Accident Near Miranda


Law enforcement and emergency responders at the scene of an accident.

Law enforcement and emergency responders at the scene of an accident. [Photo by a reader]

At approximately 7:56 p.m., a van camaro rolled over on the Avenue of the Giants north just south of Miranda. It landed on its roof with both front tires are blown out, according to information from the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page.

The vehicle caught on fire, according to traffic over the scanner.

Miranda Fire and the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department are at the scene of the incident. An ambulance is responding, according to information from the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page.

Please remember that information gathered from initial reports is subject to revision as more facts become available.

Debris spills out of the overturned vehicle south of Miranda.

Debris spills out of the overturned vehicle south of Miranda. [Photo provided by Brian Bognuda]



  • Why don`t I ever get to see this kind of thing? I`d love to see a good crash and burn happen. From a safe distance, of course — not as an active participant.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      You like to watch people die or get horribly injured?

    • Your a super sick person, the universe tends to answer those request in some ways you would not imagine and would not enjoy. That person is super injured and your super sick.

  • Doesn’t look like any van I’ve ever seen, maybe Camero? Everyone ok?

    • Agree. U can tell it’s a coupe from picture. Either way that’s not a van

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Everyone OK? I doubt it. Did you see the photo? Does not look like a van, but it is badly mangled.

      • Thanks captain I’m not blind, It’s in the ditch they could be just fine with all the safety features, I have seen people walk away from way worse that’s why I asked.

  • Be respectful to all, period.

    Where south of Miranda was this?
    I live between the market and maple hills drive and never heard the Miranda fire crew pass by!

  • Bald tires

    • Geococcyx californianus

      Bad alignment too judging by that front right tire. Probably broke a tie rod.

      • Bug on a Windshield

        Bald tires, yes. Bad alignment? Based on the photo? C’mon. That probably happened in the crash. (Although, if you let the tires go that long, you might let the alignment go also.) I think it had something to do with the left wheel not being mounted to the car.

        And while I’m here… where’s the motorcycle the caused the crash? Cagers aren’t that irresponsible.

        • unbridled philistine

          I got a Camaro but I cannot afford tires! But I got a Camaro! Crash your 20 thousand dollar car over 500 dollar tires? People! Bad form.

        • Bozo the Clone....a Clone NOT a clown.

          This vehicle passed through Myers Flat about 10 minutes prior to the accident. There are a LOT of crazy and immature speedsters in this area that regularly go way beyond what is prudent OR legal in terms of the speed limit, but this guy coming from the direction of Weott, was ACCELERATING through town, and he was going NO less than 60mph, in my estimation (in a 30 mph zone). He narrowly missed traffic which was turning left from the freeway exit stop sign. I hope that he has the book thrown at him and I really hope that since he was breaking at least one law and endangering the public that he does not get compensated by his insurance broker. What fookin’ idiot.

          George Monroe

  • I saw this horrific scene right after it happened. I was driving northbound to the Miranda store, when a dark blue newer model Chevy Camero was headed south bound at a high rate of speed. Once I arrived at the store, I saw two Humboldt County Sherrif vehicles, a cruiser and an SUV, hit their lights and start to chase after the Camero. I headed back south on the Avenue after the store, only to see a major accident scene and the totaled vehicle. There was no van and the driver of the Camero as far as I could see, should of had plenty of a head start to lose law enforcement. Just another case of too much power in the wrong hands!!

  • What happened in Alderpoint last night on River Road? Anyone know?

  • Looks like they werent as good as a race car driver as they thought.I drive 65 70 and get passed the whole time by people going 80 85 90 the whole time.

  • Karma that guy is pretty much a super low life you reap what you sow

  • Nate’s a low life lol??

  • High rate of speed + bald tires= wreck
    People are blowing past me all the time

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