34th Reggae on the River Starts August 3

This is a press release from the Mateel Community Center:

Tickets available online at reggaeontheriver.com

34th Reggae on the River, August 3-5, 2018 presented by High Times

Iconic Humboldt County event produced in partnership with the Mateel Community Center

From August 3-5, 2018 High Times will present the 34th staging of Reggae On The River in partnership with the Mateel Community Center. One of the world’s most iconic festival experiences that first began in 1984, the event is held at French’s Camp on the banks of the Eel river in Southern Humboldt County. For vendor, volunteer and artist inquiries, the email contacts are as follows: vendors – salesteam@hightimes.com                                        volunteers- volunteers@hightimes.com and artists – cannabiscuphelp@hightimes.com



  • And still no announced lineup.

    • Right. Its the middle of June. They better get some big names or there will be too little interest and too little time.

  • Really Where Is The Stolen Wages ?

    What about the payroll taxes they have not paid and stole from everyone’s paycheck? These taxes are paid out of peoples wages

  • groba dude osnt trustafarian

    YAWN. Boring.

    God, I don’t care… Buncha stoned tourists…

    Dope’s legal now, outlaw ROR!

  • “Reggae On The River® is the primary fundraiser of the Mateel Community Center, a 501 c-3 non-profit organization offering arts, educational, youth, and social service programs to the rural communities of Southern Humboldt and Northern Mendocino Counties.”

    This is how the MCC has always been granted approval from the Planning Commission to have and hold ROTR. However, on June 21, 2018, the MCC will again need the Planning Commission’s approval to have and hold ROTR for another 5 years. Only this time, they cannot claim the above statement. That is, since the MCC is now in bed with High Times, which will profit and is not a “501c3 non-profit organization”.

    So how does the MCC justify ROTR anymore?

    Here is the public notice, the staff report will not be made public until Friday. I guess the MCC don’t want too many people to know about this, if they did, they would make it all public…


    And, in what the MCC put together to the Planning Commission, funny they didn’t claim how poor the attendance was for 2017 or how much debt they have created just from Reggae, I wonder at some point, if the MCC will need to disclose why High Times is a big part of the show and who is benefiting from ROTR now? Read the top of page 5 of the link below. Why is the MCC lying to the County, or at the very least, misleading them.


  • Okay- so don’t go in the river after August 3rd! All the way downriver will be a stanky cesspool of human body products and dreadlocks. Thanks for the heads-up!

  • Mendocino Mamma

    No line up no patrons! Let’s place some bets on how long it is before we hear about a cancellation due to low ticket sales. They are reinventing the wheel here folks… it was a tried and true festival that worked well for many years. Ran its course like most things do. Something that just can’t be duplicated. Can’t turn back time…it sadly marches on. 🌄

  • I don’t know how in the world they get this permitted every fall…August which is the most critical time for fish (young salmon) and steelhead. The amount of human waste and other materials dumped into the Eel during this event is huge. Phosphorous and nitrogen both leading to large algae blooms down river.

    How can this permit be issued by the County!?

    • Its because the MCC has always convinced the County ROTR is a fundraiser and only serves as the greater good for the community. Now that they are in bed with High Times, what part of ROTR is a fundraiser and not a for-profit enterprise…

      • Excellent point. My concern has always been to the Eel River, and now sounds like MCC is no longer a not for-profit enterprise.

        Still, having an event like this, of this size, with the impacts to our Eel River, and during the seasonal low flow when fish need clean water…..what is the Planning Commission and the BOS thinking?

        • And it’s just not ROTR, it’s also Northern Nights, Redwood Run, ROTR after parties etc. All these festival/concert venues on the river that use and abuse the South Fork Eel River. Now we find out that ROTR used a dust control chemical/suppressant polymer onsite on the riverbar during 2017. The MCC will not confirm or deny this non-approved activity.

          It would seem, the MCC and the County are not concerned about the health or water quality of the South Fork Eel River (actions speak louder that words) and the threatened and endangered species (coho, chinook, steelhead) that call the river their home. The South Fork Eel is a state and federal Wild & Scenic River, not a wild free-for-all festival venue so you can dispose 44,000 of septic wastewater and leave behind in the riverbar below the floodplain. Which might explain why the river jumps in e-coli and coliform bacteria only during and after the event, not before.

