[UPDATE 2:57 p.m.] Convoy With Chipper Heading Out Briceland Road

ConvoySummer convoy season is rolling. Today, we have a Department of Fish and Wildlife convoy containing a chipper heading west out Briceland Thorn Road. Interestingly, we have one report that the chipper and at least some of the vehicles came from down south. According to that witness, what was likely the same convoy with Fish and Wildlife vehicles and a chipper was seen heading north on Benbow Hill before 7 a.m.

Generally, convoys coming from the south are connected with the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office. And, if they turned west out Briceland, it likely means they are headed to the Whale Gulch area which is in Mendocino County. But, the Department of Fish and Wildlife throws a new ingredient in the recipe so…we’ll try and get you answers on what’s happening. Heads up though…if Fish and Wildlife are in charge, it could take us awhile because they often don’t provide even details about an operation if it’s a part of a current investigation.

UPDATE 2:57 p.m.: According to a local resident, at approximately 12:30 p.m., there were seven trucks, one SUV, and one chipper on China Creek Road.



  • Martin Stockel

    I am very pleased to see the Department of Fish and Wildlife, among others, cleaning up the illegal grows. The growers are pigs and trash the environment. Chip away guys!!

  • Get The Fake Farmers

    They could go parcel by parcel out there and clean up. Let’s hope that’s what starts happening!

  • Why don’t they start here ?

    • The pines are their bread and butter. Harvest season comes they just hang on highway 36 confiscating cash “ gime the mooneys Lebowski”.

    • Corrupt Trinity County.
      I see a lot of real estate for sale ads from there in the local real estate magazine.
      Some look like they would be nice as they are on the Trinity River or close to the trailheads leading into the Trinity Alps.
      The Pines not so much.

    • Trinity county maybe?

    • wow! that pic just shows how bad it really is!

  • I’m sure they have theirs coming..

  • Veteran's friend

    Meanwhile Bulgarian tresspass grows in Rancho Sequoia are costing absentee owners $10,000 a day or huge cleanup costs. The county’s inability to protect property from cartel invasion is funding these chipper raids with the money received from VICTIMS of their ineptitude😠

    • This seems highly unlikely to me. I suspect every single one of those property owners knew exactly what was going down on their land and planned to profit from it. Will you please share which one(s) is/are unknowing victims?

      • Veteran's friend

        You would be incorrect.
        Although the $10,000 is not being collected because it has been forestalled by legal action, the property owner of whom I speak has not been to the piece in 20 years and is resident of another state. You don’t have to believe it, but that does not make it untrue😊

      • There are dirtbag con men out there that make a lot of promises and then take the shit and walk away.
        I know of one who grew up here.
        Doesn’t live here but works furiously to extract and leave to live the high life points south.
        I hope that guy gets what’s coming to him someday.
        He is in deep with the Bulgarians.
        He rips off the feed stores, his workers, and goes on sailing trips all around the globe.

    • B.S., no one is paying $10,000 Per day to be an ignorant absentee owner of any property in Humboldt county, especially some crappy 40 acre parcel you can’t legally do anything with.

  • Great job helping out the criminals kym.

    • You must be new here. The newspapers, radio stations, and the blogs have been letting people know where the convoys go for decades. It can be helpful if you want to avoid the traffic jam and safety concerns that can go with these busts.

    • How does the information here help the criminals?

    • Did you see the mass exodus of growers fleeing east after they got the warning, brah? That was amazing. They had all their plants packed up with them. Because you know, if their plants are gone the property when law enforcement gets there, then the owner is completely off the hook. [Sarcasm]

      If law enforcement is headed to a grow, there is not much someone can do at that point. They can’t move their land. They can’t move their plants. Neighbors can close gates so law enforcement doesn’t end up at the wrong place (which could potentially help but with same day satellite views from the air, law enforcement has already seen what they have.) Can you tell me how you envision my report helping?

      Mind you it takes a minimum of 15 minutes for me to get a post out. Then I have to post it on Facebook for it to get much traction with readers and then the right grower out of all the growers has to read it and be totally ready to respond. So you think Joe Grower saw my post the second it came out and somehow packed up his stuff and escaped? ’cause that is all I can imagine you mean.

