Charges Against Only Suspect in Disappearance of Khadijah Britton Reduced

Khadijah Britton Negie Fallis

Khadijah Britton and Negie Fallis.

The Mendocino Voice reports that charges against Negie Fallis, the only suspect in the disappearance of Khadijah Britton have been reduced. Fallis is expected to appear in court today at 10 a.m. to face the last charge remaining against him–that of being a felon in possession of a firearm

The Voice reports that “Mendocino County District Attorney David Eyster dropped the charges of domestic violence and kidnapping, during a court proceeding on Monday.”

For more on their excellent coverage of the story, go here.

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  • I’m sad for Khadijah’s family. I hope they get resolution soon.

    • Agreed 250% it looks like this guy is going to get away with Murder, literally!!! Sad s(h)ituation for a fact!!! If on the exceedingly rare chance he didn’t kill her, then I hope they get their collective heads out of their collective Anuses & find whomever did!!! This poor woman’s spirit is likely stuck here til they find & convict whoever actually did it!!!

  • How awful for her family. Heartbreaking!

  • Maybe (hopefully) it is a strategy so they can develop the case further for better likelihood of conviction of the person who is responsible for her disappearance.

  • I grew up with both of her parents. He is a worthless Piece of Sh*@ and I believe justice will come. I am trying to remain positive for her parents. They need to find her so they can take him down. ARGH!

  • Jesus…LOOK at that guy. Throat tattoo and all.


    Wow! Unbelievable! Now I know who NOT to vote for next election. I can’t believe they are basically letting him go scot free.
    I feel so horrible for her family.

    • Oh the laughter!!!

      No body. No crime.
      Blaming the DA is childish.
      Whether you like it or not, there are rules & laws.

      • Correct, it’s called habeas corpus and like the man says you need a body or someone that witnessed an actual killing. Mere kidnapping is not enough. Hopefully the perp, whoever it is, will end his own life through some stupid act or another. But a trial and conviction as well as finding the remains is the least the parents deserve.

        • Habeas corpus means to present the arrested person for court action, not a body. It’s used to get someone out on bail or to release them if there is not sufficient evidence.

          It is very possible to determine that a person in “eminent peril” is deceased. It’s more difficult and presents problems with establishing criteria for various charges but it’s not that unusual.

  • Kym, if you feel this comment violates your policies, please accept my apology.

    I do not want to advocate violence but the following is true…

    The threat of death is what it took to find the body of Garrett Rodriguez. The killer gave it up when the vigilantes proved they would shoot him. The family got some closure but no justice. No charges were filed. I assume that legally, information tortured out of a kidnapped person can’t be used against him in court.

    I hope this family gets closure and justice without further violence.

    I’d also love to see justice for the Rodriguez family.

    And for Bob the Builder.

    And for Hugh Duggins.

    And for Matthew Dix.

    And for Christine Walters.

    And for Shiela Franks.

    And for Danielle Bertolini.

    And for Karen Mitchell.

    And for Jennifer Wilmer.

    And for Stephanie Gawboy.

    And for Salvatore Riccobono.

    And for the others I’m forgetting.

  • While all you anti pot idiots are supporting the eradication efforts a real crime took place by a local not a green rusher and that had nothing to do with cannabis and the law can’t find a possible murder victim or prosecute the low life scum bag that did it . What a waste of space that guy is look at that total piece of shit coward that murdered a nice young girl , what a coward . So even for you anti cannabis people maybe you can see now what a waste of time and money eradication is when the prices are dropping people are moving away and the economy of the emerald triangle will be the worst it’s ever been . Imagine those big teams of eradicators putting all those Hours into searching for her and investigating the murders in these areas . I d like to see a convoy or a huge list of departments looking for her every day like they do when they are cutting down a stupid plant . The worst properties I’ve seen are the local born and bred non cannabis related property’s that let people and them selves dump trash and junk on there properties and have never been to a dump ever but live there for forty years . It just takes one dumb idiot uneducated on proper fishing etiquette to walk down a creek and catch all the steelhead and take them home for supper and then there s no steelhead in the creek . Seen it . It just takes one idiot to ruin it for everybody . So take that big eradication convoy to covelo and find that damn girl and throw all the scum involved into jail where they belong . Humboldts half ass legal commercial program is about ten years late and is poorly setup and set to small of limits if they want to compete with the rest of the state that are allowing 2 million square feet of grow space . No one to blame but the people in charge who never take responsibility for anything but want all the glory. Sorry to say no one cares about the humboldt name when they go to a store to buy cannabis . They want what looks good smells good taste good and is cheap . Wich can be produced anywhere . The emerald triangle s economy will disappear . Humboldt name was popular when it was the only main area cannabis was produced now it’s produced absolutely everywhere else also . With that being said quit the waste of time and go solve some of the many many unsolved murders.

