Predator and Prey: Mountain Lion and Very Pregnant Doe Caught on Game Camera

Nature is in the news today with a mountain lion sighting near Benbow and multiple sightings of a bear causing the lockdown of Miranda’s public schools.

A video from a game camera posted today by wildlife tracker Kim Cabrera seems particularly on point. Cabrera describes the video below:

A very pregnant doe walked past my camera on June 5, 2018. She was foraging for food and walking along slowly. Ten minutes later, a mountain lion is seen in stealthy stalking mode as he hunts, presumably for the deer.

I went back to this location after I found these videos and searched for any sign of a struggle, but found none. Perhaps she escaped? Perhaps the puma was after something else? I walked the area within about 1/8 mile all around and found no sign that he had caught this doe. I am hopeful.

The lion, however, is a little less fat and happy without the deer dinner.

See more of Kim Cabrera’s videos at her YouTube page.



  • the cat doesn’t want the doe. a large doe will literally kick the shit out of this cat. its waiting for the fawn.

    • You mean because this is a small cat? The deer don’t usually know what hit them, a mean house cat will tear a dog up, imagine what one one 10 times that size will do.

      • you should see how deer use their front feet. a mountain lion almost lost its life in my front yard. I thought it was dead and it may have died later from its wounds. a mountains lion’s bread and butter is fawn season, just like orcas and gray whale calf season. this is why we are seeing them right now. i’m setting up a camera tonight. I found fawn pellets yesterday for the first time this year.

  • Oh the laughter!!!

    Nature, red in tooth & claw.

  • Here’s a male

  • Hi Kim… Pray she got away!

  • California put the kibosh to hound hunting a few yrs ago. Predator animals that were once kept in order are now gonna be encroaching on human turf. Get used to it .. and just be glad that the early white folks took out the Grizzlies if you cant handle
    the lions!

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