Convoy Headed East on 36 This Morning; Arrest in Yesterday’s Marijuana Eradication Efforts

ConvoyThis morning about 7 a.m., five Humboldt County Sheriff’s vehicles and three Department of Fish and Wildlife vehicles headed east on Hwy 36, according to a credible report. No chipper was seen with the group.

However, this number and type of vehicles match that of the convoy reported yesterday that the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department later confirmed was eradicating marijuana in the Hyampom area.

This morning the Humboldt County Correctional facility shows that a Nou Kia Vang was arrested yesterday afternoon by the Sheriff’s Office for cultivating marijuana. He was released on bail by 10:30 p.m.




  • They are out at mad river

  • Want to hear plant counts!

  • HCSO and the State Dept of Fish and Wildlife….good work, keep it going. All summer long.

  • Sharpen your pencil

    A convey? As in conveyor?

  • I greatly appreciate the HCSO and Department of Fish and Wildlife nailing all the illegal pot growers and their crops of crap. Keep up the good work guys and be safe.

  • Helicopter in benbow so, cooks valley, et al

  • “Illegal Plants”, what next, tomatoes, potatoes, cauliflower? Like the Mafia, either you cut the government in on a piece of the action, or bad things happen.

    • Agreed 250%, most of today’s politicians, particularly our “Liar In Chief” the PO(s)TUS, are nothing but VERY thinly disguised criminals!!!

      • unbridled philistine

        Stock market up, Outlaw migrants are down and unemployment lowest in years! I could go on but you will not listen to reason.. liar in chief? maybe but how can anybody deny the results? On the topic though I would like to see equal enforcement by our local Law enforcement of all grow operations. Like to see people busted on forming criminal enterprises instead of grow charges, Ramp up minimum time guide lines.

        • Stock market up? What news do you watch? It’s been in steady decline the last few months. People’s 401k retirement accounts are shrinking. Watch something current, not something from last year…

          • unbridled philistine

            My 401 k is gaining still… Soooo.. Well it was on my statement couple weeks ago. Just admit the good things he doing at minimum.

            • Myself and plenty others don’t like the treatment of immigrants by Trumps administration either. So, no, not liking much of what he’s doing. The stock market has been cruising up since Obama and it’s all cyclical anyway… he might be crazy enough to make a good deal with North Korea, that’s the only thing I’ll maybe give him credit for if he doesn’t lose his temper and blow it. We will see.. (as he says)… ok back on topic… busts are good imo, the woods are a shit show last couple years. It’s a little quieter than years past, but not much. I’d say don’t give the people a free pass just because they started the permit process..

          • Faux Spews of course!!! The CONservatives favorite news??? source!!! All the lies that AREN’T fit to print!!!

        • MAYBE, he’s a LIAR???? Every other word out of his mouth is a VERIFIABLE LIE!!!! He’s a Lying, cheating thief!!! I personally can’t wait for Mueller time!!!

          • unbridled philistine

            I do not care if he is a liar! He is for sure making America great! Old people have drove this country into the ground not our beloved supreme leader Trump.. Should just outlaw the Dem party!

          • Lol…your party lost..we won get over it its been too long…he will win again trust me..will probably go down as one of best ha

          • Thief?is that the new one?geez.😜

          • Conservative Stupidity

            THe day Hair Hitler gets charged with crimes against America will be the beginning of making America great. [edit]

        • The fact that people mention the stock market which is a fat ugly bubble portends a top. Presidents don’t control stock priced. Valuations and earnings do..

          • The fact that people mention the stock market here which is a fat ugly bubble portends a top. Presidents don’t control stock priced. Valuations and earnings do..also qqq rising is actually bad for American families and workers… good 4 robots…and globalists

        • Lost Croat Outburst

          Hateful, catastrophic things eventually happen to hateful, lying, mean people. Same with nations. You can only attack a country’s institutions, values, and friends for so long and the bill comes due. You cater to the rich and trash your Constitution and you become Mexico. Donald Trump and his cultists do the work of Osama bin Laden and Putin every day. Never know when you will need friends. American “soft power” has been as important as the military in creating a free world with free trade. What we see RIGHT IN FRONT of our eyes is the power of evil. And the Trumpers lap it up.

      • Keeping the hate going. That’s the problem with sheoples

      • remember, Trump is wanting pot off the schedule 1 listing, and is aware that hemp helps people, kids as well, do better with their seizures. He is so much more of a human than Obama ever was.

        • One thing in his favor does NOT outweigh all the rest of the lying & cheating!!!Dan Fuller

        • trump wants sessions to quit so he can place his fox news dummy in his place who will fire Mueller. trumps is playing chest for dummies.


      • Liar in chief that’s Obummer right?

  • Kym, I hate to be the spelling teacher, but I will anyway!!! Convey… did you mean ConvOy??? Just curious!!!

    • unbridled philistine

      We all know what Kym is saying most of the time stop with the grammar police over little type o”s.” Mountains out of mole hills”

      • You’re a perfect example of what I was talking about,”typos” & “molehills”!!! I was just pointing it out so the headline might make a bit more sense!!! As in WTF are they conveying, besides bad news for some poor soul!!!???

        • unbridled philistine

          I thought you would bite on a couple miss spellings… Lol .. God bless you Mr. Dan Fuller.

  • County line creek rd

  • Alt Right For Life

    Why bother with a chipper when some Trimec and R11 will completely kill those weed plants?

    Much rather see herbicide used coming from a sprayer they named Rod Deal.

    It would be cool if they started doing that.

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