E-40 Performing at Mateel September 21

This is a press release from the Mateel Community Center:


Bay Area Rapper brings streetwise rhymes with special guests Nef the Pharaoh & OMB Peezy

Ineffable Live and Mateel Community Center present rapper E-40, Friday September 21st at the Mateel, 59 Rusk Lane in Redway.  With 27 albums to his credit and millions of records sold, rapper E-40 brings his streetwise lyrical storytelling tinged with humor to Humboldt for an all-ages show with Nef the Pharaoh & OMB Peezy as the support acts. The show starts at 9pm and doors are at 8pm.  Tickets are available in advance for $35 online and $40 at the door.

Releasing numerous collaborations and co-signs, E-40 maintains high production standards in the recording studio and the result finds him performing over some of Hiphop’s most adventurous beats in the live setting.   Hit songs from E-40 like “Rappers Ball” featuring rapper Bo-Rock reached the top 50 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

E-40’s 2006 single “Tell Me When To Go”  featuring Keak the Sneak was produced by multi-platinum selling Lil Jon and was one of the first singles to kick off the Bay Area-based “hyphy” music movement on a global level, the song became a RIAA Gold certified single for sales.

Initially an underground artist as a founding member of rap group The Click, E-40 released his first solo album IN A MAJOR WAY in 1995 and since that time E-40 has steadily maintained mainstream popularity performing extensively throughout the U.S. Originally from Vallejo, California, in 2016 the rapper released the two part album The D-BOY DIARY: BOOK 1 & THE D-BOY DIARY: BOOK 2.



  • Hey keyboard progressives, you protesting this? Violence, homophobia, womanizing, misogynistic, drug dealing, pimping, gang banging.

    • You’re not wrong

    • Straight up

      • Where are all the the righteous keyboard progressives, saving us from these performers? Where? Oh, on facecrack trying to be hip? You complete ass wipes got Sizzla canceled and you won’t protest this? Weak AF! Full disclosure, I like E40. F@ck these weak ass progressives. To bad you cant tag people in these comments. I think Eric Kirk was one of the weak ass progressives with lots of comments. Where are you?

        • My admittedly cursory look at E40’s lyrics show they are violent but they are reporting conditions in the community he is a part of. That is significantly different than advocating killing gay people.

          • One culture “reporting conditions in the community” is wrong and should be banned and another is ok? Both with the same message. E40 talks about pimping girls. In todays climate of sex trafficking and pedophilia, you would think our community would be more concerned. They sure are if it involves cannabis growers. E40 uses the word “faggot” and talks about “Mobbed his ass, beat him down to the dirt”. Also, with they way woman are treated, you would think our community would be a little concerned about having someone perform here who promotes such things.

            I like E40. I like Sizzla. I understand where both are coming from and what they are saying. My point is most, if not all of these progressive commenters always pick the low hanging fruit as what they stand for or against. Where is the line people?? That is a real question. Lets talk. Please tell me how you people draw the line. Either allow people to express themselves, in their own cultural way, or ban everything. If you don’t like the music, don’t go. If you don’t like something, someone protest with your dollar and don’t support it. But don’t tell me that advocating violence, is ok because its “conditions in the community”. Every community is different. Every artist expresses themselves different. Let them be different.

            • My understanding of E40’s lyrics (admittedly I haven’t read extensively) is that he is talking about what happens as opposed to advocating that something happens in Sizzla’s case.

              E40 is talking about a jailhouse snitch in that song and says,
              “(The nigga that talks, he`s a bitch)
              Vallejo niggas yelled out (Snitch!)
              Mobbed his ass, beat him down to the dirt
              And straight went bezerk.”

              Whereas Sizzla both in his songs and in speeches has advocated violence against gays.

              • I think you get my point. I get yours. One just talks about what happens and the other, in your opinion, “advocates”. I can accept that. Talking about what happens just perpetuates the violence and womanizing. Now I see where the communities values are. Its ok to tell a story about pimping out woman and beating down a snitch, who is being compared to a fagot, but don’t tell someone to beat down a fagot. Got it!

                • I think okay is not the word I would use.