          The MCC needs to be held accountable for their actions and leave NO trace. If ROTR was such a groovy eco-friendly event, do you think the Mattole Restoration Council would allow it on the Mattole?

          • I’d like to know more about the dust suppressant.

            • Dust Down Poly Pro, main chemical is “Vinyl Acetate Copolymer” and its still under “trade secret” so no information of importance is on the MSDS. it is really sad to hear they used this. I propose a non-profit group collect a series of samples this year, with the inclusion of baseline samples from a neighboring river of equivalence and do as needed with the results. upriver, at the location and a series of down river samples.

            • So would I, however no one is talking. The only thing we do know, nothing like this was allowed or approved under the MCC’s conditional use permit for ROTR. Most of these products are not recommended to be used near a fish bearing stream or bird nesting habitat; and both exist at the ROTR site location and riverbar!

          • Opportunity to help Eel

            If you really want to help the eel then please get involved with the potter valley dam issue. PGE is going to sell it and we deserve to get our 70% of eel water back instead of it getting diverted to the Russian.
            None of these wknd events would be so noticeable if we had that water. Smaller things have huge impacts on an already compromised ecosystem like the Eel.
            Doubt we’ll ever be able to get rid of the real destroyer, the silt from logging thats now at least 50′ deep in most spots along south fork. The water that is thereleaches into the silt and runs underground.

            • The Potter Dam doesn’t take water from the South Fork where Reggae is located.

            • Patriot in Willits

              I don’t want to sound pessimistic, but I think the diversion is going to continue after PG&E leaves . It depends on who prevails when they auction it off, but my guess is that either Sonoma County or the Potter Valley Water District will take over. They might be willing to reduce the flow in summer, but neither is going to end it entirely.

      • Po ick ur battles

        I live 2 miles down river and have roughly 2 1/3 miles that our parcels cover if river bar, both sides. I dont like to complain, but I do notice a difference after reggae in the blooms and such. I know it’s been drought years, but when reggae moved to benbow there for a little bit it was noticble later until the blooms were full blown. I know there are a lot of factors I don’t understand in algae blooms, but my eyes on the river every day of my life to tell a tale. I think that the cars parked there are the worst part. Especially in summer, cars running always drip stuff, half the people sit there with ac. in, it cannot be good . Nature has learned how to deal with processing poop but oil it takes a mycological assistance which the dry river bar cannot provide in August … Cancel this festival please . Find a place where the cars can at least park on grass and mycellium.

  • Oh the laughter!!!

    We need 45 days to prepare? For an event that has gone on for over 30 years. And like the Redwood Run, has lost all credibility locally ‘cept for those dyed in the dreds.

  • Taurus Ballzhoff

    These events are for making money. Just like SHCHD, they exist to make money for locals.

    Not for profit, or whatever the organization, lets just call them what they are.

    Money makers for locals. Period.

    These events, these organizations, would not occur or exist if locals did not get money in their pockets.

    There is no altruism at work in SoHum.

    The only sacrifices made are made by the environment.

    Give me a break, screw ROR, screw the MCC and it’s corrupt board. Vote by not participating, and pay attention to the voices of reason, like Ed Voice.

    Thanks Ed!

  • Living near the site, the threat of fire has always been there. But now with the Cannabis Cup part of the event the risk has magnified. Piercy Volunteer Fire Department has been one of those groups unpaid. Pretty foolish considering the Piercy Fire Chief, Patrick Landegren is required to sign off on their permit. With the changes promoters are asking for a 5 year permit together with the rep for the site, Candice Arthur, who lives in Yosemite and runs a B&B. This is far from a local event. We as neighbors have everything to lose and nothing to gain. They want to reduce the number of volunteers, but last year they did not even provide security to us as a community which was always required to stop the trespassing, illegal camping; fires, along with rip-off crop pickers. Interestingly the proposed 2018 Operations Plan is using data generated in 2014, the beginning of the downward spiral for ROTR. Unfortunately with new faces on the Planning Commission, they are lack a historical understanding of the impact of this event. Please come to Eureka for the ROTR permit hearing on Thursday, June 21st in the Humboldt County Supes Chambers. Stop the corporate invasion!

