[UPDATE 3:40 p.m.] Murder Suspect Zack Harrison Arrested in Eureka

At approximately 1:30 p.m. today, Zach Harrison was arrested in Eureka. Harrison was wanted for the shooting death of Robert Holtsclaw on September 23 of 2017. Harrison has repeatedly slipped from law enforcement’s clutches as he navigated his home territory near the rural community of Alderpoint. From high-speed pursuits in vehicles and running through the night woods to swimming the raging waters of the Eel River, Harrison managed to wriggle his way from massive law enforcement pursuits that involved everything from a helicopter to a jet ski.

Zachary Cordell Harrison, zack harrison

Zachary Cordell Harrison

Today, however, Eureka police officers nabbed the murder suspect on Wabash Avenue near a small market in the Walmart Parking lot.

Humboldt County Sheriff’s spokesperson Samantha Karges confirmed that Eureka Police arrested Harrison but she didn’t know any of the details at this time.

Calls and messages to the EPD have not been returned.

UPDATE 2:12 p.m.: Eureka Police Chief Steve Watson tells us that Harrison was arrested in the Walmart parking lot.

UPDATE 2:17 p.m.: According to Eureka Police spokesperson, Brittany Powell, a “Citizen tip that someone matching his description was seen on [from the foot of Truesdale*] Broadway” led to Harrison’s arrest. “EPD officers searched the area and located him,” she wrote in an email. *Note: Powell updated the statement.

UPDATE 2:21 p.m.: EPD Chief Watson stated by text, “Around 1:17 PM, a caller reported to EPD dispatch seeing a subject matching Harrison’s description walking near the foot of Truesdale. EPD officers responded and began searching the area. One of our officers found him in the Walmart parking lot and had him in custody by 1:28 PM.

UPDATE 3:40 p.m.: This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

A Southern Humboldt man wanted on charges of homicide was taken into custody this afternoon by the Eureka Police Department.

On June 6, 2018, at about 1:17 p.m., the Eureka Police Department received a tip that a subject matching the description of homicide suspect Zachary Harrison was observed near Truesdale St. in Eureka, walking north through the back parking lot of the Bayshore Mall. Eureka Police officers located Harrison walking in the parking lot near Walmart. He was taken into custody without incident at about 1:28 p.m.

Harrison was booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility on charges of homicide. His bail is set at $1 Million.

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office would like to thank the Eureka Police Department for their assistance in apprehending Harrison, the citizens of Humboldt for the numerous tips as to Harrison’s whereabouts and all of the local agencies who aided in the search for Harrison.

Anyone with information about this case or related criminal activity is encouraged to call the Sheriff’s Office at (707) 445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip line at (707) 268-2539.

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  • First to comment lol

  • He will have some of the best stories in the joint.

    Glad they finally caught him. If he’d stayed on the hill it might have taken years.

  • Searchingforbobby

    About time!

  • Good job officers!

  • Finally! Prayers that there is no bail.

  • Thank you to the citizen who gave the tip. I wonder if they had seen his photo on this site, Kym. Let’s hope he’s brought to justice.

  • local observer

    I am more apt to believe the first story. which is he was hiding out in the projects off Wabash. the correction story is not adding up but plays well with politics. if so wouldn’t it be the Carrington Family parking lot?

  • Great job HCSO!! Good looking out citizen!! One down, many many more to go….

  • Finally he is where he should be good job EPD and thanks for the caller who called in.Hope you get Justice for Bob. Pray he doesn’t get bail and keep him locked up.

  • Frank Pembleton

    Of course Walmart. Like moths to a flame…

  • Alt Right For Life

    Walmart security cameras use facial recognition which also is tied in with law enforcement databases.

    Now the criminals that read this site are aware of this.

    Great job Law Enforcement and Walmart Security on capturing a wanted person.

  • My prayers who all the people he hurt and continues to hurt

  • Don’t be so quick to judge

    I’m so glad his arrest went smoothly. I’ve been praying that it didn’t end up with more tragedy. I’m praying for you Zach!!!

    • It's about time!

      Not quick to judge, he cost me $5000 grand when he nearly beat my employee to death in Garberville!
      Streets are a lil safer tonight! Hope he receives the help he really needs inside! Thank you HCSO!

      • 5000 grand you say, that’s like 5mil must have been really bad.

