High Risk Traffic Stop Yielded About One Pound of Meth, Says EPD

Randall grzymski

Grzymski on the left and Randall on the right.

This is a press release from the Eureka Police Department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

On June 7, 2018 at approximately 3:57 pm, an officer with the Eureka Police Department observed a 2018 Ford Fusion commit a stop sign violation at the intersection of Del Norte Street at A Street. The Ford then turned northbound on A Street. The officer attempted a traffic enforcement stop on the vehicle, but the vehicle was slow to yield. The vehicle turned eastbound onto Wabash Avenue, before quickly pulling to the curb. The front passenger attempt to exit the vehicle, but was ordered back into the vehicle by the officer. Due to the totality of the circumstances the officer kept the occupants at gunpoint until additional officers could respond to the location to assist. The front passenger continued to attempt to exit the vehicle.

Upon arrival of additional officers, a “high risk” traffic stop was conducted and the three occupants of the vehicle were detained without further incident.


[Photo by Mark McKenna]

As a result of the investigation, approximately one pound of methamphetamine was located. The below three occupants of the vehicle were taken into custody and later booked on the following charges:Johnny Edward Victor Randall (34 years old) Possession of a controlled substance for sales
Transportation of a controlled substance

Jessica Darlene Grzymski (28 years old) Possession of a controlled substance for sales
Transportation of a controlled substance

Dylan Brett Barber (18 years old) [Not pictured] Active Warrant

This is an ongoing investigation and any updates shall be released when appropriate.


Earlier Chapter with more photos of the traffic stop by Mark McKenna: Suspects Attempting to Flee Traffic Stop Captured at Gunpoint by EPD



  • Alt Right For Life

    Great job!

  • 18 and already with a warrant and hanging around the other two older losers. He still has a chance if he learns from this one. Good bust!

  • As a 34yr old born and raised local. I find it incredible how the amounts listed from busts have increased in my lifetime.

    Until maybe the last 4 yrs … we heard of pounds for weed and oz. for hard drugs. Now it’s tons for weed and pounds for hard drugs.

    Pretty fuckin crazy

  • That picture don’t look to good to me. 4 armed and trained people drawn down on an unarmed woman. I know they were worried about the other individuals, but really? And at that point they didn’t even know about the drugs.

  • Bookem’

  • Hey, WTF, I got a Ford Fusion, I can out run the cop’s anytime!

  • Another “Poser” for her mug shot. She must think it’s for her job application.

  • Are they from here.

  • These dumb woman need to get real and quit thinking a man with drugs is a royal king all it is is a big joke these stupid woman giving up everything just to get thar dope for free all these girls are doing is walking around blind makes me sick i mean i could do the same thing go get a big bag of drugs find some crack ho’s and be the man. Joke

  • Gross..

  • Bastion of Faith

    Mark, looks like you were right in the line of fire!

  • awwe, poor girl, how will she continue to buy her $250 pairs of Rock Revival jeans and get her nails done and her brown hair dyed blonde or the new pairs of Uggs….. parents watch out, if your kids are into tight rock revivals, tattooing their eyebrows on and getting their plastic nails done, and run around with the tweakers whodeal and use meth, coke and x, they too are probably selling their booty for drugs….. tall tale story is the Rock Revivals….. only hard core druggies value those 250 dollar jeans that squeeze all the fat in

  • Seems to me there are a lot more drug busts than there used to be. And lately way more. So are the police getting more competent in removing it from our streets? Or are more drugs coming into the area? Which ever it is, I’m glad they are removing it.

    • It’s more drugs. The legalization of one drug only will put people into a state of economic distress and desperation which leads to more drug use…. ironic huh?

  • The Philippines has it right, execute them. Swift justice and a message to others who may be thinking of doing the same

  • garbagevillain dingelberries

    Cartel meth. Its the usual they have a whitey in the vehicle to transport with them, thinking they look ledgit.
    Not this time tweekers!

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