      • …might not have packed up their stuff and escaped, but escaped anyhow and cost the tax payer more for the time and resources law enforcement has to spend to apprehend these individuals!

        • Cite and release only anyways if anyone was there, but the convoy itself isn’t quiet to say the least. Needless to say they are not expecting to make any arrests, only eradicate. The paperwork comes later, and if any arrests are made, those decisions of whom to arrest were made before the eradication team ever woke up that morning.

      • It takes can take weeks to harvest large crops.

        • Onceawookawkaysawook

          And I hope she keeps doing it! I’m sure kyms outlaw roots are not completely dormant, and there is still sentiment here for those of us who wish to live a life without the government telling us what and where we can do anything . Knowing when the military is coming is nice just so you can take your children and leave. Ask any grower or non grower alike who enjoyed the helicopters in the 80s …

      • They don’t need to move anything, Kym. As long as they aren’t there, then yes they are pretty much off the hook. Your heads up, gives them time to get off the property.

        • So by saying convoy is going east on briceland rd somehow is warning who, there are thousand of people that way…

          • OK. In my quest to irritate TPTB, what other purpose does a notice that police are driving somewhere with a chipper do other than be a heads up? And to whom is it a heads up? I mean like nothing has really happened yet. But the word spreads faster than a convoy, for whatever value that has.

            Of course it is just what people accuse it of being- an early as can be done alert. But it is not a big deal anyway. If the police wanted it to be covert operation, they would not be traveling in a convoy with marked vehicles and a chipper, making it clear what’s going on. In fact I suspect that the police enjoy stirring a few anxieties along the way. Police work is 90% being a “presence” and 10% actually doing something.

            Accepting reality is hard but it is called a reality check for a reason.

  • Too funny…in one article LEO’s are being praised for their bravery and heroism, in another their being ratted out…like Fox news, fair and ballanced…lol.

    • Can you tell me how you think this article…er…’rats out’ law enforcement?

      • If it needs to be explained…I’m wasting my time.
        Looks like I wasted it above…

        • So, I’m ignorant eh..?
          You obviously can’t read and comprehend that her own words are contradictory.
          She makes the [sarcasm ] that it takes a minimum of fifteen minutes minimum to post…like that gives the perpetrators time to read the post immediately and vacate…but it does give the neighbors time to close their gates…your funny too.

          • OMG there are dudes with a chip on their shoulder and rifles speeding thru the hills. Wouldn’t you like know for your children’s sake? Or does no one want to make babies with u? It’s ok.

          • No ones vacating anything. Outta the hundreds of grows they could be going to no one vacates. They write you a ticket or give you 5k bail and then they replant a week later and move on with their summer. Their not tracking anyone down over a grow, their just fining the land owner for environmental damage and moving on. And if you dont have cannabis plants they ignore all your environmental damage and move on to someone who does. They dont give a shit about the environment but just wanna extort money outta people who can pay up.

            It’s a gamble to grow big like that and if your worried about it you just vacate your property every week day at 6am and come back at noon. They only raid in the mornings on weekdays and rippers/tweakers are too afraid to come out during the day. Your putting way too much confidence in these lazy growers being on top of things and they’ve got away with it way too long for that. But believe what you like I’m sure you know alot of big time growers from the sound of it lol.

          • I’m sorry if I seem a little snappy. But I’ve answered this question so many times.

            Let’s just think this through.

            If everything went perfectly, the grower sees the post when it first comes out and immediately connects that law enforcement is headed to their particular grow. (How the heck does the grower know that? There are literally hundreds if not thousands of grows that can be reached by going out Briceland Road.)

            Then the grower immediately does what? Nothing. There is nothing he can do but leave his property and he doesn’t really believe that they are going to hit him not his neighbor. So he goes and does his regular routine.

            Or, let’s say he goes to town just in case. Then officers have his name as the owner if they decide it is worthwhile to arrest him.

            Do you imagine in New York that if there was a large gathering of law enforcement headed somewhere that reporters wouldn’t be reporting that?

            Of course, they would. Heck, there’d be news helicopters circling overhead.

