacy fence.

          • if that is the case, then the entire nationwide “don’t drive drunk” campaign is entrapment. all of them recommend taking a cab or calling a friend. I have personally been driven home drunk by a cop.

            • A sober driver taking you straight home is one thing. hanging out of sunroof with no seatbelt on and then getting mouthy with the cop when they pull you over is an entirely different story.

              • we may find out or we may not. I put my money on settlement at this point with trump pulling hugging siblings away from each other at the border. these are unprecedented times.

          • WRONG!! A friend got a DUI for waiting in his car for someone to come get him, and the keys were in his pocket!

      • Isn’t Tavern Row in public? Isn’t Oysterfest in public? If it’s illegal to be under the influence of alcohol in public, then why is it legal to sell alcohol for public consumption?

    • California does include a car parked on a public street as a public place in the statute on public intoxication.

      • It doesn’t matter if it is considered public or not. She is still underage drinking which is against the law in public and private. Not saying I agree with the law, but there is more they can hit her with than the PI.

        • In CA (and 36 other states), underage drinking is not against the law when done in a private home with the consent of, and in the company of, your custodians (aka “parents” for many folks).

          • Maybe that’s one reason the police asked for names.

          • Well I don’t think the oyster fest, nor a public road is considered in her private home and I didn’t see any custodians in the video. I personally don’t give a rip about a person drinking underage and at least she was responsible enough not to be the one driving, but knowingly breaking the law implies to me that the person should be mature enough to deal with the consequences as well. It all seemed pretty ticky tac to start off with, but thats what you get when egos get involved with a profession that is already on edge every single day they go in to work. To me it is just sad that so much time and resources are going to be wasted on this instead of dealing with the more serious issues we have out there in society that are less controversial and aren’t brought into the public light with “viral” videos. Facepalm!

            • I was merely addressing the statement which you asserted to be true: all underage drinking in private is illegal. I was helping the masses who took that statement as fact. It is not.

              Can’t come to a sound logical conclusion about something by using falsities.

              Moving on.

              • My statement was way more pertinent to the article that your bizarre exception. I never said all underage drinking. I was referring to all of the facts offered up in this situation, but way to derail. If she was drinking legally at home with permission and supervision of parents, we would hav never wound up with a mess like this to begin with. Try to stay on topic.

                • Really? That’s your stance: Misinformation is more pertinent to your narrative of this story than actual facts?

                  I see this as being a normal thing for you, too.

                  “I never said all underage drinking” – Freedom Club
                  “She is still underage drinking which is against the law in public and private.” – Freedom Club

                  You seem like a really nifty-neato person.

                • Misinformation? Is it that hard for you to follow the plot? We are talking about her being in this car and the fact that the car is considered public or private in this situation given all the facts we know does not make a difference to the legality. Your weird acceptation to the law clearly does not apply to the case at hand which we are all talking about. If there is an article about a person arrested for drinking in their home with their parents supervision then come bring up your argument.

                  And for the record I am a nifty neato person I appreciate you noticing. [edit]

          • She was neither at home nor with her custodian.

      • A moot point; the car wasn’t parked, it was under the control of a sober Designated Driver. Remember those?

        BTW: by your reasoning, a taxi driver is committing a crime by having an intoxicated fare in his car.

        • the coolest “Don’t drink and drive” poster paid for by an LE agency is the ET “Phone Home”.

    • Local observer there is more to that law than being parked & no keys in ignition

      • then please explain if you can. it is the same for operations of any sticker motorized vehicle.

  • I am just thrilled to see these remarks, maybe there are rational folks around afterall. It often appears onlookers want the dirty rather then truth so Thank you Humboldt for refreshing take on stupid behavior.

  • Again not a race thing. I agree with Lone Ranger, kids need to be educated how you talk to cops and how not to resist arrest. This would have been a simple misdemeanor and she would have been released quickly. Once your released, is when you go after the cop if you felt there was discrimination. So sick of the race card. Irate girl was underaged and trying to get out of public intoxication. I dislike how Humboldt stirs the race, sex, and the gender pot. University Police Sgt. Janelle Jackson did a great job. We need more positive press on the officers that deal with the worst mental health and drug induced problems in the state. People are too angry these days and it’s trickling down on our kids with authority figures. Anger is a mental health problem. Mental Health problems are why we have students bringing guns to school (Schools hold kids accountable). We can change US culture without being angry.

    • Po ick ur battles

      How not to resist. The problem with society is that these cops are dealing with kids that would have already been somewhere else and are having a good time instead of busting meth heads and pedophiles.

      • Yet if the police officer saw a kid riding around with his head through the sun roof and there had been a subsequent accident, the kid’s the parents would have been all over the police for failing to protect their son. Just as the mother successfully sued when her meth head son died of the drug in jail.

        Police have a job where they are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. They’re an easy target for the disaffected.

    • Oh the laughter!!!

      How to talk to cops in one easy lesson.
      show identification & remain silent

  • Outrageous! Entitled, belligerent brat. The officers did not appear to do anything wrong. Why pull the race card when her behavior is all the cause needed to justify the officers actions? She is unambiguously guilty of all charges.

    Is her legal name Samantha Alonso Jackson, or Samantha Alonso Luna, or Samantha Luna? Sounds liek she blatantly lied to the officers and told them that her name is Samantha Luna.

  • The officer should have been more clear that she was arresting her. Not just telling her to get out of the car and then attacking her. There is a more professional way to your job. Just because the officer got offended by a little attitude because she wanted the power back. I know we all want to slap a young girl who talks with a little attitude, but this is unprofessional and violent.

  • Keep your head up Officer Jackson, You did nothing wrong. You’re not the problem.

    You gave her a warning, she didn’t listen.

    She knows what is written on her Drivers license and she chose to admit things.

    Our the end of the day, she is still an underage drinker, she is still not following a lawful order and she still assaulted you and resisted arrest.

  • Why? Sam I new you in high school and you weren’t one for this and this is bs that your cause if so much fuss over you being stupid

  • Don't choose to share

    The officer’s responsibility is to de-escalate the situation. Sure the girl was obnoxious, but it’s becoming against he law to be obnoxious?

  • Officer Jackson should have kept her hands to herself!!! Things would have gone a LOT better if she had!!! Conduct unbecoming of an officer of the law!!!

    • Yes. She should have whisked out the Wand of Political Correctness and transported her out of the car with magic.

      There might have been more patience on all parties’ part but then short snippets of video are not enough for such surity as to who could have better done what.

    • Oh please Mr. Fuller. Cops have every right to use their hands when someone is agitated, angry, belligerent, violent, drunk or high if they do not follow comands.!!!!!! Spoiled, entitled, self centered princess could and should have handled herself in a more civil manner. Oh yeah, !!!!!!!!

      • IF they were attacked first I would wholeheartedly agree but the officer was NOT being attacked & had NO reason to get physical except for losing her temper because the subject was NOT cooperating!!! I’m not saying that the subject was in the right either!!! Both were in the wrong here!!!

        • Oh the laughter!!!

          You are required by law to co operate with law enforcement.
          Sort it out later.

        • The officers explained to her twice and asked her twice to get out of the car before she opened the door and grabbed her and that’s just what’s on tape.