    • All you pot apologists should realize that that not prosecuting illegal pot grows would not make a body appear. And that you can’t search everywhere no matter what man power you throw at it. This is not a tv crime drama. And you should also realize that even scum, maybe especially scum, have the same rights when it comes to being arrested you would want if someone comes to arrest you.

  • This area has a long list of unsolved murders and missing people who were very probably murdered. May there be closure and justice for the families of:

    Khadijah Britton
    Garrett Rodriguez
    Stephanie Gawboy
    Bob the Builder Tennison
    Hugh Duggins
    Salvatore Riccobono
    Matthew Dix
    Christine Walters
    Sheila Franks
    Danielle Bertolini
    Jennifer Wilmer
    …and all the others.

  • What happens on the res stays on the res…..

  • Oh the laughter!!!

    Hopefully he will be sentenced to the allowable maximum time which might give investigators time to find her body so they can procede with more charges.

  • Alt Right For Life

    He will brag and trip himself up.

  • Nothing beats an ugly neck tat to prove where you usually live.

  • I’m sad about endless crimes like this against women and the community and law enforcement that actually don’t care that much and even worse resort to blaming the victim. This guy, reducing the charges seems counterintuitive. And no way to get a confession or more info ..
    He likely acted bullish, selfish, controlling and mean (to animals and women) as a rule , so look for red flags ladies!!! Get out before he destroys your sweet light, and possibly your life . 🙁

  • Meth monster. Unfortunately Covelo, like most emerald triangle towns, has many.

  • If prosecutors bring charges with a poor chance of a jury convicting him then he’s acquitted, he will indeed have gotten away with it. What they need is enough evidence that will hold up. It would be better not to bring the charges as long as the statute of limitations allows until they can find enough.

    Dismissing charges hopefully does not mean the case is no longer being developed. Or forgotten.

    • The fact remains that DA Eyster has gone easy on violent crime over and over again. That’s criminal.

  • Mendocino Mamma

    Seriously…drag a woman out of a house at GUNPOINT. Hitting her and telling her you are going to kill her in front of witnesses. Then she is never seen or heard from again. To not call that kidnapping how??? It fits the definition. Is not a person thought to be deceaseds testimony undisputed? The hammer attack statements are solid, witnesses there too just unbelievable.

  • Clean the Cobwebs MCSO

    If it was a wealthy white girl from Ukiah I can guarantee the County Sheriff Allman and County Da Eyster would have already figured this one out. But it is a poor family from Covelo, rememeber what Sheriff Allman said when the jury Acquited Bear Lincoln….. more proof tbe Mendo Sheriff and DA only care about pot assett forfeiture, they could care less about penniless indigenous women……. Same thing happened with the Indian girl from Laytonville….. swept under the rug and forgot about! Time to clean up the MCSO And Clean out the old cobwebs likewise


    Allman needs to take the Million plus dollars annually spent on eradication and the twns of thousands of hours of manpower and do something constructive like solve some of theses missing persons cases and solve some of these homicides, these crimes will continue under the pretense they will never be prosecuted as all the manpower and money goes to Cannabis eradication efforts and seizing assetts and money……

  • unbridled philistine

    Who will ever know if prompt police reporting would have made a difference? One would think so… Whom ever waited so long to report this going to have live with it.. Waited 4 days was it? Tragic.

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