Miranda Junior High and High School Were on Lockdown After Bear Sighting

Bear in Miranda.

Bear in Miranda. [Crop of a photo by a reader]

After multiple bear sightings in Miranda near Osprey, the public schools in Miranda were on lockdown around 1:30 p.m. According to Frankie Parks, a school employee about 1:40 p.m., “The bear is still around.”

However, another employee posted on a Miranda Facebook page that the Humboldt County Sheriff’s deputy and a Fish and Wildlife warden were on the scene about by about 1:45 p.m. The lockdown was canceled.



  • Does this mean they will kill the bear or take elsewhere?

    • It takes all kinds

      I’m curious about this too????

      • Apparently no one is able to give an answer to my question!!

        • Lots of people (including me) had a bear problem in Miranda 3 or 4 years back where they were tearing up trash and trying to get at pets. The wardens answer was “too bad” and don’t shoot it until it destroys valuable property or kills your dog! When you’re in an unincorporated, rural area they don’t have to do shit!!!

  • That wasn’t a bear. It was me before my morning coffee. Bears are far less dangerous.

  • The bear was seen packing a AR -15. Must’ve of been one of those bears that voted for trump… dam trump bears. Does school get locked down in case of unicorn sightings?

  • It’s just the school mascot! Haha

    • unbridled philistine

      Funny! Bad day for the zipper to get stuck on costume! Yogi? Maybe looking for those Damn” pickinet baskets”?

  • I am so glad the lockdown was for a bear and not a active shooter.

  • If a tiger shows up in the area today we will have all the boxes checked. Oh my!

  • Lockdown? These kids today are soft, back in my day our teacher made us go outside and wrestle the bear.

    • It takes all kinds

      You [edit] obviously don’t have kids yet.

      • I have kids and teach them not to be afraid of black bears. Show fear… and you might be dinner. PS. Bears are one of the few predators that eat there prey alive! Most others including mountain loins wait till there dead. Just a fun fact!

        • the horror of live grass being eaten. the horror. and the screams from salmon berries, those screams truly haunts me.

  • Poor bear looks thin. Hope he takes advantage of all the lush Spring growth and feeds himself.
    Or herself.

  • Maybe he was showing up for Summer School ?

  • “They” won’t kill the bear. They let him wander off and go about his business. I can’t remember a bear hurting a human in Humboldt. Can anyone? A lock down was probably a good idea though. Wouldn’t want the kids to hurt the bear. 27 school kids *not* killed in the space of a few minutes by a human with an assault rifle.

    • Yeah that’s a good point when was the last school shooting in humboldt with a assault rifle?

    • Don’t know if the bear killed him, but one fed on a Sohum man’s body a few years back. Probably reported on RHBB if you search.

  • >”They let him wander off and go about his business. I can’t remember a bear hurting a human in Humboldt. Can anyone?”

    Bear killed a guy up near Orick… that was maybe 35+- years ago.
    He went into a bear den armed with a .22 pistol. Big mistake.

    That was the last NW California bear er… ‘attack’ on humans I’ve heard about.

    IMHO: Somebody should have gone out and yelled at the bear.

  • Covelo or busted

    Skinny bear, young and hungry, humans will only bring this to a bad end. Dont feed em! Please dont leave garbage out.

  • I saw a pit bull in miranda. Everybody grab a gun and lets go kill this killer!

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