        • Simply put, Officer Jackson let her emotions take over and completely lost her ability to deal with the matter in any objective professional way. She should be embarrassed by her actions [edit] Btw,. Her son who reached out and threatened ms Luna should be charged with criminal harassment. Officer Jackson should be fired as a result or possibly relegated to a docile desk job.

    • Had Luna gotten out of the car when she was asked it would have been fine. Had Luna been respectful when talking the the officer it would have been fine. Had Luna not fought when getting arrested it would have been fine.

    • How do you arrest a resisting person without touching them?

  • It really doesn’t matter what race you are. You aren’t allowed to act like a self entitled spoiled ass. Show some respect for authority. You are not allowed to resist arrest no matter how much you feel like you should be able to get away with smarting off to someone who has the authority to arrest you. It only makes sense this person would pull the race card. I am sure she would pull whatever card she wanted to to make herself feel justified in her poor decision making. This is what entitlement looks like. This is spoiled rotten in any race. I am glad they got it on film otherwise I might have believed some injustice had occurred.

  • With EVERY stop, officers have to ready to defend for their lives, no matter how innocent the situation seems. Society has created that reality. In this case, the whole incident would not have happened if the girl had not stuck her head out the sun roof. Then, not giving her correct name, or not being able to, is cause to get her out of the vehicle and detain her until that is cleared up. It IS against the law to NOT give your correct and legal name, and IS grounds for arrest.Then, if Luna had just co-operated with the request of the officer to get out and continue the conversation, it probably would not have escalated. This should not in any way be associated with the Lawson case. This was NOT a result of racial bias or profiling. This was a situation where alcohol, and people NOT following the requests of an officer, being the direct cause of a situation the escalate.

  • I see that the information about Luna bragging on her Facebook page about pulling the cops hair saying she couldn’t handle herself was not included in the story

  • It really doesn’t matter what race you are. You aren’t allowed to act like a self entitled spoiled ass. Show some respect for authority. You are not allowed to resist arrest no matter how much you feel like you should be able to get away with smarting off to someone who has the authority to arrest you. It only makes sense this person would pull the race card. I am sure she would pull whatever card she wanted to to make herself feel justified in her poor decision making. This is what entitlement looks like. This is spoiled rotten in any race. I am glad they got it on film otherwise I might have believed some injustice had occurred. The fact is if anything, this video makes it look like there was favoritism showed. Why did she let her get away with all that smarting off and still sit in the car? I have seen plenty of scenes where the person is pulled out and made the lie face down before questioning is even started. I see more evidence of favoritism shown here. And I don’t care if you identify with Moonbeam Honeycomb, when an officer asks your name you give them the full legal real deal and add ma’am to show you recognise the seriousness of the situation.

  • Very unskillful policing. None of this was necessary. That cop wanted to pick a fight and she did. Luna had done NOTHING wrong until the [edit] reached through the window and committed assault on her! Then Jackson’s son threatens Luna? Sounds like a chip off the old blockhead! I hope she sues the city for a million $.

  • “Any hope that racial tensions from the stabbing death of David Josiah Lawson would cool down over summer, got a reality check this weekend…”

    Really, Kym Kemp?

    I would have thought that attempting to contextualize this embarrassing drunken meltdown by this underage girl within *any* kind of larger conflicts of race in the community would have been beneath you.

    Guess not.

    • Of course, if the tensions between law enforcement and people of color get better over this, I’ll be hanging my name out there for everyone to ridicule. While you, if you are wrong, though I hope not, will pretend you never said this and no one will be the wiser.

      So, who has a reason to be ashamed?

      • Oh the laughter!!!

        This girl is only a person of color in her own mind. This was patently not a racial incident. Shame on anyone who puts forth that agenda. It has a legitimate place, but it is not here.

      • a hero in her own mind.

        You too, Kemp.

      • Thanks for responding. And I mean that sincerely. You deserve credit for that.

        Your characterization of this event as reflecting racial tensions, when in fact the only person alleging this is the accused—who is drunk (and underage) and fighting the police!—is the problem. Rather than just report the facts (which you do for much of the article), your *entire framing* of this story encourages the reader to draw conclusions about this event which aren’t AT ALL present in either the video or the police reports.

        It’s dishonest: you claim that you are willing to wait to see how this event is perceived by the community of POC—presumably as an objective observer—but your report of this event begins by framing that event *in these very terms*. You do everything but directly say THIS ARREST REFLECTS RACIAL TENSIONS BETWEEN THE POLICE AND POC.

        Whatever any given person of color feels about this event is irrelevant; and who speaks for all POC, in any case? The fact of the matter is that you’ve characterized it in a tendentious way—and that’s putting it nicely.

        I understand you receive a lot of unfair criticism sometimes, as someone who puts their name out there. However, if you are going to publish things that can (and do) shape public perception on the basis of no external evidence, I’m not going to feel sorry for you, Kym Kemp.

        If I was getting paid to put my name out there, as you are, I would consider it.

        You have my email. Feel free to write me if you think I’m being unfair.

        • Thanks for teaching me a new word.

          tendentious – expressing or intending to promote a particular cause or point of view, especially a controversial one

        • I do think you are being unfair in avoiding the facts that there have been racial tensions, the arrest of a person of color captured on video in a way that made the story go viral, the comments on the videos posted to Samantha Luna’s page, among many other issues are what make this a racially charged incident that I would be remiss not to report on whether or not I personally think there was racial bias.

          • So we can assume that , since you did say that the “incident” raised “racial tensions”, and not that you did believe Ms. Luna was wrong in her accusation, that you believe it was a racially biased arrest? Since you would be remiss not to report on your opinion? Urgently at 2 am yet?

            There is such a thing as reporting on a fire without throwing gasoline on it.

            • This is the point where I ask myself what the heck am I writing my butt off at 4 in the morning for (Yes, I went to bed at 4:30 a.m.) Why do I work so hard to be fair and address the problems of the community when people who can’t even put their name on their words want to twist the work I provide for free and pretend it has some sort of evil agenda when I can’t even decide how I feel about this arrest? But, go ahead, Guest, you decide for me what I think.

              I’m tired and I’m cranky and I’m done.

              • You have a public forum and should be held accountable for what you write.

                I’m sure there will be those people who see racism in this arrest, frankly because they see racism EVERYWHERE. These are not thoughtful and honest people (although maybe they have reasons for being paranoid), yet you still begin your article from their perspective…it speaks volumes.

                Frankly, Kym Kemp, I do empathize with you. You clearly write for the community and that’s hard work. I sometimes benefit from reading your site. I’m sure it feels defeating when people abuse you in anonymous comments (but we both know my comments have been completely fair criticisms).

                Perhaps you should show some empathy for average people attempting to do their jobs in difficult circumstances, even when those people happen to be cops…cops who are publicly smeared EVERY SINGLE TIME someone utters the magic word (“racism”), true or not, and whether or not that cop has in fact done anything at all wrong.

                Does the female cop in the video deserve to be treated like an indentured servant by some drunk and aggressive minor? Have her hair pulled? As she doubtless will be, does she deserve to be vilified before all the facts come out? You know the answer.

                Empathy, Kym. You aren’t being unfairly treated. All the available evidence says those cops are being unfairly treated.

                • Am I understanding your position correctly, you believe because I reported on the situation that I automatically side with the person arrested?

                  Or is there some evidence of that in my writing?

