Solar Net Energy Metering Event

Solar array at sunrise.

Solar array at sunrise. [Photo by Kym Kemp.]

Press release from  Redwood Coast Energy Authority:

The Redwood Coast Energy Authority (RCEA) is hosting a solar Net Energy Metering event this Wednesday, June 13, from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the Wharfinger. The public is invited to learn about net energy metering (NEM), the main differences between RCEA and PG&E’s NEM billing, and how to read RCEA’s solar NEM bills.

The workshop will include a presentation by Mahayla Slackerelli, Account Services Manager. Customers are encouraged to bring their own bills and there will be plenty of time for Q&A. RCEA Executive Director Matthew Marshall will kick off the event while RCEA Project Manager Patricia Terry will offer a recap of her own solar installation process. Ben Mattio, RCEA Program Manager, will explain the significance of addressing a home or business’ energy efficiency before calculating the number of solar panels required for a project.

Several local solar installers will be displaying information and answering questions, and there will be time for folks who don’t have solar arrays to mingle with those who are already seeing their meters go backwards. A “Big Check” will be presented to the customer who received the most money back this spring. Cake and other refreshments will be served to commemorate Community Choice Energy’s 1st year anniversary.

There is no charge to attend. The Wharfinger is located at 1 Marina Way, in Eureka. For more information visit or call (707) 269-1700.




    Redwood Coast Energy Authority – straight from the Dark Ages pushing their propaganda. Now bids for so-called up-grades goes to, you guessed it – the devildoers at RCEA. Ferndale schools got retrofitted with new, new, new, MERCURY containing light bulbs. Three cheers for RCE usurped Authority.

  • Central Humboldt is a bot for the Russians and big oil.I haven’t had an electric bill since 1997 when our first solar intertie went in . Free electric from the sun for the next 30 years as the power prices keep going up my solar keeps producing free electricity . Free lighting upgrades for schools is a positive money-saving endeavor. My solar intertie is with pge I get better rates from them then rec

    • WTF sits in judgment. And your evidence for claim to authority is?

      I say koodos to you for getting in on the 20th century solar energy. However, that was then. Look up at the sky today, as the sun gets geo-engineered blocked from us, i wouldn’t count on ‘the next 30 years’ of solar energy being there for you.

  • It would be great if PG&E and RCEA could get their act together about the “NEW NEW” electric bills, which are several pages of paper longer than the old ones.

    Power-saving isn’t just in the solar panel end of it. There was power used to make the paper, print the ink, run the printers, diesel was used to ship the envelopes, and the consumer ends up shaking his/her head because the entire thing is incomprehensible and makes it look like the bills went UP not down.

    I was in the Rohnerville payment booth the other day when three people wanted to cancel their RCEA because they thought the bill was higher. They were told to call some 800 number because PG&E can’t change it for them even standing at the bill booth.

    This seems more like a scam than an advantage.

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