Three Arrested After Report of Stolen Vehicle Leads to Multi-Scene Law Enforcement Actions in McKinleyville

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

drugs and firearmsOn June 12, 2018, at about 3:30 p.m., Humboldt County Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to a residence on the 1800 block of Elm Ave. in McKinleyville to assist the California Highway Patrol in recovering a reported stolen vehicle with several occupants.

While en route to the scene, deputies received information that the stolen vehicle had left the residence and was now parked in the Kmart parking lot in McKinleyville. Deputies and CHP officers located and conducted a felony traffic stop on the vehicle. After further investigation, deputies learned that the occupants had been given permission to drive the vehicle and no crime had occurred. The occupants were released at the scene.

During this time, the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Emergency Communications Center received another report of a stolen vehicle from the same Elm Ave. residence. Deputies located this vehicle near the intersection of Central Ave. and School Road, and conducted a second felony traffic stop. The two occupants, 40-year-old Robbie William Simpson and 44-year-old Muhamed Barri Oliver were detained. Simpson was found to have four warrants for his arrest. Oliver was determined to be on probation with a search clause. During a search of the vehicle, deputies located methamphetime and approximately one pound of marijuana.



Simpson was arrested and booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility on his four warrants for the following charges: driving with a suspended license (two counts), possession of a controlled substance and possession of a narcotic controlled substance. He was also booked on fresh charges of providing false identification to a peace officer and violation of probation.OLIVEROliver was arrested and booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility on charges of possession of a controlled substance and violation of probation.

Both vehicles associated with the Elm Ave. residence were also associated with 40-year-old Amber Rose Bedell. Bedell was also under investigation for child endangerment.



Deputies responded to the Elm Ave. residence to perform a welfare check on the juveniles. Upon contact with Bedell at the residence, deputies located a loaded firearm, heroin, syringes, marijuana and drug paraphernalia. All of these items were located in an area accessible to the juveniles in the home.

Bedell was arrested and booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility on charges of child endangerment, possession of a loaded firearm that is readily accessible to a child and violation of probation.



  • unbridled philistine

    No way she be 40 years old? Looks way older..

  • Scary lookin bunch .

  • it looks like “K Nine” had to sell his gold chains to buy some smack.

  • Did they photoshop Oliver’s head onto someone else’s body?

  • Bedell could start a luggage shop, with the bags under her eyes!!!

  • Looks like Oliver snorted his stash. He’ll be up for a week.

  • More of Humboldt’s finest making the news. Thank you to the law enforcement folks. These three are but a small part of what officers have to deal with every day, every night.

  • This chick is a marriage counselor, and the Executive Director of Evolve Youth Services:

    So that’s how marriage counselors deal with listening to people blame each other all day.

    • Try Amber Morton Bedell at the youthservices Not this Amber Rose Bedell. I’m sure Amber Morton will appreciate this. NOT!!!

      • It would be good to get to the bottom of this: Is Amber Rose Bedell the same person as Amber Morton Bedell? LoCO says so in their article. Googling tells me Amber Rose is AKA Amber Morton. And the picture of Amber Morton Bedell (Google Images) looks kind of like the suspect–though younger for sure.
        If not… that’s a terrible mistake and someone owes Ms. Morton Bedell something for besmirching her name.

        • That is the counselor unfortunately. She was amazing with my son. Sad to see what drugs do.

        • Concerned for the Kids

          This is so hard to see.
          She was a good therapist. It’s just so sad that bad choices led to addiction, which then led to what was clearly a swift downward spiral. I feel a lot of compassion not only for her poor children, but for all of the great kids and parents who were getting help through Evolve Youth Services, in a county where Child Welfare Services are so broken, and such nonprofit programs are so critical to fill the void

          Bedell’s MFT license was revoked by the Board of Behavioral Sciences in April 2018. I’m really surprised that the board of EYS hasn’t yet taken action to remove her name from their website. as of 8:45 am on June 15th 2018, she is still listed as the “Executive Director, Licensed Marriage Family Therapist”

          Surely their articles of organization has some sort of provision. Unfortunately, such a lack of action on their part further clouds the legitimacy of this much-needed nonprofit.
          Shame on you, “Dr.” Corey Lewis!!

  • All 3 were released within a few hours
    . Our justice system is a joke

    • its no different than any other State right now. there is a nation wide surplus of losers.

      • You are completely incorrect!! CA is the only state that does not lock people up for serious crimes!! You fools passed all the propositions to release”non-violent” offenders!!!

        • with a little bit of research you will find that you are incorrect, but only you can determine that.

          • 😂 I moved out of your wretched state. We have real laws here and people get locked up for stealing and selling drugs, but you can believe whatever you want! 😆

            • So why on this site??? To stir up crap? If you moved out of our State, and bad mouth it, why even bother looking up ANY site, thing, about California. Cause hate and discontent in your New State. Just sayin’.

              • The Boston Globe comment section is full of bitter clueless trolls from all over the Country. it proves many things.

      • You dont know what your talking about pal. You should stop spreading your fake news false information.
        Other states incarcerate losers like this for a long time!

    • UNFRIGGIN’ REAL !! Simpson and Oliver spent about 2 1/2 hours in jail and Bedell spent about 5. I’m surprised our LE officers just don’t give up arresting people and have them sign a post-it-note to promise to appear. They won’t show up in court until they get arrested again and it will start all over. Stupid laws!

  • oooh dam that women look means

  • I’m sure she was just trying to help them out. Just like HACHR. So what if she is a junky too. She has every right to be. I mean the HACHR management is too! Does she work for a non profit too? These non profits are lucky people. Do your drugs to your hearts content and still make a dime off the tax payers. Gotta love it. I’m seriously looking into being a junky. It pays well.

    • Yeah right, I’m sure no one who worked for a profitable corporation ever did drugs..

      • I get what you are saying but you missed the point with what I am saying. Doesn’t matter. It appears this isn’t the same one who works for Youth Service Bureau. Pretty serious mistake. I apologize for my snarky comment about this real person. My bad.

  • Robbie is a huge drain on Humboldt he has no desire to be a productive member of any society is reckless on every level and as far as im concerned should be considered a violent offender something needs to be done.

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