              • You understand my position very clearly, Kym. You are just pretending not to. At best, your writing about this issue has been sloppy and lazy. At worst, it is comically biased.

                I’m at least glad that some of the readers of this site have witnessed the disingenuousness you’ve just shown in pretending not to understand my criticism.

                • Nope. I don’t know and I think I’m wasting my time.

                  I think you are, too. If you distrust me and my writing, there are multiple other news sources.

              • If she had not been Hispanic, would it have been any interest to you? If she had not claimed racism, would this incident have appeared here? What was so important about one more arrest of so many similar unless it was made something else? I notice that the usual disclaimer about being innocent until proven guilty did not appear in this report put under the crime category.

                • Honestly? Thousands of views and an upset community interested me. I’d been notified about it Sunday around [9 a.m.–I looked at the first notice I was incorrect in saying 9 a.m. It was around noon] Then Luna’s post went up later in the afternoon. People were taking sides and were getting facts wrong. My job is to get the info right. So I did to the best of my ability.

                  The disclaimer almost always appears only on press releases from law enforcement. Since I am regurgitating whole their information without checking facts, I add the disclaimer. That did not apply in this case. In each case I presented some information, I stated where I got it…

                  Can I ask why this suspicion? What evil do you think I am plotting? I nefariously see a story that is blowing up on social media, say hey, facts need to be clarified, I do it to the best of my ability. That’s it. That’s my evil intention. Honestly, if I was this suspicious of a news writer, I’d never read them again. If I distrust a source, I don’t waste my time on it.

                • Since you ask about what evil, I will present my only real complaint about this site. And my reaction has been exacerbated by seeing it so commonly done elsewhere.

                  It was the remark about racial tension continuing because of this incident of course. This was a reporter’s opinion, not even a quoted source, that started out the article and colored the reading of everything afterwards. Of course it raised questions as to whether information not in accord with that opinion was edited out or facts were cherry picked to support it. Even if you did not, it was a reasonable question raised by this statement. This is the reason reporters should strive to be impartial in publishing, even if they are not required to be in private or on the editorial page. Heck, in the current climate, just about everything would seem better put as an editorial. So being full of distrust of reporters has become the only sensible way to be.

                  Just the other day, I saw a CBS head line about Trump, that creature who causes mental imbalances in reporters, wanting Americans to sit at attention when he speaks like North Koreans do for their leader. When you got through the article it was obvious Trump actually made a wry joke about how he is treated, but, assuming the report was bright enough to get it, the headline was deliberated written to make Trump look silly. The article was filtered through the reporter’s opinion.

                  The only way to have a chance at understanding what reality is these days is to read everything possible and try to match the commonalities to cut through the opinions. And that is not reliable even then. Oh for the old days when “serious and well respected” journalists at least trying to be non judgemental and scholarly. But the internet world has eliminated those. My fault too with my hunger for getting news immediately. And for free. Unfortunately.

          • You think you are justified in calling this arrest racially charged because…….of the people screaming about racism on the accused’s social media accounts? I’m speechless.

            Where have I denied there are racial tensions in Arcata?

            No one denies racial tensions have emerged surrounding a different event, Lawson’s killing. The problem is that you are linking this event to another when there is ZERO reason to connect them *at this point*. Your writeup is essentially trying to do that, and that’s what’s dishonest.

            Your opening paragraph only reveals KYM KEMP’s view of the police, and that’s completely divorced from the facts of this event as currently known. By your explanation, any arrest of a person of color is by default an act of aggression against the community…

            That is a really bad explanation. And just lazy.

            • You don’t know my view of the police or this arrest.

            • Read the article again…I never used the word “charged.” I said there are racial tensions in the Arcata community. And if you don’t believe that tension is going to be affected by this event, then I don’t know what to say to you.

              • Like he said, gasoline on the fire. But really you’re trailing a dripping can of gasoline down the street from the fire and just waiting for the fire to catch up.

                Get real. You’ve been called out. Quit thrashing.

      • Its tough because when you begin with,

        “Any hope that racial tensions from the stabbing death of David Josiah Lawson would cool down over summer, got a reality check this weekend…”

        I can see how many would interrupt that to imply that this incident increasing racial tension is a reasonable outcome rather than a predictable outcome. I didn’t take it that way though. Good reporting!

        I would like to see Alonso-Lunas facebook remarks included in the story, and it does seem to unfairly color the narrative when you refer to Alonso-Luna by only her partial last name. It makes it seem as though she was not blatantly lying to the officer. Im sure she knows what her own legal name is.

        • I thought about using the double name but honestly, Luna uses that name on her Facebook and with her friends and I usually used the name people prefer. Then by the time I finished writing this at 4ish this morning, I was a zombie. At that time, it seemed the best choice.

      • WhoAreThesePeople?

        I love your style, Kym!

        • I do try to engage commenters and explain what I was thinking when I wrote the article. When I’m wrong, I admit it.

          When some readers think I’m wrong but I think I’m right, I try to explain. Sometimes that is exhausting. Thanks for taking the time to tell me you appreciate it because sometimes I just want to quit engaging like most other journalists and just try to tell the story and forget taking input.

          Thanks for making me feel that it is worthwhile.

          • That is what makes this site better than most. Most times reporters/journalists have a stranglehold on what is reported period. I suppose not everything they want gets published, even on the internet, but what does published is considered sacrosanct. No corrections, changes or opinions tolerated. And lots of gamesmanship along the way.

            That proclivity is why the press was so surprised at Trump’s election and frankly why Trump was elected at all. The commercial media lived in New York and refused to hear anything outside of it. They shut out everything but the sound of their own voices. And to make it worse, they apparently learned nothing from their giant, public failure. They are still doing it. Only even meaner.

            So Kym in a way your willingness to respond gets more from me anyway just because I think you are the only one who will hear. I literally mean The Only One. It has become a barely tolerable thing. The only reason I watch TV at all is for the local weather report. And as for paying for journalistic directly- ha! Why pay to be shut out. I resent what media, throwing out their journalistic thunderbolt like Jove from Mount Olympus, has done by their arrogance to this country.

            • I think I appreciate that…but I would say, as with most things in life, you get what you pay for.

              If you want better service, find the best you can currently get, pay for it and gently work to get it moved towards being even better. I pay for the NY Times, the Washington Post, and the LA Times. I hope to be able to add Forbes next. (I pay attention to what articles I go to often online and try to support those media outlets even if they have free articles by donating (like to Wikipedia.) I also turn off my ad blocker for sites that have great content.

              • Because the irrationality of the commercial media does not tolerate even the slightest input from other ideas. There is no best- certainly not one of those you listed qualify although the LA Times is one I do follow some. Each of those is picking up the AP or Reuters they are willing to buy, editing out little bits they don’t like and publishing it. They all have the same news, using the same words and with the same view points. The best of the old established news organizations will commission larger pieces for themselves as “in-depth” reporting but it is all the same flavor, just more of it. It is McDonalds in print.

                I get a lot of my news from Canadian Broadcasting Company as, until the recent spit fest between Trump and Trudeau, they were a lot less agenda ridden. Now I have to wade through their spit fest too.

                As to what does get published, you said once you published Huffman’s tweets, most of which are embarassingly juvenile, because you thought that people ought to hear what our representative has to say. Well, the President is our representative too. Don’t see any attention paid to that (although that is some relief .)

