Fire Burning Vegetation in the Weott Area

vegetation fire iconAt approximately 11:45 p.m., an emergency operator dispatched firefighters to the scene of a vegetation fire burning south of Newton Road in Weott.


Please remember that information gathered from initial reports is subject to revision as more facts become available.



  • Summer season, fire season
    Trim the vegetation around your home.

  • Kind green in them part of the woods for a forest fire specially this time of year i would think

  • Evidently not, considering they just had to deal with one, maybe not a full blown Forest Fire but close enough!!!

  • Whats up with the unpermitted grow highly visible off the 101? Is the county just going to look away? This guy is a nuisance consider this a complaint!

    • You have to make complaints to the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department.

    • You can also call the Humboldt Co. Building and Planning Dept and ask the person who answers to connect you with code enforcement so you can file a complaint. That way you dont have to deal with the cops. Your complaint is anonymous…your name wont be in the public record unless it goes to court…even then, your name can be redacted from record available to the

  • How do you know it is unpermitted?

    • Muddy Black Dodge

      Good question Ed. Picture of greenhouses in Hawaii being run over by the volcano.

    • And here I was hoping that the roach palace south of Newton and next to the Freeway was going to be gone…
      Chances are that removing the eyesore would improve the neighborhood by some, likely reduce the rat population…
      Yes, there are springs along that section of the hill that keeps the area just a bit greener than one would expect. Likely they exist still because the State owns that land.

  • It’s dry out there. If you haven’t burnt it by now, please haul it to the dump or keep it until the fall rains.

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