HSU Hosting Town Hall Meeting to Answer Questions About Proposed Village Housing Facility

This is a press release from Humboldt State University:

Humboldt State University HSU ThumbnailOn Monday, June 18, Humboldt State University will host a town hall meeting to answer questions about the University’s plan to operate the proposed Village Housing facility.

The meeting will be in the Great Hall (College Creek complex) from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Community members are invited to attend, and parking will be free for guests. To access parking, turn south from Harpst onto Rossow streets and park in lot G12 (there will be designated reserved parking spaces).

In attendance will be Doug Dawes (HSU Vice President for Administration and Finance), Stephen St. Onge (HSU Director of Housing and Residence Life), Todd Larsen (HSU Associate Director for Business Operations), Chant’e Catt (HSU Student Housing Advocate), and David Moon (Project Developer).

The agenda includes a brief presentation on the operational plan for the Village project by HSU staff and a question and answer period.



  • Taurus Ballzhoff

    One certainly hopes that HSU is behind increasing housing for it’s over-enrolled student body, and soon!

    Remember, there are many choices for students today! You don’t have to go to a school in a backwards town in a remote area, and then sleep in your car, since there is no housing!

    Demand that the University enroll fewer students or provide adequate housing! If HSU can’t provide for or support student housing, go to school somewhere else!

    Write to Jerry Brown and weigh in on this!

  • Great idea. Please go to school somewhere else.

  • Why do you let hsu run Arcata?

  • HSU relies on the low tier C grade students from the southern and valley regions of the state to fill enrollment quotas. Many of these kids only come here because they can’t get in their preferred schools due to poor grades. Now HSU wants more land to spread this population into so that they can “grow” enrollment and serve their master, the cash hungry CSU system as a whole. I dream of HSU becoming independent and getting back to the small class sizes and quality teachers available to personally meet with students that it was known for when i attended. After the last two presidents have done the chencellor’s bidding, the
    school is just not what it used to be. The football program fiasco, the way the town has been caught up in the death of one student at a party at 3 a.m. (momma didn’t raise him too well to have made a decision to be partying at that hour but now she is suing Arcata likebthey killed him… what’s load of excrement) and generally not being aware of how this community operates shows her ineptness. Now they are trying to grab territory across the 101.

    • Why does Arcata and hsu put up with these parties? Seems that a few years ago they would have shut them down. No one complains? Quit catering to hsu!

    • Your comment turned from productive to heinous really quickly. You’re talking about a student who was stabbed to death, had his case thrown out due to shotty police work, who’s murder is still unsolved over a year later.

  • Liz, you’re truly amazing!

  • Liz, you’re a truly amazing woman!

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