                True North spills their bigotry out full scale while I’m sure that that the only news sources you would call conservative are actually just as raving lunatics- as are things like NBC. Fox, Drudge, etc are just as bad in the opposite direction. Trying to find a news source that independent and is not insane is impossible. Feeling comfortable with people suffering from the same mental illness is not what I mean either. Temperate and cautious, curious and inclusive apparently doesn’t exist anymore.

  • I remember when Mongo was young and dumb. Still dumb, but no longer young.

    Young lady, it is best to learn when to pick your battles. In this case, you chose poorly.

  • play stupid games, win stupid prizes. get physical with a LEO, and be thankful if they don’t go Judge Dredd on your scofflawing ass.

    doesn’t matter if you’re orange, green or violet…
    playing the race card is the new last bastion.

  • I wonder how the cops issued a “seatbelt ticket” to the driver. Did they just issue it to “random white dude in Humboldt”? Or, maybe they checked his ID and “Luna” is a lying spoiled shit? My personal opinion is the latter.

    And clearly she (“Luna”) was totally in the wrong here. [edit]. Cops have a ton of patience for women. It’s a shame, or I’m just one of those lame-o Equal Opportunists.

  • that’s what happens when you don’t listen to cops, it’s called resisting arrest, it doesn’t matter what race you are , you can’t pick a fight with a cop

  • Looks like Alonso Luna is the racist here.

    • She certainly has no shame in trying to shirk responsibility by race-baiting.

      • the misadventures of bunjee

        Deflection at it’s finest. Pull the attention away from the fact that she was arrested for being drunk and foolish in public where hundreds of people watched on. Nah, let’s make a gigantic scene out of a rather minor infraction. And call it racism.

        “She isn’t sure about that, she said. Couldn’t Sgt. Jackson be racist against Hispanics? she asked.”

        Yeesh. Why don’t we just spin a wheel of ethnicity and where it stops, infer racism, because reasons.

    • exactly, manipulative too

  • Throw the book at her! Racial bias my ass, she is disrespecting an officer of the law. Hold her responsible for her actions.

  • Why is the video in 4 parts? How much was edited out that we never see? I think Luna is going to get a dose of reality and hopefully more than a slap on her wrist for her outrageous behavior.

  • I’m sure I would have been treated a lot worse if i had attacked an officer.

  • Weird! She is pursuing a degree in Administration of Justice and wishes to go to Stanford? And then gets drunk and acts like this to a police officer?! And THEN blows up the videos on social media while discussing the situation and calling the race card?!! AND THEN tells us all about how she has a lawyer to sue the police for arresting her?!!!!! Girl- you are not going to Stanford. You are not working in the field of Administration of Justice. You are so turned around with the current rages that you do not have a clear sense of what justice is. And I’m no cop lover but this is so wrong. We have reached idiocracy if this is what the kids today think is appropriate behavior. You tell the police what they ask. You help them understand that you are no threat and your driver can get everybody safely home. You provoked a situation and now threaten to cash in? But the ultimate idiot move was posting the videos and claiming victimhood. How dare you? We have real victims in this country. Not you. What a load of bullshit and Stanford will certainly note it as such. You destroyed yourself and have still not stopped to reflect.

    • Tawnya Bacchetti

      It will only take one person to send her post with videos to Standford admin and that dream is gone forever. She wanted to put this out in the world, guess all future employers, school should see this too. How she has a dangerous temper and does not work well with others or follow simple tasks.

      • the misadventures of bunjee

        Worse, she can delete it from social media thinking it’s gone off the internet and not realize that once it’s there, it’s there forever. Some person (or a thousand) have a copy of it. Especially her enemies, and just gave them ammo.

    • She belongs at UC Berkley, not Stanford. 😉

  • Send her back to Mexico!

  • Tawnya Bacchetti

    Wow!!! this is so not about race. The only person to bring up race was Samanath. She had her purse with her, why not make it all simple and give the officer her ID, simple. Instead she got mouthy. This is all on her. Sargent Jackson is a great officer. Personally I can tell you she is not racist in any way.she has never used derogatory names about anybody’s race religion creed sexuality nothing never has she done any of that. Samanath is the one yelling “you WHITE bitch”

  • Nor Cal Patriot

    I would not want to be a Cop in today’s world. Holy Cow….

  • Her social media posts of the event will come back to haunt her employment options later in her life… yeh Facebook!

    • A Google search will bring up this site too. I see a sea of her own ill considered words effecting her future.

  • That female cop was way out of line, you could see the anger on her face she was gritting her teeth as she was pulling the girls hair, she had a short fuse and got personal instantly completely unprofessional she should be givin a mental evaluation I’m sure she would fail the phyc test. Now with all that said this is pretty dam typical of how cops act nowadays of any encounters I’ve had with police in the last 20 years I remember 1 cop that was actually cool was just doing his job and I commended him on the way he carried himself. but of the rest I have experienced all I can say is most are edgy, they take their home life’s to work with them, they demand respect even going as far as making a statement and wanting you to repeat it back to them so they can prove to you who’s the boss and they can make you do things you don’t want to do ( like show respect when you are givin absolutely none) this is why most if not all the new generation see cops as the enemy and they can not be trusted and they are there to impose there will and not here to serve and protect the public. this is why they are disliked by the majority of the public. You can’t police with intimidation and force you have to do it with respect and patience that girl did nothing to be grabbed by the hair and dragged out of that car that cop was wrong for that and that shit needs to stop. Stop taking your personal life’s to work with you and stop taking your jobs personally.

  • Ya all are emplieing Luna was drunk but in the report it doesn’t say arrested for drunk in public or anything else about Luna being arrested for public intoxiontion but ya all are saying she was drunk in public but the cops can’t say or use that unless they performed a field subritiy test to prove else wise, so I think ya all are wrong and I hope the cops get sued cuz they could of handled the situation better but did anyone else realize the lady cop didn’t act aggressively until she looked up and seen the other cop pulling up but as well did you see the lady cops face of anger during the desput between Luna and the lady cop, it shows that the cop acted out of anger not out of training and for the son calling up and making threats o man, it go’s to show that she went home and ran her mouth about a police matter witch escalated in a act of threat to Luna witch in this case I would be getting in contact with an attorney and b getting a restaining order against the cop and her son and proceed with a law suit!!!!!!

  • That girl should learn to keep her mouth shut.. Now she has a record. And i hope the officer pressed all charges..
    Little girl s parents must be so proud teaching there child to disrespect out law officers…

  • Good Job Sargeant Jackson, I support you 100%

  • I tend to agree that prefacing the coverage of this temper tantrum with…”Any hope that racial tensions from the stabbing death of David Josiah Lawson would cool down over summer, got a reality check this weekend…”
    was feeding into the “boohoo my skin got me in this mess ” narrative. And misleading.

    What don’t ppl get about interacting with law enforcement? U don’t get to ask the questions.. u are advised to STFU unless u are asked a question , and likewise one is universally advised to comply with LEO’s. Even if the interaction or arrest it’s unjust AF or illegal or ridiculous.. just comply . Don’t , as miss Luna-Tunes admits allow your
    …”instincts just kicked in. I got defensive…. and the two begin struggling. ”

    Stay calm & quiet.. if need be get arrested. You can then sue them later if it was actually an unjust, illegal or racist interaction.