        • It's about time!

          Even if it cost $5 bucks, no one deserves to be beat for doing his job.
          Its not up for you to decide how bad it really was, by the value of the hospital bill,
          you weren’t the one hurt or witnessed it!
          This happened years ago and the guy still suffers from his injuries today, so I’d say ya, that’s pretty bad, in most sane folks books.
          Not surprised at all he finally murdered someone!

  • Maybe 25k bail and probation?

  • Hey Kym – did anyone ever say what the original tussle was about?
    Maybe this isn’t good to ask before the trial, sorry.

    • That doesn’t seem to matter here!

    • Maybe, if you check the other previous stories, by clicking on the RED LINKS above, you’ll know as Paul Harvey is famous for saying, “The Rest of the Story!!!

  • Just glad no one was hurt. No one shot. The next leg begins. They need to show enough evidence to indict him now…. wonder how that will go???

  • He looks happy ,and spun at the same time .I wonder being in red jump suit he still is az happy.

  • Veteran's friend

    Predicting a conviction for 2nd degree & a sentence of 25 to life with a 10 year enhancement for use of a firearm.

    • Jerry Brown did away with firearm enhancements

      • No, 10-20-life firearm enhancements still exist, as far as I know. The Senate removed the *mandatory* sentencing requirement at the judge’s discretion.

    • I think the same he will do all 25 flat day for day . And then some before paroled . He better fight , f@ck , or bust a $50 on that commissary for Debo 😆!!!! When Debo comes around I’ll shut up , but when he leaves I’ll tat talking again !

  • He got some sun and came out smiling. Good run.

  • The Barefoot Bandit was a better story and He didn’t murder(kill anybody). Zack is Just a low class hoodlum that eluded capture for a while.

    • It will come out

      “He didn’t kill anybody” ? If only you really knew what happened. He shot Bob in cold blood. While bob was in his truck with a passenger. There is a lot of evidence and an eye witness…. he caused a lot of trouble not only for him self but for the whole community! Also the low life tweakers hiding him should go to jail too! Not the first time the hid a murder and probably won’t be the last.

  • Free smokes for life lol

  • I bet the citizens of Rancho are happy now they can get back to normal operations what ever that my be .

  • And Justice For All METALLICA
    why was my last comment censored it wasn’t even slightly offensive or unusual ?
    No one was shot and no one had to clean up there trash.

  • Kym, maybe iterate the murder?

  • If someone did call this in and is responsible for his arrest, the county owes them. A reward, gift certs, get out of ticket free cards or something. Probably saved the county hundreds of more dollars following leads.

  • You mean it grows in all white trashy like that?

  • Damn he looks like somebody pumped him up with a good dose and told him to take a walk anyways bout time let’s see how it unravels keep us updated !

  • Happy Birthday Zack!

    • Had to share this with you as I found it extremely hilarious!

      “Lol! He was waiting all this time to get arrested on his birthday 🎂… that’s some funny ass shit! He probably called in the tip on himself. That’s why “arrested without incident” and he looks so happy! Just wanted a hot meal for his birthday. LMFAO!! Haaaaaaaaaaa hahaha! Fuckin Zach the Mac! If he wasn’t ready to get arrested he woulda ran again.

      Or he didn’t even know it was his birthday and right before the picture they said “smile it’s your birthday!” CLICK!!!”

      P.S. I think his birthday was actually the 5th but same Fucking difference….

  • Weird that he did all that to evade arrest but he didn’t shave off his facial hair.

  • Hahaha half of you guys don’t even know what your talking about. As long as Zach doesn’t give them a confession he’ll only be charged with evading arrest and other minor crimes while he was on the run. Don’t be so quick to judge, he has family who loves him and we just lost our other brother, it would’ve been a tragedy to lose Zach as well. Maybe if Kym didn’t allow people to constantly slander my brother on this website when there’s not logged evidence that he killed someone, it would be a way more productive site.

    • Don’t forget about the wittness.

      • if its not a credible witness, a good defense attorney will eat it up! looks like he better hire
        Marci Kitchen’s lawyer asap!

    • as long as he didn’t talk Jasmine, the lawyers will do all the talking and he’ll be out!

      • I am praying for the same outcome. I just want him safe and sound. Losing him would rip our family apart after we already lost Chris.

