Sandbagged: Occupants of Pickup Crash Injured/Maple Hills Road Closed Because of Cargo Spill

Accident on Maple Hills Road.

Accident on Maple Hills Road. [Photo by Leland Salomon]

This is a press release from the California Highway Patrol. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

On 06/15/2018, at approximately 0535 hours,  Troy Smith of West Sacramento, CA was driving a 2003 GMC Sierra south on US-101 north of the French Rd. under-crossing.  For reasons still under investigation, Smith allowed the GMC to travel off the east roadway edge of US-101 and down the tree covered embankment. While traveling down the embankment the GMC collided with a tree. The GMC continued in an easterly direction towards Maple Hills Rd. The GMC then collided with the roadway were it over turned, the cab of the GMC detached from the frame and came to rest within the roadway of Maple Hills Rd. As a result of the collision, Troy Smith sustained suspected moderate injuries. The passenger in the GMC, Robert Smith of West Sacramento, CA also sustained suspected moderate injuries. Both parties were transported to St. Joesph Hospital in Eureka, CA by City Ambulance of Eureka. Additionally, the GMC had been hauling a load of sand bags which spilled into the roadway on Maple Hills Rd. causing a full closure of Maple Hills Rd. for approximately two (2) hours.

Cal Fire, Redway Volunteer Fire, Miranda Volunteer Fire, and Redwood Towing all responded to the scene and assisted the California Highway Patrol during this incident.

This incident remains under investigation by the Garberville CHP Office and alcohol or drugs does not appear to be a factor.

Earlier Chapter: Two Sent to Hospital/Maple Hills Road Closed After Pickup Careens Across 



  • alcohol or drugs do not seem to be a factor but green rush syndrome appears to be an underlying cause of laspe of judgement.

  • I wonder how much the sandbags er… ‘weighed’ ????

  • alcohol or drugs do not seem to be a factor… Just Basic stupidity more than likely !!!

  • Hope they will be ok. For all y’all know it alls may or may not know maybe a deer jumped out in front of them or some other animal. Maybe the driver had a medical emergency. Tales abound about drivers swerving to avoid a hazard and ending up out of control and crashed. Hope it never happens to you or someone close to you. 5-ish in the morning the suicidal deer are definitely out and about jumping into moving vehicles. Been there done that

    • You’re more likely to survive and not cause a bigger accident if you just slam into the deer and try to stay in your lane (if that was the case, of course!).

      • I agree, had to stop just North of Willits once…doing 55…deer jumped onto road and stopped….Husband has schooled me for years, don’t swerve! GREAT brakes, phew! I actually stopped, the deer lived, and got a peace sign from other drivers, JUST because I caused no problems by swerving! Admit closed eyes last second , cuz I really thought we we’re going to hit her….the deer come out of NOWHERE!

  • I know this has something to do with growing weed but what’s the sand for?

    • Diverting flow of water?

        • No [edit]. They work for a party place, the sandbags are for the bounce houses. How do you just assume it has to do with weed? What does that say about you that your mind automatically went there? Judge mental jackasses. Don’t speak on shit you don’t know about. And respond saying some more disrespectful shit about my brothers, we can certainly go back and forth. Go mind your own business and take care of your damn selves

    • This has nothing to do with growing weed. They were driving a company vehicle. Who cares what the sand may have or have not been, 2 young men are lucky to be alive tonight. And those 2 young men happen to be my sons. Thanks for your judgements

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      And how do you know that, pray tell?

  • Sand bags hold down tarps great no rips

  • So scary …the cab detached from the frame !!! Glad these boys are okay & get to go home to their families ❤️

  • John North Willys

    excuse me but I couldn’t bear to read this story — car crash , sand bags ? — what the ?? — little johnny stole the chickens ?? — where is this — MAYBERRY , RFD ???

  • Sounds like the people of salmon Creek got, ummm, sandbagged!

  • More likely dicking around with a phone

    • Assumptions assumptions!!! Y’all better hope and pray that this doesn’t happen to you or a loved one of yours!! These young men (my nephews) happened to be on their way to work when this accident happened… nothing to do with marijuana as most of you presumed!! Stop being so judgemental sheesh!! May god bless all of you NEGATIVE NANCYS AND NORMANS!!

  • You people and your coments there were sandbags because they were working at a sober graduation the night before and sandbags are what their boss had them hual they are to hold down the BOUNCE HOUSES ! T HEY ARE MY NEPHEWS AND I DON’T APPRECIATE ALL THIS JUDGEMENT BULL SHIT WOW …Those kids are hard working young man trying to make an honest living try not to be so judgmental wow wow

  • To the family of the two young men. I am thankful they survived and may they recover quickly from their injuries. Thank them for being hardworking men! I am saddened to read the caustic comments and slanderous comments from folks reguarding the accident. Please know not all of the folks in our community jump to the most unpleasant assumptions and may your family have a blessing filled summer.

  • I glad them young men are ok and for the people saying stupid stuff you dont have to be hauling anything to make a stupid comment thar are still hard working people in this world and thank God for that because if thar wasn’t us people that are less fortunate would be in a world of hurt i know i done my shar of hard labor and my poor body is paying for it big time thank you young men for being hard working and specially glad you boys are going to be ok what injurys you have let them heal well soon

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