    Some people think they get to “try their case” drunk and with the uniformed officer brawling on the street! Not real bright for all her bilingual high achieving claims..

    • Oh, for heaven’s sakes, C’mon. Don’t be cranky with me. There have been protests since Lawson was killed, a police chief left, and the comments on Luna’s Facebook page were in large part claiming racism. Do you want me to pretend there aren’t racial tensions?

      • Disingenuous. You certainly do not bring up the Bundy’s on every story about public lands. Nor the crimes committed by illegal immigrants every time an arrest is made on a pot grow. For such a statement as opened this story, you made the link yourself between a murder and an arrest of this woman simply because race was made an issue. And frankly both being based on almost no evidence at all that race played any part in either. Allegations were enough. Just no anyone’s allegations apparently.

      • Not cranky! And def don’t want u cranky. If you aren’t having fun go home ..lol oh darn already home. Maybe go outside, forever… Rooting for you over here, but have to chime in cuz I got the same read on that shaky correlation.

        I also think that your remark “And if you don’t believe that tension is going to be affected by this event,…” is a stretch. Why even go there??? Just because her equally butt-hurt fan base on FB post a few comments (based on no facts) that this is somehow some crazy racist overreach of LE targeting POC??? Linking controversial stories may drive traffic -and you know best- but i humbly suggest you missed the mark linking this arrest (and the tragic double fatality car wreck ) to the murder of David Lawson.

        By my observation nothing in Ms Luna’s own words , the videos , or the police statement suggest anything (other than Jennifer’s own words “white bitch”) this interaction and final outcome was race driven. Can we please not stage a protest and cop-hating frenzy every time a POC gets hauled in, for what on the face of it looks like her own dumb doing???

        Geez. the cop told her straight up in video one at :28 ” I would stop talking if i were u ” and at the tail end of video one as she is running her *partial name* she tells dispatch that Jennifer is ” not the one in custody. ”

        I think some might appreciate a report on that. 😉

        • I didn’t note every single transaction between the two. I tried to note the most important. We’ll have to disagree on which ones were the most important.

          • Your attention grabbing opening to this piece was claims that it was to be some kind of “reality check” for anyone thinking “racial tensions” were simmering down. A number of comments including mine have attempted to point out the lack of substance in the actual events or behavior of LEO’s to back up that claim. Why play coy about your views? Not about disagreeing which parts of this interaction were important. I think your readers brought up the questionable assiciation to Lawson murder and racial undertones because when falsely linked it becomes about hyping up public perception, over nothing.. . A drunk beligerant girl getting hauled off to the hooscow is not racial anything. Viral? More like delusional .

            • Viral means an image or story that is being circulated widely on the internet. With just one of the five videos currently having 1.6 million views and the album having almost 30,000 shares on Facebook that is viral in my book. You may disagree but you are probably going to not be in a lot of company.

              I am going to repeat this once and then I’m just going to quit and I’m only doing it once more because I like you.

              The racial tensions were not necessarily in the arrest itself though I would argue that Luna yelling that the arrest was “racist as fuck”, etc, indicates that at least one person involved believes there are racial issues. However, the racial tensions I was referring to exist in the community. The arrest videos brought and are bringing those racial tensions to the surface again (not that I’m saying the arrest was wrong–just pointing out the result) and people are yelling about it on the internet. Now, I may be wrong but I think there is a good chance that that is going to translate into increased tension on the street.

            • I would have to agree that the traffic stop and arrest has nothing to do with racism or Lawson getting stabbed at a party over a year ago. Why would you draw parallels between the two? are we to discuss racism every time somebody of some other ethnic groups besides white gets pulled over from now on? I am white, a white male even, and I have been pulled over by the local CHP for thing such as bald tires, bumping the line, cracked windshields and not having my dog tethered. Every time without exception, I was asked to submit to a search of my vehicle and when I denied a search I was put through the wringer for hours. Was that racism?does anybody remember David blood? he was lots of fun. Ranks right up there with Dave Anderson.

              • Yea, I know what viral means Kym, and i like u too.. these videos and other slanted snippets & idiocy that end up “viral” are shared to excess not because of the inherant truth or logic in them but in part due to our addiction to drama (and humor) . Additionally every share, to viral status, does not represent a vote in aggrement with the OP but many are in hilarious mockery of content! Her delusional claims of “racial bias ” have been refuted over and over. Even the majority of comments on her own page are calling her to task for being a combative loud mouth!! & Please , even in minor arrests you manage to dig up the mug shot . ..To use instead her primped up social media pic also slants public perception and seems a little like favoritism..

                • Those arrests with mugshots are press releases from law enforcement in almost every case. It requires a request to law enforcement to get it. OR they have to release it. Just yesterday we posted the story of a man arrested for a DUI. I don’t have his mugshot. Mhttp://kymkemp.com/2018/06/18/man-held-at-gunpoint-appeared-tipsy-to-deputy/ That happens all the time.

                  As to agreement with Samantha Luna, I hope you understand that posting the article about what occurred in no way constitutes an endorsement of what happened.

      • I remember when sheriff cox was shot and killed in that trailer park down behind bazaar shoping store in eureka i was just a kid then

    • While I certainly don’t think Luna handled this situation in a very wise manor at all I am not ready to flush all my rights as a citizen down the toilet as you would wish. Your freedom of speech certainly still applies even if being detained. If you want to ask questions of the officer you are just as entitled to as they are to ask you. I am not even sure from the video if she was advised of her right to remain silent, but even so that is a right. It doesn’t mean you are commanded to remain silent. Police may have the power to enforce the law, but not strip people of their constitutional rights. If you do know that you are breaking the law however I would suggest keeping things calm in hopes of being let go with just a warning. If you truly did nothing wrong and cops are harassing you then I would feel free to speak up and make my points heard loud and clear. If you would truly stay calm and quiet for a false arrest then I feel sorry you are such a spineless sheep. The authoritarians must love folks like you. I am not afraid to flex my rights in a wise way and deal with the consequences, but in my experience a lot of police are on power trips and hate to be challenged. Well if that is the case they are really in the wrong career.

      • None of that was wise. Anyone who abuses the protections given them as a citizen to create incidents is as much abusing those rights as you claim the police do. Save outrage for something more than being inconvenienced or irritated. If you really acted like you say, you will spontaneously combust. Like the person with a prickley ego must be ever ready to be offended over the smallest details.

        Staying calm is adult. It has nothing to do with being weak or surrendering rights.

        • If I am ever being falsely accused of something by law enforcement there is no better thing to have outrage over in my life. Fortunately I am smart enough to know the difference between flexing my rights and committing crimes that will get me in further trouble, but if you think that I will just lie down and let my rights be trampled you seriously underestimate me. I have yet to spontaneously combust like you say. Hell I have never even been arrested. Some officers don’t like the fact that I am aware and not afraid to flex my rights, but most of them are self aware enough to find an easier target than messing with me. I live life by the mantra that it is better do die on your feet than to live on your knees. I have never backed down from anyone and I am willing to deal with the consequence of my actions. Do you have any real suggestions for where my outrage should be funneled?

      • She is 20 and has been drinking . Already broke the law .

