Motorcycle and Vehicle Collide in Eureka; Injuries

Motorcycle down

[All photos by Mark McKenna]

At approximately 12:15 p.m., a motorcycle and a vehicle collided on Myrtle Avenue in Eureka in the 1600 block. The motorcyclist is injured.

Emergency personnel work on their patient.

Emergency personnel work on their patient.

At approximately 12:23 p.m. an ambulance arrived on scene. Northbound Myrtle Avenue was closed for a short time.

Emergency personnel finishing up.

Emergency personnel finishing up.

Please remember that information gathered from initial reports is subject to revision as more facts become available.



  • As a rider myself for the last fifty years, and having a son with twenty years experience, severely injured by an idiot cage driver, I have sympathy for the biker. I hope it wasn’t his/her fault, but I have seen a lot of bikers ride like they are invincible.

    • It pays to be a raving paranoiac. Keep one idea in your brain: they’re all out to kill me.

      You will increase your chances of getting home in one piece.

    • i agree regardless of fault i have sympathy for the rider. its a hard lesson either way.
      call me naive, but what is a cage driver?

      • It’s what people who drive motorcycles call cars. Especially the really obnoxious bikers like Harley owners. Because they are obviously better with the wind in their hair, sun on their face and bugs in their teeth.

        • Cal, I’m a Harley owner and rider. I have ridden for more than 50 years with dozens of Harley riders and have never heard one of them refer to a car as a cage. [edit]

        • Oh the laughter!!!

          Cal belongs in a cage😊

        • I get and see WAY more respect from Harley riders than Crotch rockets! PLUS, living in a 45mph section of Hwy 36…I see daily the crotch rockets doing MUCH faster than the Harleys going by!!!! EVERY DAY! Worse on weekends, they ZOOM by rarely at the speed limit! The riders Do think they will never crash….all I think every time I hear one coming for quite a while….and zips by at over 60 when there is a corner coming up…I Hope They Only Kill Themselves and don’t take out innocent people!!!!!!! The Cafe Racers have WAY less respect for any other rider/driver!

          • Bug on a Windshield

            Uh, wait a minute Jayne. Please don’t put crotch rockets and cafe racers in the same group. The days of racing from one cafe to the next are long since gone. Most cafe racers I know are older bikes and their riders know their limits, ie. They can’t handle the high speed corners the way a crotch rocket should (key word: should). You can’t do a ton-up in the twisties anyway.
            If you want to go there, farm equipment (Hardly Drivables) couldn’t take a corner fast if their life depended on it. Too much low hanging s#!t to drag and scratch chrome off of. There ain’t no rubber on those loud pipes. And do I need to talk about big cruisers being distracted by their radios and cup holders?

        • We are Harley riders and never heard of cage drivers until now. We do not go fast but we are just out to enjoy ourselves and don’t get in a hurry. I have seen crotch rockets go way over the speed limit and actually had a group pass us on the road from Ferndale to Honeydew going in the opposite direction way too fast and then heard the sirens and heard later that one person was hurt really bad. They drive way too fast for the roads in this area.

    • I think it would be better to assume that motorists want to avoid hitting bikers but often fail to see them in time rather than calling them idiots. Then you can change your behavior to make yourself more visible. Every time I see a biker with a flashing light to call attention to himself, I am grateful that he has given me the opportunity not to overlook him. Actually grateful.

      If you simply self righteously call drivers idiots, you probably will not take action that can save your life. If you are overlooked, the car driver will be to blame because that is the way the laws are written. Though, as I told a lady once who grabbed my arm and dragged me into oncoming traffic saying they are required to stop for pedestrians ,”We’ll put that you were right on your tombstone.”

  • IMHO: Pretty common at that location. 35 mph speed limit… and drivers
    turn into the driveways for the parking lot.

    Driver or bikers not paying attention for ‘one moment’… results in a collision.
    Usually they are not too bad.

    • I was going through there about 15 minutes before this accident. There is a cross walk , I think because of the Subway as that would be the only thing right there that would attract foot traffic crossing Myrtle. A man stepped out into the crosswalk in front of me, not looking my way. I stopped. Then he turned around after he was 10 feet into it and went back to the sidewalk while I remained stopped. Then, having never once looked my way, started back across again when the traffic coming the other way stopped too. I waited while he made these maneuvers because I could not tell his intentions. I suspect that might have contributed to the accident that was at lunch hour. And the cross walk is right there in the picture. Maybe. Otherwise it is not that difficult a section of road.

  • All bike riders know that there are those who have been down and those who are going down.
    There is no tolerance for human error.

  • You have to be real careful coming around that blind corner on Myrtle. In that stretch of road is a liquor store, a bar, a cannabis shop, a head shop, a retirement community, doctors offices, and a striped crosswalk. A constant barrage of drunks, stoners, and old people pull in and out of that parking lot.

    • Thanks a lot for lumping “old people” in with drunks and stoners. What derogatory term do you prefer for yourself [edit]?

      • They are all impaired. Call me whatever you want. You are awesome.

      • Dawn, come on, chill, he was using “us” as an example, no need to put a negative spin on it.
        I detected no rancor in his comment, I’m “old” and my driving skills are fine, so it didn’t bug me.
        But quite a few old people are definitely impaired in the driving department.
        I ride a motorbike all year, all weather, no car, I’m well aware of the demographics of inattentive drivers and No Joke used a valid example citing the potentially hazardous conditions in that area.

  • Hope the rider is ok.

  • Bug on a Windshield
  • The bike failed to see the stopped car at the crosswalk soon enough to break, tried to avoid by swerving around, but still not enough time at the speed he was going. Nice young guy, lesson learned. Broken hand.

  • I like to think that the reason I haven’t crashed a street bike is because I got it all out of my system riding dirt in my teens.

    Somehow I think it’s just a combination of not riding like an idiot and a pinch of blind luck.

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