(Listen) Former Murder Suspect Sues Arcata, County Paying $3.5 Million After Jail Death; Other Top Stories

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Humboldt Last Week, Episode 86

Former Murder Suspect Sues Arcata, Says Cops Defamed Him While Investigating Death of HSU Student (7:12)

“I had a law professor look over his entire complaint,” said North Coast Journal Editor Thadeus Greenson. “Both because he was representing himself to look at it for potential filing errors… and then also to really look at the substance of his allegations in the lawsuit.”

County Settles Lawsuit Over Death in Jail Sobering Cell for $3.5 Million (16:51)

“…It’s really hard to make a judgement on this case unless you’ve really taken a good look at all the facts,” said Greenson. “I would just say as a reporter having watched the entire video of Mr. Borges’ last hours from the time that Eureka police picked him up to the time that he stopped moving in a sobering cell, it gave me a much different picture than I had going in.”

  • Currently Tied Politicians Too Busy to Say Nice Things About Each Other
  • Council to Decide on More Potential Retail Cannabis Shops in Eureka This Week
  • Calfire Says PG&E Lines to Blame for a Number of Deadly Fires Last Year, PG&E Says They Met Overall Standards
  • Inmates Further Accuse Former Jail Officer, Child Molestation Suspect
  • Potential Sizzla Show in Humboldt Once Again Sizzles Out Over Homophobic Lyrics
  • Sara Bareilles Hosts Tony Awards, Helps Eureka High
  • Reddits Reminds Us About a Serial Killer’s Shocker at the Sheriff’s Office in the 90s
  • Alex Cappa Off to a Good NFL Start With Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • McKinleyville Mom Still Detained by Immigration Officers After Seven Months
  • Other Top Stories

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  • Kym, do you know where we could get this as a ‘read’ (transcript or something akin to close caption)? Thanks in advance!

    • I’m sorry. I don’t. If there is something you need to know this once, I’m sure Myles would help you.

      • no ‘needs’, just ‘wants’. Thank you! I appreciate it. But if you want to mention it to Myles 🙂 about an option to this resource.

        • Hey Shel! Thanks for your question about a transcript. While I usually do show notes, I often break from them so getting a transcript together would be very time consuming. And after briefly looking at some options for transcription services, it appears that route would be too costly. But if you ever have questions about content feel free to reach out to me 🙂

          • Thanks, I understand totally. Not asking/demanding special privilege. I greatly appreciate just getting to read what is here when I can and if there was an option.

  • toohonestforyouliberalswoossies

    who even spares a split second to care about some dead crazy tweaker kid…without doubt, the community, the human race, the entire planet is way better off without another liability being a permanent burden…so thanks mum and dad for producing a broken one, releasing it onto the streets to endanger the general public and then fleasing honest tax payers by blaming your resposibilty on law officers who are just trying to get through their day, do their job and get back to their families…the parents are to blame, enjoy your millions for bearing shitty offspring

    • Sure there are losey parents who shouldn’t be rasing kids. But, there are many wonderful parents who have raised wonderful addtions to our society and still have that one kid who was born with a different set of genes. Sometimes the only person to blame is the person itself and the choices they made.

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