Hot Show Dogs Stolen From Redding Recovered

Show dogs Redding police

Some of the stolen dogs that were recovered–hot but okay. [Photos from Redding Police]

Facebook post from the California Highway Patrol-Northern Division Air Operations:

Today around 1040, a call came in of a possible sighting of a stolen van with show dogs inside. The van was stolen on Wednesday from the In-N-Out parking lot in Redding. Air 11 was already in the area searching for the van and responded. Within moments, A-11 located the van in a wooded area south of Canyon Road and west of SR-273 in Redding. A-11 directed Redding Police DepartmentOfficers to the van’s location. Officers were able to gain entry to the van and all dogs were reported to be hot, but alive. We received numerous calls from the public on possible sightings of the vehicle and due to your vigilance, the dogs were located unharmed.

Stolen van as seen from the air.

Stolen van as seen from the air. [Photo from the CHP]



  • Glad this turned out okay for the puppers!

  • I am so happy this had a good recovery! 🐕🐶

  • So glad found ok!

    I bet they stole the van to part out or sell and didnt wanna deal with the dogs. Maybe gonna use for a crime then ditch it.
    If they knew how mych the dogs are worth they woulda had them on boat out of country immediately.
    Pure breds are being stolen to breed as the upper class around the world becomes more interested in owning them; they become a status symbol.

  • Poor puppers locked up in a hot vehicle. Glad to hear that they are okay. C’mon humans, get your act together.
    Wake Up, please. Kindness, please.

  • Thank gawd. I hope they get fingerprints and find out who did this. This person left the dogs in a remote area with windows up. How sick and disgusting is that. I also hope this is a lesson learned. Don’t leave the engine running in your car and leave it. Leave the windows open a crack. The dogs would have been fine. Eat in the car if you have to. Luckily a very happy ending for the critters.

    • Leaving one dog in a car with cracked windows does nothing on a hot day. The temperature rises up to 20 degrees in 30 minutes… Imagine 14 dogs with the windows cracked!! Poor puppies.. Atleast they were found in time and alive.

  • Doggone!!….Hot Dog, they found em’!!

  • Oh, thank goodness! Those dogs must have been so scared and confused. ….and hot!

  • Get a female pit bull, never lock your doors again!

  • I was so happy to hear they were found and OK. It is so fortunate it was not a regular Redding 110 degree summer day. I wasn’t so happy to read in the press release that there were three people in the van and they all went into the restaurant together.

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