Suspect in 2014 Murder Arrested in Del Norte County

This is a press release from the Del Norte County Sheriff’s Office:

On April 15, 2014, human remains were found by members of the Yurok Tribal Police in the area of Highway 169 in Klamath, Ca. An investigation was conducted by members of the Del Norte County Sheriff’s Office and the remains were identified as that of Romeo “Bo” Glaze, a resident of Del Norte County. Glaze had previously been reported missing by a family member on March 26, 2014.

Glaze’s death was ruled a homicide and a lengthy investigation has been ongoing by the Del Norte County Sheriff’s Office. Today, June 6, 2018, the Del Norte County District Attorney’s Office has filed a charge of first degree murder on 35 year old Michael Clarence Loftin of Del Norte County. He was arrested by the Del Norte County Sheriff’s Office without incident. Loftin is currently lodged in the Del Norte County Jail on a no bail warrant for first degree murder and is awaiting his first court appearance.



  • No further story on this? Motive? How the police came to this conclusion? Wth happened here

  • devil in the details

    It’s my experience that police won’t give media any details on crimes. They think it makes it harder to prove their case or that criminals get info about what the police know.

  • I don’t think it’s right to name the suspect being arrested if there’s not information to support why he was arrested. I get that LE might not want to prejudice the public by telling too much, or blow their case against someone else by telling too much, but, in that case, naming the suspect is also telling too much. If they can’t support the arrest to the public, how do we tell whether they’ve just arrested a guy they don’t like or if he’s someone we honestly should suspect?

    That’s WHY the press is supposed to be free, so we can hold LE and officials and powerful people to account. It’s not We The People when they can this easily withhold from us the kind of information we need to feel secure that they’re not just using someone to remove the pressure to find the killer. How do we know they’re not just pretending to be effective and righteous LE when this is the quality press release we get out of them?

    I think this is something like the fifth or sixth time I’ve been disgusted with our Sheriff since he took office. Is he banking on no one being vigilant enough to come in and get enough facts to publish? Is he of such an authoritarian mind set he doesn’t feel we are entitled to them? Just lazy? Incompetent? Whose side is he on? Is this America?

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