Danniel, the Tallest Living Steer, Died

Today, Danniel, the Giant Steer, died. The internationally famous animal garnered a great deal of attention with his 6’4″ height. He was the tallest living steer and he was raised in Ferndale.

Lost Coast Hay that had been hosting the enormous critter announced the sad news today.




  • No!!! Atleast you had a good life with people that loved you…thanks for sharing your greatness with us.

  • But hamburger is fine.

    RIP tall DANNIEL. I wish that vets, hay farmers, fire fighters, and blog writers cared about all cows as much as they cared about you.

  • I’m so sad:(

    Danniel was a beloved community pet. We took our grandson to visit Danniel, and he loved petting and talking to him. RIP Danniel; thank you for bringing smiles and joy to our community.

  • Now both of Ferndale’s giant cows have died. May they rest in peace in greener pastures.

  • Are we gonna eat him?

    • I was totally going to ask that, but then I felt like a dick lol wish I knew about him before this I would like to have seen him.

  • The cow was a Holstein Breed, natural pulled [ no horns ] known for their milk production and the meat is good also. Breed with a Black Angus makes a superior breed. I know Jerseys cows are great milk producers and the meat is delicious but the fat has a yellow color that turns people off, so it is not profitable to raise and sell, but a young Jersey Steer , 1 year old, has the best flavor. if you get a chance to eat Jersey go ahead ,you are in for a treat.

    • I believe you mean “Polled” not ‘pulled’.

      I have never seen yellow fatted Jersey meat but their milk is of high butter fat content which is more yellow than their milk. Is that what you mean or the meat fat? Maybe the yellow is due to slaughter and cure/hang time?

      Angus are meat animals. Holstein are usually dairy related with the steers being sent off for meat. I am not aware of any crossing between the Holstein and Angus. If you could point me to your sources that would be great as I have never read nor seen such about their pedigree (Holsteins) as being crossed with beef angus. Not being smart aleck, just I raised dairy heifers for college money when I was a kid and won FFA awards, part of which we had to give talks to the panel about the animal breeds.

  • How old was Daniel?

  • If all the vegans dummies realize that they consumed milk as babies and children you’d be forever scarred. Milk is rape you ravenous turds. Hamburger is delicious. RIP sweet Danniel. We had two encounters. Once at the zoo and another at lost coast hay. The sweet look you gave me. I’m sorry I couldn’t do more to help you live another 100 years. My soul is forever crushed by your passing.

    • How do you get milk is rape?

    • milk is a noun.

    • Milk is rape eh, that’s a new one, probably be on cnn or Fox next week.

      • I had a friend who said that once- her point was the the goat (in this case) was bred so that she would produce milk and had no choice about it. I did not tell her that I could guarantee what the goat’s choice was. Just try keeping them not pregnant when there’s a buck around. It’s not just a choice. It’s a mania to get pregnant, overcoming fences, stalls and anything else in the way.

  • I’m sorry Christy ♡ beck

  • I was waiting for Daniel and his smaller cow friend to grace the roadside pasture by lost coast hay with their magnificence again this summer. My family and I love that animal the store and the family there.

  • Here is a fun video about Daniel.


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