        • Another up and comeing alcoholic you keep drinking your going to see many more days with them chrome bracelets thats a fact take the advice from a person that knows

  • LMAO! Have fun in jail Luna. That is assault on a police officer among other charges. Race and ethnicity discrimination does not apply in this case. These dumb kids have posted incriminating evidence prior to legal council. You are going to get buried in court kiddos. Still LMAO.


  • This Luna girl needs to sit in jail. People like this are the problem in our society today.
    Janelle Jackson is NOT racist! She is a well respected officer. I stand with our police officers.

  • I think this is a case of two [edit] meeting up. They both clearly made poor decisions. Sickening.

    • More like two [edit] meeting up. I agree that both handled the situation pretty poorly. I expect that veteran officer would be trained to deescalate a situation like this much better. Greater power comes with greater responsibility. A drunk 20 year old social media attention seeker, well that is about what I would expect from her. Definitely has a lot of learning to do about accepting responsibility for her actions. Pulling the race card is clearly chicken shit as that had very little to do with this situation. More like two people not knowing how to keep their egos in check during a high stress situation.

      • Kym will not be fooled by substituting punctuation into think that two patronizing people talking through their h…k’s are not doing just that.

  • Just wow , she wants to study law ? She gets pulled over , doesn’t give her full legal name , has a drunk minor in the car with no seatbelt , is 20 years old and drinking under age herself( the officer warned her , about public intoxication . Think I would shut up at that point ) . Doesn’t have the sense to realize , that she has already broken a few laws , gets mouthy . Then proceeds to assault the female officer whom was in her right to arrest this person . This young woman makes poor choices ,probably because she was drinking she caused the whole thing to escalate. Good luck with your defense . Playing the race card and thinking your a victim is ridiculous .

  • Seems the case that there’s again an over use/abuse of power. There was no way to prove anyone contributed utes to the minors alcohol consumption.
    Was there a search? Were there containers found in vehicle?
    Safe and sober drivers is just a thing of the past? So now even if your a sober driver you could get into trouble for transporting someone on a public road.?
    All that said this Luna girl clearly has a lack of respect for authority and comes off as a smart mouth little brat. She should know better than to argue with an officer, be obnoxiously disrespectful and start a fight with the officer.

    • Traffic stop was initiated because the drunk girl stuck her head out the sunroof.

    • Yeah, if you’re going to let a drunk minor hang out your sunroof with no seatbelt on, you can pretty much bet if a cop sees that you’re going to get pulled over. In California it is the owner of the vehicle or the driver who is responsible for the occupants of the car abiding by the law.

  • Wow. This chick is really playing the pity party card. Poor me. I didn’t mean to do anything. It’s because I’m hispanic. It’s my name. Give me a break. I hope she is held to answer for her surly, rude arrogant and assaultive behavior. As a parent I would be livid if my child acted this way and then had the audacity to post on the internet for all to see her arrogant behavior.

  • If there was racial bias it was on the part of Ms. Luna. How about taking responsibility for being the fool you are?

  • The ACLU has an excellent brochure titled “Know your rights, what to do if your stopped by the Police FBI, INS, or Customs.” Ms. Luna should read it. She did everything wrong. She wants to be a lawyer? First has to pull her head out of her ass.

  • Mendocino Mamma

    Drama queen. Got her 15minutes here!

  • Why didn’t this very pretty multilingual young lady understand the meanings of stop talking and get out of the car? She would have had a more harmonious outcome if she had.

    1) She was intoxicated in a moving car, hence, in public.
    2) Anyone in that car over the age of 21 could have been arrested for contributing. Want to place blame? The minor brought attention to the vehicle and since she was in their “custody”, they’re responsible for her actions.
    3) Like it or not, we’re required to have identification on us at all times and to cooperate with the cops.
    4) The degree of the charges wasn’t made clear and the DA will decide whether to pursue felony or misdemeanor charges.
    5) In a worse case scenario the male cops gun would have removed from its holster by someone in the back seat and we all know what might happen then.
    6) I don’t see any call for racism here, just a feeble attempt for an aspiring attorney to gain a little notoriety at the expense of the taxpayers.

    What may well happen with these Facebook posts is many of these tort cases will have so many public views the civil cases will become much harder to pool a jury.

  • I never seen people so stupid in my life if i was the cop i would of told all thouse stupid punk as kids to get out of the car run thar names smell thar breath and check them for being under the influence of drugs runing around with thar heads out of the top of a moveing car any comments i did not think so

  • Currently I am a licensed bail agent of the state. I know just enough about the law to know that this lady was harassed by a police officer while obviously seized her opportunity to work the streets of Arcata. I think this is the same department that told me I wasn’t aloud on there campus to arrest a wanted fugitive and then send a email to the fugitive to tell him he had I a warrant and I was looking for him. Which I currently have proof of. These unnecessary officers are not currently doing there job as “peace officer” which is a officer of the the peace. Not to take a situation of a simply minor being drunk in public, to them assualting a lady whole isn’t breaking the law. At the time during the investigation Ms. Luna’s rights where violated in many different aspects. Unfortunately we have been seeing more and more of this behavior lately. But not to mistaken, most of the time it isn’t the peace officers fault. This time is m regret to say that it is. She had given the right name, she did stop talking when told to, she did question the officer which is not against the law. In fact the law that was broken was a violation of civil rights. I didn’t make the laws, nor did the officer. It’s kinda hard to watch a officer in our beautiful town act so unprofessional. She acted very out of her scope. I highly doubt this is protocol at the police academy Matter fact I know it isn’t. Friends with a lot of the training officers. Most of which are good people. Ms. Luna. Words of wisdom, from this point on , document any call, don’t talk on social media and keep your ears s open for further harassment. But if you want to make something of this, be quite, reserve your right to be silent and have your attorney win this case for you. Then sing like a bird

  • I am far from racist… I have mixed children! Does the demoninatin really matter? Yeah, no!! Acting a fool and blaming others for your bad behavior is not acceptable!!! Race has nothing to do with it!! You want to be a “big girl”, so act accordingly!! This girl is still a child, and is trying to act grown! I moved out at 17 and started my family, I never would never have acted like this, EVER!! STILL WOULDN’T!!!

  • innocent bystander

    I am being completely honest here……this girl (Luna) really did nothing to deserve for officer Jackson to get so upset regarding the girls name. The girl (Luna) seems to be trying to explain her last name to officer Jackson and the officer just in a split second decides she is under arrest and starts yanking her out of the vehicle. This was handled very poorly on officer Jackson’s part. I did not see anything that justifies any of this. Shame on Officer Jackson…….If this were my daughter you can bet I would be slapping a lawsuit on the officer.

    • I’m no law student, but as far as i understand; Having two intoxicated minors in the vehicle, if you are stopped; the passengers can indeed be charged with public intoxication should the officer deem it necessary under the law. Public intox, minor in possession, minor in consumption are all things they could be charged for here.
      As soon as the officer determined Luna to be intoxicated, this allows her to request some form of identification; when luna started arguing with the officer; this gave the officer the right to take her into custody for public intoxication for not providing the proper name; and for being argumentative.
      Under California law, failure to provide proper identification when dealing with a misdemeanor offense can be grounds for arrest as we saw with the Daniele Watts case in LA.

      When Luna started resisting, she pretty much threw out all chances of winning this fight, and has instead turned it into a smear campaign.

      I had a good laugh when she started playing the race card, black, white, purple or yellow, whatever color; doing this would’ve gotten you arrested.