  • I have been going here for more than 20 years , I have NEVER seen anyone at the gate protesting or educating the public about the river. Just online posts about how bad everything is. IF YOU REALLY CARE, protest and educate. Distribute watershed flyers. Your not going to get anywhere posting on a local newspaper.

    • 1. The “gate” is on private property. And protesting on private property would last 2 minutes.

      2. Trying to educate the public at the “gate”, after they have bought tickets is a non-starter.

      The question I propose; if you only had one choice, to either protect the water quality habitat of the South Fork Eel or allow Reggae on the River to continue as usual at its current location; which would you choose?

      • The rest of town is public property. If you don’t want to protest-dont make excuses not to. Buy a ticket go inside-EDUCATE.Or attempt to connect with High Times and start from there. I mean, what type of activist are you?

        To your question , Protect the river, kill the festival. BUT that’s not happening. Sounds like you already gave up about educating the public, so….yeah.

        People like to talk, but where’s the action? I’m not saying your not active, but where are all these people that dont like the festival, it seems they are all on online? I have never seen anyone attempting to educate people about the river besides the one paragraph in the festival program. If you stopped several people from polluting the river-does that not help? I don’t even get in the river.

        • ” I mean, what type of activist are you….Sounds like you already gave up about educating the public, so….yeah.?”

          The kind that uses his name for starters. Why would I buy a ticket and support the event? And I will “connect with High Times” at the Planning Commission hearing, when I make my case in public, make public comments and oppose the project in person. I don’t know your definition of “activist”, but I know mine and that’s all that matters. I’m glad you know everything about me. I’m glad you think this is my first rodeo. If I “gave up” educating the public about these issues, why are we having this conversation? I do it my way, you do it yours. Be well and be regular…

          • Ok Ed, I guess we all have to be passionate or obsessed about something. Have a Good day.

            • No Matches, we don’t “all have to be passionate or obsessed about something”. However, when I see something I love, that is wronged, we need to speak up, loud and often as we can, to protect species that cannot speak or defend themselves. As much as I have opposed ROTR, it dims in comparison to the MCC “obsessed” with bringing ROTR back to French’s Camp. They sold their soul and for what, despite what adverse impacts it has on the rivers health? The irony is in the name MATEEL. It has lost it meaning and now only a corporation’s registered trade mark.

              larga vida día de los muertos…

  • Anything but Reggae

  • I hear that the Marley kids are friends of High Times so they might be showing up at least a few of them they might have some really good performers like Carol and people’s Productions used to put on asides from that but it is interesting that they haven’t got a lineup of any sort yet maybe the mateel well Sue High Times so they can get their trash cans back they might have found the goose but well it lay the golden egg

  • So who is telling the truth here? Here is the Humboldt County Planning Commission staff report for ROTR, as made public today for the June 21th 2018 Planning Commission meeting. As stated on page 4:

    “Based on the successful event last year, on-site inspection and monitoring provisions, required mitigation measures, a review of Planning Division reference sources, and comments from referral agencies, the Department believes that the applicant has submitted evidence in support of making all of the required findings for approving the proposed modification to the Conditional Use Permit and Special Permit, approving the Annual Report for the 2017 event, and setting the attendance level at 9,000 persons total for the 2018 event.”

    Did you catch that; “Based on the successful event last year”! Whoa, not according to Garth and the MCC Board they are in debt from “last year” and the year before that etc etc etc, to the tune of $700,000.00 big ones. Who is telling the truth or is it all just mental masterbation…

    And from page 3, how many “Owners” are involved with Reggae and who gets paid:

    Mateel Community Center PO Box 1910 Redway, CA 95540 (707) 923-424

    Arthur Candice Tr 44606 Silver Spur Trail Ahwahnee, CA 93601 (707) 822-0597

    Additional Owners:
    Rogue River Investments PT, 445 Lake Benbow Dr, Garberville, CA, 95542,
    Outraged Orangutan LLC Co, 2961 Mission St,, San Francisco, CA, 94410,
    Allard Howard R & Wanda L & Walter H & Nanci K TR
    Bolorinos Gayle J, 1900 Foxtail Ct, Turlock, CA, 95382,
    Assembly of God N CA & NV District Council Inc CR, 750 US Highway 101, Garberville, CA, 95542

    I guess High Times isn’t an owner, just the promoter? Glad to see God is getting a piece of the action. I guess this means Assembly of God will be promoting High Times on Sunday…


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