SF Neighborhood Not Sure if Cannabis Retail Store Featuring Humboldt County Farmers Is Good Fit

Luke Bruner ccvh

Luke Bruner on the steps of the Humboldt County Courthouse in 2015 announcing the group’s proposed land use ordinance. [Photo by Kym Kemp]

Yesterday’s Bay Area Reporter (B.A.R), which serves the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities, posted an in-depth look at concerns of residents in the Castro District over a proposed new cannabis retail business. Both of the partners of the business–Terrance Alan and Luke Bruner–are described as longtime Humboldt County cannabis farmers.

According to B.A.R,

“I think most of the concerns are about the compatibility of the use with the location…” wrote [land use committee chair, David] Troup. …

“I don’t think people are worried about another cannabis store in the neighborhood…but there is concern about this specific location and the broader (and possibly undisclosed) plans of its sponsors,” Troup added…”I didn’t hear anyone speaking against the idea of another cannabis store generally, so I hope you won’t portray us as anti-pot or something,” Troup wrote.

Terrance Alan told the B.A.R that the proposed store would be “stocked with a carefully curated selection of cannabis flowers and infused products, mainly provided by small farmers in Humboldt County.”



  • How funny. Being worried that others might see you as “anti-pot or something.”

  • Anonymous Humboldtian

    If you read the linked article, it sounds like the biggest concern is turning the rent controlled apartment above the dispensary into something else.

  • Same Greenrushers cane into our community & actively participated in the fragmentation of SoHum’s culture. Anyone not inline with their political agenda slandered and targeted. Of course they had the help of our backstabbing money hungry greedy two face Supervisor, Estelle Fennel. These idiots think because she is a lesbian the SF Gay and Lesbian community shares her morals and values! WRONG!! These bastards actively participated in the hate and violence by manipulating the 2nd & 3rd generation of growers. Hating on women and the perceived weak Our Supervisors empowered these gutless Fucks. Luke, who lobbied for anti abortionists, turned his nose up to longtime community members & environmentalists. San Francisco they destroyed our culture and participated in the dissemination of our wildlife! Their Cannabis is blood tinged and cursed!

  • Just put a rainbow on it and it will pass! Everybody loves rainbows ( and pink fluffy unicorns….)

  • Long time farmers my ass. Luke is a manipulative carpetbagger who showed up just in time to try and cash in on the corporatization of the industry. I hope the people of Castro see through his BS

  • Hello?


    What’s wrong with being anti-pot?

    Pot sucks, and, it’s over…

    Learn to grow something else!

  • But why are Napoleon Dynamite and Dan Ackroyd there?

  • Luke Bruner a long-time Humboldt grower?! What a parasite. He arrived, sold us all out and now claims he is one of us?!! I wish bad things for him.

  • Thomas Edrington

    When it comes to Bruner, if you suspect it it’s probably true. After co-opting a small cannabis farmer movement to sell out to a large consortium with whom he was in business, squandering $50k in donation primarily on personal expenses, and getting run out of town on a rail after a laughable attempt to strongarm his bosses he’s trying to claim the Humboldt brand. 4 years spent in Humboldt County dabbling in the industry doesn’t make you a farmer, and only respecting men doesn’t make you a gay ally.

    If folks in SF suspect he’s not giving them the whole story, there’s almost certainly something ethically dubious involved to service his bottomless greed.

  • so much hate on these mb’s…competitors no doubt

    • Long time Humboldt County farmer, ha ha ha 😂. Not a real farmer, has probably never pulled a crop by himself. Didn’t Kevin Jordy basically just hire him to do all of his public speaking?
      I generally dislike green rushers acting like they’re local, but this guy is the worst. Good at public speaking though, I can see him in non-weed politics. He could be the next Ari Fleischer. To anybody in the Bay Area who is reading this, this guy is evil, he’d work for Republicans if they paid him enough.

    • Not hate, just the truth!

  • Wait, Luke is a co-owner of this proposed business? How funny. No, he is not “long time Humboldt County” and no, he is not a “cannabis farmer”. HA!

  • That would be a great thing if they actually bought from small farmers in Humboldt.That would surprise me.

  • Kym you gained some weight!

  • Two genders, one president!
    No H in winning!
    #pizzagate #killary

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