    • It’s not slander to repeat the facts. Charged with homicide. His victim is dead!
      Get over yourself. Who cares what his family thinks.

      • Why don’t you put your name and stop hiding behind a screen. He’s not charged with homicide, he was wanted for questioning. I think that me and my sister (the ones who are actually being notified as his family) would know more about it than you. Get the facts before you open your mouth.

    • Productive of what?

    • Haha, it’s only slander if it’s untrue. Like most drug addicts he’s probably told the cops every crime he’s committed since kindergarten trying to get a deal.

      • He doesn’t need a deal 😂 he isn’t charged with murder, he’s wanted for questioning as a suspect. Notice how in every update about him it says “murder SUSPECT”. Man you really do have no idea what your talking about.

        • Your murder suspect was charged with PC187(a) which is homicide and 1million dollar bail. loco has it on their booked page.

    • He doesn’t have the money for a fancy defense lawyer. Too many witnesses and a violent past. People aren’t on here just making up stories about the little punk. How would you know, you’ve been living in Hawaii, right?

      • Just because I have been living in Hawaii doesn’t mean my sister and I aren’t kept informed. Put your name and don’t hide behind a screen. There is ONE witness and that witness is not even credible which is why they won’t be able to convict him without a confession. Many people have pasts and I’m sure you do to whoever you are. He’s still my brother regardless of what he’s done. Get the facts kid.

    • No time for nonsense.

      Jasmine. This whole thing is a heart breaker. I’m sorry for you and your sister. Wish this would have never happened and the victim was still alive. I don’t know if Zach killed Mr Holtsclaw. But at the very least he knows who did. A lot of witnesses do say it was Zach. I live in Alderpoint and am sick of people behaving like they are above the law and can do whatever they want even murder. I feel the people that helped Zach hide out should be held accountable. At least you know where Zach is today and that he is warm and fed. Zach hurt a lot of innocent people by behaving like an idot and running for all these months. It’s time for him to finish this so you can all move on.

  • There has to be more to the story. How do you go from outlaw in the hills, to waking around Eureka, in an area covered in cops? If i had to guess…….drugs.

  • He has been asleep since he is on the big come down .

  • But seriously why would bail even be a option? Humboldt county jail just really doesn’t want to have to house people, or maybe they like getting to break out the helicopters and jet skis

  • Hey, remember, this is California. They might let him out in 5 years to save money, so they can pay for illegal aliens here.

  • Y’all don’t even know the situation bob was a piece of shit who threatened to rape and kill Zach he got what he deserved

    • Nobody is saying bob was a good guy however Zach wasn’t acting in self defense, bob said something incredibly inappropriate and Zach killed him for it. The fact that you’re defending him is priceless, you’re saying that if someone says something that you don’t like it’s okay to kill them on the spot. (Never mind that Zach threatened to kill several people on several occasions also) you don’t get to smoke meth and do whip its and kill someone in the middle of a town in broad daylight in front of witnesses and then drive around bragging about it because they said something and get away with it, what do you suggest? We give him a metal?

      • [edit] There was one witness not many as I said before. [edit]

        • You’re right I misspelled a word, but hey on the bright side at least I didnt murder someone because of something I may or may not of heard during a drug binge. Learn how to do a intervention on You’re family members before you lecture. And for the record everyone knows what happen as your brother has been bragging about it.

          • Clearly you don’t know Zach at all if you think an intervention would do anything. And I’m not lecturing, I’m defending my brother there’s a big difference. I used to live in humboldt too, if Zach is such a drug addict then it’s most likely he’s been “bragging” to a bunch of other tweakers and I seriously doubt a story being passed around by drug addicts is not remaining accurate. You don’t know anything more than the next person.

    • It will come out

      Saying something and doing something are two different things…. the eye witness knows exactly what was said and done

      Also a thought… it’s crazy how Zach had the murder weapon that killed Scott Johnson (that has been turned into the police), then killed bob Scott’s good friend….

    • Seriously, all these people commenting and judging have no idea what actually happened, I’m still waiting for someone to comment who actually SAW themselves or were told by the police. I’m sick of people talking shit about my brother and then when I defend him kym deletes my comments saying I’m not allowed to voice my opinion as well.

      • No comment by you has been deleted, Jasmine. At least not under that name. I just searched to be sure. I have edited you for breaking the rules.


