Two Sent to Hospital/Maple Hills Road Closed After Pickup Careens Across Freeway and Onto Frontage Road

Accident on Maple Hills Road.

Accident on Maple Hills Road. [Photo by Leland Salomon]

Two people are in the hospital after the southbound pickup they were in on Hwy 101 near Miranda traveled across lanes and over the embankment and crashed onto Maple Hills Road. The accident occurred at approximately 5:39 a.m.

About 20 gallons of fuel and oil spilled on the roadway. The road is closed and people are being asked to use the north Salmon Creek exit for now.

Please remember that information gathered from initial reports is subject to revision as more facts become available.


Sandbagged: Occupants of Pickup Crash Injured/Maple Hills Road Closed Because of Cargo Spill



  • 101 from Miranda to weott/redcrest is seriously under some creepy curse . Let’s just lower speed limit through there back to 55.. it follows too many long bends in the river and road engineering is probably off.

    • I agree, I live above that stretch and can’t believe the number of dead and wounded that section of 101 has produced.

    • Yes, even though thousands drive the road safely every day, I’m sure its the roads fault, and not suicidal/homicidal drivers speeding. BTW- Speeding IS the cause of most fatalities.
      Now you know!

    • I agree. Weird feeling going thru Redcrest 101 to Miranda. Also Confusion Hill and south a few miles. My feeling, anyway 😊

  • Do we have menehunes directing traffic in this area? Wide, 4-lane stretch of highway and folks keep swerving off the road. Mark

    • Oh the laughter!!!


    • Menehunes been hanging around hear and their between salmon creek and p-ville benbow grade and by the peg house highwayhunes from the gutter they eat pupus any kind brah be careful sleepy time zones stay up and be cool no road rage

  • This section is seriously cursed….Kym can you do some quick research and see how many wrecks have occurred here in the last five years? Here is what I know:
    Dennis Wendt and friends involved in fatal wreck last year? two years ago?
    Car wreck about a year ago no fatalities, injuries.
    Car wreck earlier this year with two fatalities, both were girls known to Josiah Lawson (Arcata).
    This wreck from yesterday.

    • What about 7 years ago when it was icy. A massive head on collision happened there. Spooky part is one of the only survivors said while they were in the car there was “someone” saying “I’m sorry,I’m sorry” but there was no one else there…until ems showed up

    • Caveman rides fast metal beast

      Hmm…Ghosts, or people not respecting the risks of driving? Up north a ways people are just cruising from one town to another, pretty close to one another. Once you pass Scotia, You are usually comitting to a longer drive even just to Garberville. You might have been high and drunk leaving Eureka, but you are gonna be sleepy by the time you hit the Avenue. Driving sober in the afternoons, I frequently get drowsey somewhere around Redcrest, I’ve been driving for 45 min. or so by that point, and have another hour or so to go.
      When checking the statistics, compare with Richardson Grove. I’ll bet that stretch is a little more “cursed”

  • Nothing wrong with the engineering or the speed limit. Stupid people and you can’t fix stupid. Well, you can, but it’s illegal.

  • Bulgiarian beef stew

    80% of drivers in humboldt are under some sort of influence, alcohol, drugs and pharmaceuticals.
    Literally the worst county in the country full of junkies and criminals.

  • I drive this stretch of highway fairly frequently and am constantly amazed by how fast people drive, the unsafe lane changes, tailgating, etc. I set the cruise control at 65-70MPH and people blow by me like I’m standing still. I don’t think this stretch of road has an engineering problem so much as a people problem.

  • I’ve driven the maple hills road all my life, in the last 3 years it’s been raining cars from the freeway.The scary part is as much as I’m very aware of my surroundings while driving the last place you’d think to look for an incoming car is up. I’m suprised with as many has shot off there lately that no one has been hit from above.Cars will continue to wreck but with the recent amount of them coming down I’d say it’s time to put in a heavier barrier up above before some unwitting driver is crushed below 🤓

  • Damn that thing is Scary fu#ked up

  • I drive Maple Hills 3-5 times a day and it’s seriously stressful to have to think about a car wrecking on top of me. The highway up above is actually a straight section. Road is cursed or drivers are really stupid.? This is the 4th that I can remember. There was a Sheriff car about 3 years ago, Wendt, the white dodge, the Van, and now today.

  • Keep your vehicle on the right side of the roadway with the rubber side down. It’s not that hard.

  • I have to agree that there is something seriously weird about the stretch of 101 between Miranda and Redcrest. I have lived near Weott for 15 years, and as soon as we moved in we noticed how many wrecks happened on the highway close to the exit there.

  • The scary thought I have is that people who fly off the road there get found because there is a frontage road below. I sometimes wonder how many missing people are within 200 feet of a road way on the down hill side. Just hidden from view by trees, water and the like.

    Please drive careful. And I wish the survivors of this crash a swift recovery.

  • Almost all of these accidents are the result of drivers falling asleep.. and in both directions..

  • Drive fast and take chances.

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