Vehicle Overturned on Hwy 36

traffic accidentAccording to the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page, a single vehicle rolled over and off the roadway while pulling a trailer on Hwy 36 near McClellan Mountian Road.

The vehicle was headed westbound but went off the eastbound side. It landed on its roof and the 24′ trailer is on its side.

All four occupants are not injured. However, there are a number of emergency vehicles in the area. Please be extra alert in the area.

Please remember that information gathered from initial reports is subject to revision as more facts become available.



  • Please be careful on the roads, especially with this weather following a dry spell. Pavement is slick and construction areas are just slime. Be safe!

  • Another one???!!! Sigh!!!

  • This road cleanse it’s self of bad drivers.

  • Slow down people!

  • It happened after I went thru the area, heading west coming home. Roads are slick from the rain, and people dont care or pay attention to how they drive. My pretty black truck is a muddy mess from the construction zone. I pulled over 6 times going up early this morning in the rain for people to go speeding by me I figure drive slow get there in 1 piece, guess others dont have the same idea

  • No vehicle description?

  • They lost it in that last curve at the bottom of McCullen. Probably just a novice that didnt know to come down tbat hill in low gear and easy on the brakes.

  • Half ton dodge towing a travel trailer smoked the brakes and didn’t make the last bottom turn of McClellan headed west looked bad but the family was all standing around when I went by the trailer was demolished the truck to looked like it was on the roof at one point

  • Eldon G. Whitehead

    Mad 36 claimed another one. Slow down people and watch the road and what may be ahead of you. 36 in some areas is a trap for unwary and those that are not locals who knows the road.

    • Especially the construction areas, as the first post points out, they are extremely slippery!!!

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