    • So you would support your daughter drinking at age 20, giving partial information to an officer of the law and then not only being completely disrespectful but also outright refusing to do what an officer asked? She was told to step out of the car. She did not. This girl is looking for attention and money for bad behavior. If my child did something like this I would be ashamed and hope he/she learned a lesson. It’s crazy that you would sue someone because your child acted like an entitled brat. Guess that’s part of what’s wrong with society today.

    • you have to take in consideration that the other minor involved that was hanging out of the sunroof on the freeway also provided the police officer with false identification and assaulted the police officer. It’s no wonder why her patients for such blither blather was running a little thin.

  • Stop the nonsense

    Kym, why do you not include anything negative about the accused 20 year-old? She boasted about pulling this officer’s hair publicly. She also included a partial name to an officer looking her up in a database. She also called the officer a “white b*&(*” which is in itself racially charged. She was under the legal drinking age and did not do what was asked of her. In addition, they issued a seatbelt ticket to the driver of the car so you cannot say that they didn’t get the “white” driver’s name. Please don’t link the Lawson case to this girl’s arrest. Honestly, she says herself she wanted to go viral and “can’t afford” Stanford. She’s looking for publicity and money. She deserves neither.

  • Everyone, calm down.

    “Can’t we all just get along?”
    -Rodney King

    “Serenity now!”
    -Frank Castanza

    “I’m selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best.”
    -Marilyn Monroe

  • I’m not a big fan of the local police, but I don’t particularly see them doing much wrong here. The first officer could have been a bit more polite, but given the distinct lack of politeness she was given, it’s quite understandable. Only problem I see is they could use a bit more unarmed combat training – shouldn’t have let a skinny brat get you to where you need two officers to restrain her. If you get yourself drunk and act like an idiot, people aren’t going to be nice to you. The second officer actually showed quite a bit of restraint asking to let go of the first officer’s hair instead of using escalating force. And if you’re going to attack a cop, you’d better be prepared to do it properly, not with a toddler-level hissy fit.

    The real question is, as always, why the fuck does our culture around here glorify alcohol consumption? While this girl is obviously at fault for this incident, it doesn’t change the fact that they came from an event that exists mostly to serve alcohol, and was advertised by all the local media as doing so, complete with articles about the drama involved in selecting which alcohol vendors would be used. The root cause of this incident is social acceptance of alcohol consumption, and idiocy like this will keep happening until that’s fixed. At least she wasn’t driving.

    Oh, and every time a white cop arrests a non-white brat, it’s not racism. In order to be racism, you have to show it was _because_ of her race. And not, say, because of the tons of other actual reasons. Trying to claim it was racism (I refuse to type “racial bias” every time) is just a tactic to try to pretend she was given unfair treatment despite all the evidence otherwise. If anything, there’s a much stronger argument that the brat had a something against white people…

  • I think this was all deserved, the officer may have not been the most professional, but we fail to see the first half of the traffic stop. From what i can see, Luna was definitely in the wrong.

    I’m no law student, but as far as i know. Any passengers in a vehicle, that become argumentative or disruptive can be charged with public intoxication. These girls, could’ve also gone for minor in possession, and minor in consumption. As soon as the officer determined that Luna was also intoxicated, it required her to produce a ID of some sort, or be arrested. Failure to provide her proper name, and arguing with the officer, she probably could of gotten away with it, had she not resisted arrest.

    Refusing to provide identification or providing false identification, in regards to a misdemeanor; will lead to arrest.

    But she threw all her chances away, of winning a legal battle as soon as she resisted arrest.

    Also, I think it was pretty low and disrespectful of her to throw out the race card. Black, white, purple, orange, yellow, chicken; doing this would’ve gotten them arrested.

  • Is that the only photo you could find of her. She looks like she primed for her 15 minutes of fame.

  • I’m sure her fellow clueless millennial friends are rooting her on to victory against the whitey cop. Go Mexican sista. Go. For all those youngsters saying cops are pigs and they don’t have to say shit to cops or do what cops want them to. Think again. Your life may depend on it. Use this video in classes to show people how not to behave. Do parents not teach their children respect anymore?

  • I could hardly watch the entire video, it was so infuriating. Law enforcement in this country is so full of itself and its power. It reminds me of Cartman in South Park “Respect my authoritay.” So the campus cops managed to turn a good deed – Luna calling a friend to take her and her other friend who was intoxicated home – into a full-fledged fight on the sidewalk and a multi-charge arrest of a young woman who was doing nothing more than helping someone who had put herself in a bad situation.

    Of course Luna wants to be a lawyer. I imagine she wants to have a way to fight back against the inept self-important bullying that we saw in the video. We’ve got a campus cop in the big time now, off campus working with “real” cops, and so we see an example of her “community policing” in action. She picks a fight with a girl who is younger, weaponless, and without any way to successfully resist her bullying. As usual we see the cops pile on their victim until they have either beaten her into submission or restrained her so she can no longer defend herself. Thankfully she seems to have been spared the often seen post-arrest beating. But how can Sgt Jackson go back to the campus now and face the students- contemporaries of her victim – and hope to have their trust. I hope the chief can find counseling for her because this arrest is going to be a dark mark on her record. She should really consider if she can continue in her profession without coming to terms with what she did to Luna.

    It gives me something of a lift to read that a lawyer has offered to consider defending her pro-bono. At least a member of my profession is doing something to mitigate police bullying. More power to her. And congratulations to the passenger in the car who videoed the police attack. Sometimes I think the smart phone is the greatest means of showing the truth that has come along in decades. Everyone has one, and video after video exposes law enforcement wrong doing.

    Many of your commenters have put the blame on the victim. That’s a sad commentary on the state of our rights in America these days. For those who are not simply trolls, perhaps they should really think through what they have seen and read about the attack on this young woman and reconsider what they have posted.

    • You’re the exact problem! You’re a liberal hippy f authority no matter what the situation! Shame on you!

      • Actually, I’m a lawyer who does a lot of criminal defense and has some experience in sizing up situations. There are facts I don’t know about this case, of course, which may come out if it goes to court. I see allegations that Luna has been arrested for PC 148 (resisting arrest) previously, I see allegations that Sgt Jackson has been rough with women before. No evidence so far for either, and in any case the most important evidence is what happened in this case. The video may be incomplete, and perhaps the officer’s body cam will reveal new facts. Love to see it posted by Kym. I wouldn’t say f authority every time, but I would say question it. The saddest post in this whole series has been Kim’s about her talk with her son. It’s similar to the talk black parents have with their children. To quote our President, “Sad”.

    • Thanks neighbor. As usual you’re right on the money!

    • Ed, what you might not realize is the other passenger in the car, the minor that was hanging out of the sunroof, also provided the officer with false identification and then assaulted the officer and was arrested prior to the beginning of the video.

      • The passenger sticking her head up through the sunroof seems to have been the cause of the stop. Is sticking your head through the sunroof illegal? Stranger laws have been passed, but I’m not aware that it is. But even if it is, I am aware that being at the scene of a crime is not a crime, and I don’t see where the Sgt gets off bullying Luna. At that point Luna has not assaulted the officer, and has not stuck her head out of the sunroof. She’s just a passenger in the car. I don’t know if the Sgt was told that the driver was taking the sunroof girl home at Luna’s request but it does seem that the Sgt did not know what the situation she was “investigating” was, and was unable to ask the simple questions that would reveal it.

