SoHum Chamber’s Featured Business of the Week: Richardson Grove State Park

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Richardson Grove.

Richardson Grove. [Photo by Steven Hibbard from here]

“This week’s featured business of the week is Richardson Grove State Park!

Although the Humboldt Redwoods Interpretive Association (HRIA) was formed in 1979, the original Richardson Grove State Parks visitor’s center was first built back in 1922 with additions later added. It once operated as a lodge, restaurant and a store. Seeing the lodge often brings back nostalgic memories for local and out-of-towners alike. The visitor’s center was recently reopened after a remodeling, bringing it back to its lodge-like state of the 1920’s. Park visitors from all over come through looking for information on hikes, redwoods, local history and helpful tips for their stay in Humboldt County. You can find informative books, clothing, beach towels and souvenirs for all ages throughout your stay at the park. The redwoods provide the perfect backdrop for this unique historical building!

Richardson Grove State Park is located at the South end of Humboldt County, approximately 75 miles south of Eureka California, and 200 miles north of San Francisco. This year-round park has 2,000 acres and straddles US 101, causing the narrowest point of its entire distance. It’s said to have the 9th largest tree of all remaining coast redwoods!

Nestled along the South Fork of the Eel River with campgrounds, day use areas, and swimming, the park and visitors center could be the perfect location for weddings, reunions, parties, events or even outdoor movie nights!

If you have not been to the park, we highly recommend that you plan a camping trip, and take in the breathtaking views this area has to offer!

Destination Southern Humboldt!

Richardson Grove

Richardson Grove [Photo from Caltrans]

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