Vehicle on Its Top Near Fields Landing After Crashing Off 101

traffic accidentA vehicle landed on its top after a traffic accident on Hwy 101 near Fields Landing at approximately 3:42 p.m. The female occupant was able to exit the vehicle, according to a report relayed by dispatch to emergency personnel.

The vehicle is 50 feet over the embankment, according to a report from the scene.



  • Wow! She’s lucky today. Glad no one was hurt

  • Has anyone else noticed how the road on either side of the overpass appears to have subsided there, causing significant bumps on the freeway when crossing the bridge part of the overpass? I think this is at least the second time that has happened there, with the last one a few years ago.

    • I believe it might be the new surface put on recently. Check the Herrick Avenue overpass. It is now higher than the road on both sides.

    • There are signs that day resurfacing with cones everywhere. Do people need to take driver’s education again?

    • Yes. The county has done a terrible job at maintaining our roads but this is serious . until someone really gets hurt though they have no need to worry about fixing anything

  • Its tough to keep it upright

  • Divide by Zero

    Attention span alert. Your car is not a telephone booth, or a restaurant, or a beauty parlor, it’s a potentially lethal hunk of steel that requires all of your attention while in motion.

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