        • Only if she can do it with her seatbelt on. She’d had to be Alice eating the wonderland drugs to do that.

  • This girl is an entitled little spoiled mouthy brat! Obey the officer and file a complaint later. She is immature and the exact problem with society and their interactions with law enforcement.

    Stop playing the race card every time you f up! It’s getting old!

  • Jackson has a reputation for being violent against women. Her conduct was reckless and absolutely horrible. No excuse for pulling Luna out of the vehicle in the manner that she did. Jackson escalated the incident & needs to be terminated. If HSU had hired Lt. Steve Knight instead this incident would not have ever occurred.

    • Lt Knight is top rate. I don’t know about his potential for being hired for this job, but they’ d be lucky to have him.

  • As alumni of HSU, my husband and I were shocked by the video.

    As alumni of HSU, Class of 1996 (and my husband graduated Cum Laude), we remembered clearly how the campus police were unprofessional, as well as unhealthy. No student had any trust or confidence in them then. It seems nothing has changed. Typically, the “officer” would overreact to any perceived “challenge to their authority” and would be 100% backed up by the administration…….until the students protested.

    HSU staff and instructors taught us to challenge these heinous acts through peaceful protest. It worked then. I do not think it will work today. Why? Because HSU seems to favor reputation over character. What a sad state of a great institution.

    • Graduating, even with a spouse cum laude as if that mattered to the issue, apparently does not force becoming an adult. You’re right about police posturing but miss the understanding of why it happens, its usefulness and why the University backs them.

  • No huggies for thuggies

    Just because you think your on top of the world with your little “buzz on” after partying with your homies doesn’t mean you can disrespect authority.
    She had plenty of time to get her act together and she still blew it.
    When those lights go on behind you and your confronted with the law that would be the best time to start getting into cooperation mode and remembering your “real” name.
    Being young and intoxicated in public isn’t an excuse to insult and undermine authority. This is exactly the problem with youngens, exactly as shown here in the video. Zero respect for anything let alone rules laws or authority. The good news is that it got attention to show the rest of these liberal weenies how the law is enforced.
    Good job EPD!

    Remember kids, when your pulled over your little games are over! Its been this way forever. This is exactly the way it goes down anywhere in america no matter what ethnicity or skin color you have. Many of us have been there or witnessed this exact same thing go down with white americans , african americans, asians, hispanics, etc.
    Play dumb games reap dumb rewards.
    There wouldn’t have been a word said if a latino officer arrested her. Wonder if she would have been more respectful or more aggressive if it was a latino cop?
    Whats the big deal anyways? We all are aware that no criminal gets held in a Eureka jail for long anyways. The 45 minute inconvenience of book and release worth all this crying over public intoxication? We used to call this a lesson learned, the hard way!

  • The fact that Luna had the phone number of the cop’s son already in her phone as she describes the son calling her to intimidate her implies that they knew each other at least one step more than “former classmates”. By extension this implies that the cop already knew Luna personally from at the least having been friends of some sort with her son. Not much of a stretch to imagine that she was taunting Luna about her last name, knowing well that Luna usually went only by “Luna” for her last name.

    • Samantha Luna specifically stated, as outlined in the article, that she didn’t know that the officer was her schoolmate’s mother. I think it is reasonable to assume that in that case, Sgt. Jackson would not have known Samantha Luna.

    • Sorry but my sons knew a lot of people that I did not know so just because this person had the sons phone number it does not imply that Jackson knew this person.

  • If an officer says “your this close to being arrested for public intoxication,”
    at least appear to be quiet and calm if you are intoxicated, and they may let you go, then stay home until you’re sober;
    if your not intoxicated at least appear to keep quiet and calm and as soon as you can, go to the police department
    the officer works at and explain your side to the commanding officer on duty.

    What do you think?

  • time to put your big girl panties on Luna, can’t believe I wasted my time watching this . On to better humboldt news ……..

  • Hobo-Joe, that girl most likely has a higher IQ than you and all your ancestors combined. I’ve heard the “one inch from going to jail” speech before when asking police to explain their actions. Bullies make very poor public servants and that is what an officer of the law is paid to be.

    • Police are there to counteract the mass of civilian bullies. This is the job they are hired to do and it is simply more efficient and safer for everyone else for that to happen. That you think that police need to be respectful of those bullies is way off. Civility is a mutual process. Although I have had occasion to object to a particular policeman, I have never been bullied as I never attempted my own bullying. Disagree yes but not with spite. I have never heard the “one inch speech” you seem to have heard.

      Frankly your first comment shows with side of the bullying spectrum you inhabit and will probably be edited by Kym.


    • Again, bullies make very common clients of the police. And they object to receiving their own behavior back at them.
      There’s this common thread among them that they, not being paid, are free to be whatever kind of ads they choose while they demand that those paid just stand there and take it.

      Standing between bullies and the rest of us is what the police are hired to do and bullies are rarely willing to give way without being confronted in a way that gets through their thick heads. They tend to never see themselves as creating the problem.

  • Allan Dollison, a former DA, gives an interesting analysis of the criminal issues presented by what we now know, on John Chiv’s Words Worth blog. I recommend reading it if you are wondering about the legalities of the situation.

  • If you weren’t there then you can’t make judgements based on a biased video. This spoiled little b**** needs to have the book thrown at her. And the cop needs to be commended.

  • Even though she has obtained a lawyer, who is working pro bono, Ms. Luna has a gofundme set up for “legal” expenses. She will learn nothing from her inappropriate actions. Whether the cop escalated this incident , this girl behaved terribly. If she gets away with this, with no consequences, she will continue to make poor choices and manipulate situations to her own benefit. Very sad. I would like to know what her parents think about this. The comments on Facebook are appalling. A generation of youth with no regard for law enforcement. Very sad indeed.

  • Jenifer Muñoz Vladivia yes, but there is also no reason for the officer to batter and arrest a woman who broke no laws prior to being arrested “public intoxication” while in a car driven by a sober person ON THE WAY HOME is not a justifiable charge, “false identification” by giving an accurate drivers license number and birthdate, but failing to say her middle name, and “battery” when the officer DRAGGED her out of a car for no justifiable reason. This grumpy [edit] and her threatening agro son need to get over themselves and accept that her career is rightfully fucking over.

    • Back up the boat

      This video was heavily edited to show you and everyone else exactly what Ms Luna wanted everyone to see. Poor me. I was assaulted by a racist cop. How do you know she didn’t break any laws? Were you there? Everyone is being easily manipulated by a young woman who obviously has no shame. Just like how Trump has manipulated all his followers. Why don’t you and everyone else wait and see what all the evidence is before bashing anyone. People are stupid. Really, really stupid.

  • Cannot roll my eyes at this enough

    So glad I no longer live in Humboldt County. So many stupid people defending the criminal girl. She was drunk (& underage) and belligerent. I hope the DA throws the book at her and teaches her a strong lesson about not being an entitled jerk. So sorry the officer had to deal with her.

  • None of this would have occurred if the woman had just left her attitude at home and complied. Yes, mexicans usaully have two last names but what is on your DL? You don’t give your preferred name, you give what’s on your DL. It is like saying you’ve never actually seen or memorized what your name on your ID is. I call bs.

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