            But no one thinks that the gang member on the east side is warned that law enforcement is coming for him by their reports. How is it that I’m ratting out law enforcement? More importantly, it didn’t happen in this case, but frequently I call and ask the Sheriff’s Department what’s up and they tell me. Why would law enforcement rat themselves out?

            They don’t tell me where they are going but they frequently tell me that when they get there, they’ll tell me what is up.

    • in other news: today we learned why an African American man publicly stated that slavery was a choice. meanwhile lets keep blowing the funds on something that is leaving anyway.

      • I doubt that people born and raised in a belief in huge profits of supplying illegal goods are going to all disappear. A certain percentage will just change what they provide to keep the money coming in.

        The real point of police raids now is to protect the compliant and make life as miserable as possible for the non compliant. That is the stick part of the carrot and stick philosophy of government funding.

        • local observer

          if so, what was the “real point” before prop 64 and then the ever extending dangling carrot of compliance. and yeah the methnecks aren’t going anywhere except into your house to keep their cash flow going. maybe focus on that ya think.

          • Before it was not growing at all. Only the carrot has changed to being regulated and the stick is fines.

            Forcusing on any one target has the effect of reducing that issue but it just switches to something else. The only way to reduce drug addiction overall is to change the mindset that treats any drug as an acceptable adolescent adventure. But then that is not likely with the popular Hollywood version of coming of age ideologies where doing something stupid is confused with being an adult.

            • this may come as a shock but it was the brothels in Eureka that extended into the 80s with no stick that brought the hard drugs to this area. meth and heroin are the backbone of that biz. the solution to drug addiction is empowerment via an education and a career.

  • Kym Kemp is a saint does anybody know who is getting raided.

  • Trinity county has a lack of news reporting. Your never sure what really happens if it’s not weaverville or hayfork. Mad river had a shooting of two people one lived one didn’t. Suspect fled on 36 , not much reported after the first day we still had wanted posters for suspect come to find out there was shots heard in forest glen, the sheriffs office found nothing brought no dogs or searching party and found the suspect day or two later dead “self inflicted “ wish we had a kym kemp ❤️

  • Keep it coming, don’t stop anytime soon, plenty to raid and chip out there. Make the hurt felt from north, south, east, and west. Glad to see USFWS, CDF&W, Sheriffs, and hopefully the Water Board involved in these busts!!

    • local observer

      but there are only 261 weekdays in a year, unless it is leap year. then subtract the holidays. yeah this is a productive use of funds. I bet de-taring the chipper is even lucrative.

  • What…did you hear that comment yesterday and couldn’t wait to use it today..?

  • We are not gonna find out who got busted

  • John Wayne’s Navy Colts Are Smokin

    If they find 3 million in cash this time it should be donated to the schools, senior assistance, and the roads of this county

  • Glad to see their cleaning up the China Creek area. Been an armpit since the late 90’s.

    • An armpit is your way of saying a bad place.So you think where you live is different then china creek,I mean the armpit.You think you live in a special place that is free from the problem .If you live in the area you are the armpit.

    • Equalizer, where do you live that’s so amazing? Or are you insecure about your material possessions so you feel the need to talk badly about an entire neighborhood. There are tweakers and green rushers who create problems everywhere. There are some amazing people and pieces of property out there. Id rather live in China creek then anywhere on east side. It’s got a better climate than whitethorn. It’s closer to town than the cove, ettersburg, or honeydew. Nowhere is perfect.

      • I knew that area well back in early- mid 80s. China Creek, Blue Slide Creek, Fire Creek are beautiful area full of drug addicts and mental cases. Sorry but I can’t imagine it improved! Greedy militant growers raping the land replacing some mental case druggies is not an improvement! I’m glad it’s finally getting attention. I hope they hit it continuously and continue down the Mattole watershed to Petrolia all summer every day.

  • Kym, you do an amazing job with all of your reporting 🙂 please keep folks in northern Meno updated if you can too.

  • Still peaceful in E-burg! Very seldom any LEO as we like to keep the parcels big!

    • I heard the county is about to send out 400 abatement notices in Ettersburg and Whitethorn. That being said I would rather get a letter on my gate than to deal with fish and game.

  • Appears two [edit] got arrested on the DFG arrest log.

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