                  Lyrics like the Beatles “I’d rather see you dead, little girl, Than to be with another man” are considered to be the musician taking a point of view like that of a character in a book. Rowling is (mostly) not vilified for having created the words Voldemort says. Neither should musicians be vilified for singing a point of view of a character. However, if the singer advocates that position, then I think that is a different matter.

                  Also, for me, I am practical enough to say that although I may not like music that calls women “whores” or gay people “faggots”, I suspect that trying to police that level of impropriety would substantially reduce the number of musicians that the Mateel can bring in and, itself create a backlash against the Mateel. If we draw the line back further, just to the point where advocating murder is not okay…[she says dryly] then we strike a balance that works for now.

                  Here’s to someday living in a world where we can draw the line in a different place.

  • Why all the rap and hip hop for a rural cannibus growing community. Guess I’m old school, blues, rock with a mix of local tatent

  • groba dude osnt trustafarian

    I am concerned by Mr 40’s appearance… He doesn’t look like a local…

    I do enjoy the social messages of rap music! Let’s all shoot up some smack, smoke trees, slap our bitches up, and kill some pigs with our AK’s.

    The Mateel is right in touch with our entertainment needs, as usual. OH and bring some extra cash to throw in the bucket, so the MCC board can abscond with it!

  • Stoked, as so many others will be, to be able to see a classic like E-40 for $35. A great way to bring in revenue, but if you don’t like the artist, don’t go, . Just let the people who are making good decisions keep trying to bring money into the community. We”ll be headed in from Mendocino to see.
    “My mother and father divorced when I was eight”

    “They did what they could do. When times got heavy, me and mom had to come over here [to the Salvation Army]…I knew I had to come out to my soil. I’m trying to give back.”

    “I’m no better than anyone else, I’m just playing my part. I can’t save the world, but I do what I can to save my community,”


    • Lamonica chatman

      Keep doing what you do! Fuck em!
      It’s those on the outside looking in trying to shit on your shine but they can’t. Stay reppin and don’t ever stop making music. I have your entire collection with no bootlegged or burnt CDs. My 3 sons (ages 21, 24, & 28) keep you in their rotation as well. So thank you so very much for sharing your magnificent talent with us.
      Love Always,
      PS big ups for not flashin on they azz!

  • Still live in the trap? Nope. Ever go back? Yup. Where a wire and a camera? Nope! Ears to the scanner yup! Erry-body got choices.

  • Did she ride ya like a bike? Yup.

  • I don’t give a FUCK if you don’t like me! Nope.

  • Rappers address current & immediate events within urban communities. These communities have no sound protection from those elected to govern. In turn, having to protect ourselves has given us the wherewithal to use our talents to express the injustices in our communities. It’s not pretty to us, so yes, we will use our talent with passion & if it’s distasteful to you, consider yourself privileged. It’s too real & a lot of us have to persevere through it to survive. -Tell Me When To Go!

  • What up home boy,this Rico, Ash bro.like you said,nation wide ! after doing 20 in the feds , i see everybody love us ! Stay up ,Tell “B” I said what’s up .

  • You can easily tell when people dont know what they are talking about. On the outside looking in, judging what they do not know. Instead of blaming the people that the media affords you to blame , why not speak to these individuals. Find out why they think and feel the way they do. The thugs, gangstas, pimps and shooters dont allow drugs across the border. The good ol’ US of A does. Niw who really is the gangsters? There are definitely alot of hypocritical elephants in the room. Thank you Mr. Stevens for all the good you have done and are doing. You are my all time favorite rapper and a stand up dude that comes from a loving family. May God continue to bless you and your family and every good thing that you do. Thank you.

  • Great to have these thuggs in town to teach our youth their bullshit ways.
    Telling them how cool they will be once they are high and how to sip coughsyrup to get drunk.
    This is just the influence we need!
    Good job mateel!

  • Love you E40 always have my deceased brother loved you too especially,top of the line Carlo’s Rossi .My Birthday is September 29th it would be a dream to be at your concert .Keep doing what you do and always keeping it real . Much love and respect. Your number one fan!

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