Tsunami Notification Training Today

Press release:

Tsunami signPersonnel from Arcata Fire District, Arcata Police, Humboldt State University Police, and Blue Lake Fire will be conducting tsunami notification training in the Manila and Arcata areas in the afternoon today and Friday. The training is designed to test new hazard priority maps to assist with evacuations that would be used in the event of a flood emergency. The CA Department of Water Resources awarded Arcata Fire District a grant to create a Flood Emergency Response Plan. According to Chief Justin McDonald, “The grant is allowing us to develop a “boots on the ground” plan for helping our community if there is a tsunami, dam failure, or flood.” Planning partners include Arcata Fire District, Blue Lake Fire, Humboldt State University Police, and Arcata Police. Greenway Partners of Arcata is managing the grant and developing the response plan in collaboration with Arcata Fire District.


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  • Train all you want but if you continue to remove vegetation off the coastline,
    your real defense against tsunami, vegetated dunes (stable dunes) will be gone and your training is worthless.

    Vegetated dunes and wetlands also mitigate PH so as to protect the ocean’s benthic zone
    from poisons. No wonder as to the horrific pollution problems on beaches where wannabe
    enviros have stripped the beach of growth. Isn’t it about time Andrea Pickard’s disastrous work
    these past thirty years get assessed? The way she is going our wildlife habitats are scheduled to
    be underwater.

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