Camaro Crash Which Caught Fire Near Miranda Believed to Involve Excessive Speed and Possible DUI, According to CHP

Debris spills out of the overturned vehicle south of Miranda.

Debris spills out of the overturned vehicle south of Miranda. [Photo provided by another reader]

On Tuesday just before 8 p.m., a 2015 Chevy Camaro crashed just south of Miranda. According to Officer William Wunderlich of the California Highway Patrol, Nathan Toborg, age 27, of Shelter Cove was driving his 2015 Chevy Camaro southbound on the Avenue of the Giants.

Samantha Karges of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department reports that

two deputies in marked patrol cars were parked alongside Highway 254 near the Miranda Market. While parked, deputies observed a Chevrolet Camaro pass by their location at approximately 80 miles per hour. By the time deputies were able to merge safely into traffic to follow the vehicle, the vehicle was already out of [sight]. Our deputies activated their emergency lights in an attempt to catch up with the vehicle, however as the deputy rounded a corner in the road, he found the Camaro overturned against the eastern embankment…[Note that this was not a pursuit, rather the deputies were just trying to get the Camaro back into their line of sight to then do a vehicle stop.]

Wunderlich said the incident occurred about .4 miles south of Miranda near June Lane. He explained that it is believed that Toborg “went into a curve, traveled across the northbound lane,…allowed the vehicle to leave the roadway,…hit the embankment and overturned.”

The vehicle caught on fire, according to Karges, but deputies were able to pull the driver to safety.

Wunderlich explained that Toborg “was transported by City Ambulance of Eureka to St. Joseph’s Hospital. The cause is still under investigation but the use of alcohol is being investigated as a possible factor… He was arrested for DUI but was released to the hospital for care of his injuries.”

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Accident Near Miranda



  • unbridled philistine

    I am positive his bald ass tires were a factor as well!

    • yep, and the “oh crap I just passed a cop while going 80” simultaneous look at the speedometer and rear view mirror instead of paying attention to the road.

    • What tread pattern does Nascar or Indy cars run on dry surface? Bald tires are perfect for racing til the end of summer , just another guy that thinks he can drive, maybe do everyone a favor and buy a bus pass before your poor judgment kills soneone

      • Bald passenger car tires have a much harder compound than NASCAR….. very different and provide little to no grip on the road….

        • All tires ratings vary temp rating, traction rating and treadwear rating being A , B or C but the tire as a whole is the same compound , so when a tire is bald it has the same hard compound as it would with tread just more suface area contact when bald , so more contact area whether hard or soft is better, treaded tires are not superior in racing on a dry surface

          • unbridled philistine

            So he should have been swerving left and right to try and clear the road dirt from his tires? Any little bit of dirt on the surface would cause him to break traction unless there was some tread.. I would think.

            • I must have missed the part of the article where it said there was debris in the road. Sorry my mistake .

    • Hey, that one might have been good, you don’t know.

  • Nate will be alright he was prolly [edit] and drunk. I will say …the dude is a hell of a driver of anything with a motor . Seen him push the envelope a few times in the hills , but deff no good on those tires ! Reminds me … gotta get tires today for the hellcat 👊🏻Lol

    • Ya great driver,the dumb f$@k could have killed a family or someone else because of his great driving skills. Hopefully next time he won’t get out, one less moron on the roads

    • Is this the asshole doing donuts all over the place?

  • I for one, have no sympathy for any one who pulls this kind of crap. This shows
    complete disregard for the lives of all of us here. Darwin Award anyone?

    • Icmeltedsnowflakes

      Thank you for your comment. Please return to the perfect world you live in. Most people have made a mistake or two. I see you have never done anything wrong.

      • Ever hear of Marci Kitchens? We got lucky this time and there weren’t any kids on the road. Judging from some of the other comments here this behavior is a lifestyle, not just a mistake or two. This is Russian roulette, give it a try, it’s probably OK. See other comments on Kim’s fb post.

      • There are plenty of back Country Roads around here with a lot less people on them to pull this kind of horseshit, doing this on the Avenue is fucking Reckless.

        • Keep it off my road too. There’s nowhere acceptable for drunk driving. Find a track if you want to be a race car driver.

      • Thank you for your comment,. Please stop defending drunks who endanger all of us. Now, please return to your perfect world, where drunks rule.

    • He’s not eligible for a Darwin Award, he’s till breathing!!! Close but NO cigar, Darwin Awards are given to those fools who REMOVE themselves from the Gene Pool!!! Just saying NOT ragging!!!

  • Glad he didn’t kill or injure anyone else.

  • Oh the laughter!!!

    That name seems familiar….

  • This dude has been riding my ass, and flying through Miranda for a while now. Karma? Glad he wasn’t hurt worse, but seriously, grow up already

  • Sounds to me like Toborg, had too many Tuborgs, (Beer)!!!

  • this guys defense attorney will have nothing when his Facebook is used against him. kiss your class A license bye dumbass.

  • Taurus Ballzhoff

    And here is the Humboldt County News:

    Today we have the usual assortment of crimes by persons with less sense than a baby Hedgehog, the normal stolen car follies, sheriff arrests the regular assortment of knuckleheads who think they can run and get away to beat time in the can for continuing to law-break after the LAST time, crimes involving drugs, driving crazily, burglary, robbery, stories of sniveling following being sentenced to real time after being sentenced the last 14 times, and, photos of the same old criminals, over and over…

    Guess what?

    Drugs, weed, alcohol: I am starting to think that these things make you EVEN STUPIDER than you were already!!

    But, what really frosts me:

    Some asshole DROWNED KITTENS!!

    Jesus! THAT is low down!

    I hope, whoever you are, when they catch you, they tattoo “Kitten Drown-er” on your forehead, and that nobody EVER shags you again!


  • animal cruelty is also a stat that is rapidly rising nationwide. the US is going downhill fast.

    • It always makes me laugh when people say America’s going downhill. It’s becoming more and more overpopulated and that is our number one concern and is causing new issues every day but overall we as people are improving. More people care about how they treat the planet and eat organic, gay people can get married, you now can get fired for sexually harassing co-workers even if your a star, black people aren’t slaves, the list goes on about big and little improvements so how about pay attention to law of attraction and the energy you put into your country.

      • did you read the article about how sessions just reversed 15 years of progress in 1 year. we as an animal go in 30-40 cycles due to lack of education. out of sight- out of mind syndrome.

        • Now you don’t even have to be convicted, to have everything you own confiscated by the cops!!!

        • Your going to have to work a lot harder to convince me that anything going on now is worse than how things use to be. State something as bad as slavery that’s legal in America today and I’ll listen. [edit] how much did you do during this last election to help your country? Just fill in a couple bubbles and done, you don’t know me and you look ignorant for speculating.

  • Baby hedgehogs are way smarter than this fool………..

  • Steve Harrington

    If he was going 80 mph , how much traffic could they encounter to enter the roadway safely ????? Js

    • There were a couple tourists in corollas trying to get around this fast car with a slow driver

    • A ton, staying back away from him so when he finally crashed & burned (literally) they didn’t get caught up in the wreck

  • Now that is instant karma

  • One thing about these newer muscle cars, is that traction and skid control will bait a novice driver into getting in over their head at an even higher level of speed, and once those controls are exceeded, one is in for a wild ride, that hopefully they will survive.

    This reminds me of a Eureka crash, a couple of years ago, involving another newer Camaro.

  • Camaro has always been a straight line car, not built for corners, and inadequate braking power ever since the original 67s. Always been a crappy car, never understood the draw past 69

  • He’s such a good driver! He’s sooo cool! He’s such a good driver!

  • Where’s copper was she with him

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