ISF Invites You to ‘Ultramafic Biogeography Tour, Part Two: The Lassics’ on June 23

This is a press release from the Institute for Sustainable Forestry:

As part of ISF’s “Circle Around the Sun” series of tours, all are invited to join the Institute for Sustainable Forestry (ISF) for a driving, with short hikes, tour in the U.S. Forest Service area of The Lassics atop of South Fork Mountain. The Lassic Mountains are part of the longest continuous mountain ridge in the US.

We will be going to the two 5900 feet ultramafic peaks that offer outstanding views of the entire region. We will observe alpine wildflowers, recent wildfire evidence and numerous ultramafic endemics.

Bring sturdy hiking shoes, water and lunch.

The trip is free to the public, but a donation to ISF of $25 is requested. Please pre register. Upon registration, ISF will provide take off and pick up information and times for the Saturday, June 23 tour. To register or for more information contact ISF at, 707-244-4584 and email:



  • Awesome area I urge all to go and experience the beauty of Humboldt. By the way it is the longest unbroken mountain ridge IN THE WORLD. YUP another only in Humboldt only one in the world. We truely live in a special place. I wish peeps would treat it as such. Ciao for now.

    • South fork mountain is. The Lassics are 2 drainage over from South fork mtn. Not a part of it…

    • Both Black Lassic and Red Lassic are in Trinity County. The border runs right through there (Mt. Lassic is in Humboldt). And all three of these peaks are about 10 miles west of South Fork Mountain. Makes me a little skeptical about what I might learn from ISF if I were to go on the trip.

  • Um, it is not only in Humboldt, in fact if you want the easy drive to Sofk it is in Trinity county.

    • South Fork Mountain is mostly in Trinity County, although the north end, north of Blake Mountain is in Humboldt. Do people not have maps anymore?

  • And the Lassics are hardly ” on top of South Fork mtn.”…

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