        • Correcting a misspelled word is breaking the rules? Get real kym.

          • That’s my rules. You don’t have to play by them but then I delete you.

            I’m an English major. I could pick apart your grammar, etc. But, to me on my website, the point isn’t how someone says something, but what idea someone is trying to say. And, everyone makes mistakes in grammar. It just happens so why focus on the form of what someone says instead of on the content?

            You are in a lot of pain. And as far as I can see, you don’t deserve it, Jasmine. And you have the right to defend your brother. But you have to follow the rules that I have over 10 years of running this website found makes people less likely to insult and more likely to communicate. Or alternatively, you can walk away and do your own thing.

        • And I’m not talking about this post, I’m talking about the posts on the other updates of Zach and how when someone decided to bring Chris into the argument and say “karmas a bitch” about him committing suicide, you allowed that comment to stay up yet you deleted my comment defending him. Your so called rules don’t seem to have any rhyme or reason.

          • Your first couple of comments are still there. http://kymkemp.com/2017/09/28/humboldt-county-sheriffs-office-once-again-scoured-the-area-near-alderpoint-looking-for-the-suspect-in-last-weekends-fatal-shooting/#comment-539378. Frankly, by my rules, they shouldn’t be. But I did feel you had a limited right to defend your brother. However, the comments were basically insult slinging at the end. I left your response box there but just edited out the contents so I could let you both know why I wasn’t going to allow any more insults.

            • And yet you still have kept up the comment the person made about Chris killing himself which is offensive to me, my entire family, Chris’s memory and any other person who has lost a loved one to suicide.

              • Jasmine, your comments offend people also. Yet they’re still there. I try to walk a line between letting people make points in an argument and letting the conversation turn into insults. Frankly, I gave you way more leeway than I should have because I know you are in pain, you are a very young woman, and you are forced to deal with terrible stuff that isn’t your fault. God, life isn’t fair and if I can help you a little, I’m willing to do that. But, I don’t think insulting people on the internet is helping you and you can’t do it here.

                • Kym is there any reason you’re no long covering this case?

                • Once a case gets into the court system, it is really hard for me to follow. I am the major writer and if I drive to Eureka from Southern Humboldt and sit in a courtroom it takes all day basically. Which means no other news is covered that day. So, I don’t usually cover them. I’d love to hire someone someday but I don’t see the income from this site stretching to cover another writer anytime soon.

    • [edit] He should get the death penalty. He sounds like hes Working for the guy that killed Garrett Rodrigues. Kind of strange all of the A-8 are dead. Guy who shot Neil is in prison and the other mysterious guy shot Scott. Who knows it could of been the one that actually shot Garret too. This guy might actually be In Indiana. Check Michigan City.

  • I just love how everyone on here acts so high and mighty like they have never done anything messed up in their lives. If it was any one of your siblings guarantee you would be on here defending them too. All you care about is talking about how evil he is and how violent and a drug addict and bla bla, well you don’t know the sides we have seen as his family, he can be just as kind and caring and protective and loving as he can be bad as well. Have some fucking sympathy. We already lost one brother it would be something I could never get over to lose another. What if bob actually had raped and killed Zach like he said he was going to. You all just see what you want to see.

    • It will come out

      Jasmine, But bob didn’t do anything to Zach but talk shit…. . Zach also threatened my family… what should i have done?
      I’ve seen both sides of Zach. I’ve known him since he moved here. I knew his mom and brother, never his sisters though.
      Hopefully he will sober up and stay clean and when he gets out he can try to be a good dad. The choices people make not only effect them, they also effect everyone around them

      Also I’m sorry for your loss of Chris. I know your family is grieving it’s so hard to loose your loved ones, no matter what they may have chosen to do with their lives.

    • SearchingforBobby

      Our family will gladly offer sympathy when yours does the same. If there is any shred of decancy in your family share a copy of the note Chris left behind with our family. Law enforcement released it to your family but “can’t” to ours.

      I want to know where my cousins remains are.

