Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Eradicating Marijuana Near Hyampom Today

Humboldt County Sheriff Marijuana“They are doing marijuana eradication in the Hyampom area,” confirmed Samantha Karges of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office referring to a convoy seen headed out Hwy 36 early this morning.

Although Department of Fish and Wildlife vehicles accompanied the convoy, Karges said that the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office is the lead agency serving a warrant in the area.

Karges confirmed that although the team was doing marijuana eradication, no chipper accompanied the crew. The chipper is usually taken to dispose of large numbers of marijuana plants.



  • I’m sure there is a logical explanation, but why would they drive past hundreds of illegal grows to go clear to Hyampom?

    • In my 1911 I trust

      If they are going in with a warrant and no chipper it means they are going after someone specifically.

  • Hyampom is Trinity county. Why is HCSO going over the county line?

    • There are some parecells up south fork mountain that are in humboldt but are easier to get to through Hyampom. Possible explanation.

  • With any luck they will clear out the top and east side of southfork ridge.

  • Abatement continues unabated.

    • Nineteen fresh abatement notices in Times Standard classifieds. All in Blocksburg area. Got some fat cats. For one of them it’s at least the third one he’s received.

      • the show would air weekdays at 1pm. we would call it “as the economy crumbles”.

        • Actually, it’s more like “as democracy dies’.

          • Unfortunately the legal process has completely been undemocratic and skewed towards corporate interests. Wealth Consolidation is not good for any farming community. Small farms used to be the backbone of our country and lead to healthy economies. Look at dairy and poultry small farms with good practices they simply cannot compete. For example Humboldt Creamery should still be owned by local people but has been bought out. We need to stop thinking about cannabis as a divider of politics and instead as the livelihood of our neighbors. Our neighbors directly effect our storefronts, schools, hospitals and our communities in general. When people start caring about what they eat, smoke, and put on there bodies things will change. Support your local bakery, farmers market, cannabis grower, cattleman, restaurant owner etc. Support your neighbors and things will change because it is certain those in politics do not have our best interests at heart. I mean politicians of both parties.

            • Excellent comment!

            • Thank you. I think the most farcical part of this has been that the same people who support small local farms do not care about local small grows. They support a process which destroys the small family grows and consolidates the industry into fewer and larger corporate grows. But that train has left the station. Entities like Humboldt Growers Association, California Cannabis Voice-Humboldt and Emerald Family Farms among others pushed the agenda for large growers with only lip service for smaller, conscientious growers. Greed and massive egos drove them to sell out our region. Now the mopping up begins…

              • It’s unfortunate that a lot of the regulations set in place to limit cannabis operations are now be instituted on landowners and vegetable farmers as well now. I think people believed they could eradicate cannabis with over zealous costs which has opened Pandora box into regulating many other local industries

      • Why not just keep going? Hire a lawyer quick to protest every point on every notice and keep going! It will take all year for them to actually physically get there and then the charges are minimal anyways. The fines are so outrageous that the land will never get paid off so pull in those deps, plant extra full season- as many as you can and…Keep Going! Then next year- if they even ever show up- do a guerilla scene there. Keep Going! There is no incentive to stop. That’s where they screwed up in their plan. And when everybody ignores them, blocks them with lawyers and just Keeps Going they will not have enough manpower to get to half of the places. Just like always. The only way you lose is if you stop.

  • oooh dam somone gon b mad.

  • They are focusing on areas that have legal operations close by.

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