      RIP Robert “Bobby” Tennison
      Missing since January 2009
      Dropped off on 6th street in Alderpoint

      • My sister wouldn’t even let me read the letter Chris left other than the page he left for me. [edit] I do have sympathy for your family, a missing loved one is a terrible thing. But I had no idea about anything about bobby for my entire life no one told me anything most likely because they felt I was too young. I would gladly have offered sympathy if I was aware of the situation. If you wanted to read the letter I would suggest you reach out to Leah although I doubt she will get it to you because I have been asking to read the whole thing for months now and she hasn’t obtained another copy even for me. It’s not like every person in our family has a copy, the original is with the police and only one copy was distributed to my sister[edit]. I’m sorry for your loss and I can’t imagine not knowing.

      • It will come out

        That’s crazy the police won’t let you know where Bob is aka bob the builder, I’m so very sorry for that. So many cases go unanswered in Humboldt County, and probably everywhere.

        I hope the authorities can put him to rest soon.

        • SearchingforBobby

          Thank you. Its been a very long, hard, emotionally draining 9 years. I pray everyday someone will eventually tell us where his remains are .

          • “SearchingforBobby” You can message me on Facebook messenger, I already spoke to someone in your family who reached out to me and answered any questions she had. Sorry she didn’t share with you.

            • SearchingforBobby

              Leah, thank you for responding. I will message you on Facebook. Not sure what family member you spoke with.

            • SearchingforBobby

              Leah I sent you a message via messenger late Friday. Not sure if you saw it.

              Hope to hear back from you soon.

              Thank you


    • Just a thought

      Imagine if this was all worked out with no shots fired and an old fashioned fist fight.! …………….Nope coward….. drug induced gun play…..ignorance is not a defense……….Cause and effect.

  • Jasmine. Keep personal family shit off this page. This whole comment feed is now taken up by you running your mouth. You are inviting more bad comments. If you can’t handle people’s trash talk, don’t read the comments. Your sister doesn’t appreciate you blasting personal shit for all of southern humboldt to read. Please have respect for your other family. That’s YOUR responsibility to respect their privacy, not random fuckfaces. Maybe she didn’t want you to read the letter because you don’t know what the word “discretion” means.

    • Say that shit to me if ur part of my family then say it the fuck to my face. I didn’t say anything that everybody doesn’t already know so shut the fuck up.

    • I’m a fucking adult now and I don’t rely on any one of you in my family if u all wanna treat me like I’m still a fucking 5 year old then you can stay the fuck out of my life and forget I’m part of this family. And as for Leah not letting me read MY brothers letter that’s just another thing in a long list of things she’s done wrong to me and also none of ur business so tell me who you are [edit]

      • Tweekers gonna tweek, assholes gonna asshole, and sisters gonna…what? Make it everyone else’s fault? Wow, ever hear of ‘dignity’? You are just proving everyone’s point with each progressively more unhinged post. I would NOT defend my brother if he killed someone no matter what other “good” he has done in his life. Shit, even Hitler had a dog! Wake up! Your brother is dangerous to others and to himself [edit]

        • I didn’t ask what you would do if YOUR brother killed someone did I? I love him regardless of the things he may or may not have done. You wake up and realize that real love is unconditional.

      • You are considered an adult in the eyes of the court Jasmine, I would think you could contact the courts and get a copy of your brothers letter but you may need to do it in person. I don’t know. You should call to find out what you need in order to gain access to this letter. I think you have a right to know. LEAH it’s important for Jasmine to have closure, what she doesn’t know hurts her worse. You are not protecting her by not including her in something as important as this. Put yourself in her place and think about it. It could actually bring you both closer and you can grieve and heal together. 🙏

  • Wow. I’m sorry all this is happening. I am happy that the arrest was peaceful. NO ONE GOT HURT. Honestly everyone really needs to take a deep breath and relax. This is just the beginning. NO ONE KNOWS WHATS HAPPENING NEXT. Just Zac and the Court System. So until we hear Zac’s side stop the bickering you all sound like your 5 years old. I have known this family almost 20 years and I know enough but you don’t see me blasting family on here. Please and Thank you to letting it go til it’s time to.
    Thank you Kym for all the news coverage in Humboldt County you are a blessing for our little but growing community.

  • First of all this is out of control!! Jasmine we love you and care about you. Zach as well. We are a family. Give a shit obviously doesn’t care or they wouldn’t be bashing our family while we are down like this. Call me Jasmine if you want to talk.

  • Any update on this crime?

  • I pray for his family. Parents.. siblings.. even children. Sons or daughters.

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