69-Year-Old Motorcyclist Dead After Accident North of Willits

CHP Feature FatalityPress release from California Highway Patrol:

On 06/04/2018, at an unknown time, a 1993 Suzuki motorcycle was being operated by a 69 year old male southbound on US-101, south of Underpass Road in an unincorporated area of Mendocino County. For reasons still under investigation, the Suzuki veered off the west road edge, traveled down the tree and vegetation covered embankment and collided with a tree.

The operator of the Suzuki was the only occupant and he was pronounced deceased at the scene of the collision by emergency personnel at 1957 hours.

The name of the operator of the Suzuki is currently being withheld pending notification of the next of kin. At this time it is unknown if drugs or alcohol was a factor in this collision. This collision remains under investigation by the California Highway Patrol- Laytonville Resident Post.

The California Highway Patrol was assisted at the scene by Little Lake Fire Department, Verihealth Ambulance, and the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office/Coroner.



  • Veteran's friend

    RIP rider, condolences to friends & family.

  • Well at least we can assume he died doing something he loved. Its the most we can hope for once we are elderly.

  • I suppose that’s one way of looking at it!!! ;-/

  • Sad to die prematurely, whatever the person is doing. RIP and comfort to his family. And…69 is not elderly.

    • Absolutely NOT, it’s only 2.5 years older than I am & I AM NOT ELDERLY!!!! I barely consider myself a “Senior Citizen”!!!

  • RIP.. Family & Friends of the 69yr old man for doing what he loves.

    The article did not say if he was wearing a Helmet.

  • >”The article did not say if he was wearing a Helmet.”

    Helmets are required by law in California.

  • It is always sad when a motorcyclist goes down even worse when he or she dies I lost a friend on a ride last year and was the one who had to identify him to the CHP I am 71 and feel proud to still be able to ride, and hope to do so into my 80’s.As people have said it is good to go out doing what you love God speed to him and condolences to his people!

  • age is relative, i once worked for a small logging i was around 40 the other 4 guys were between 60 and 70 so i was a young sprout to them, just a kid.
    after that company i worked for the owners were around 27 two brothers and all equipment operators 20 to 25 so i became the old man on this crew, the differance a year can make
    RIP rider prayers for you and family

  • prayers out to the family. I wonder if he died before the crash or due to the crash? Either way hope the best for his family.

  • Bug on a Windshield

    “I see angels on ariels comin’ down to carry me home.” – Richard Thompson


  • Unfortunately, if he was avoiding a critter, like a deer, there may be no evidence, therefore, operator error. A collision with a deer can destroy a bike and kill a rider.

    I came so close to a buck running across my path, then along side me, I could’ve reached out and picked the ticks off his rump.

    A friend hit a deer. Deer ran off. Friend agonized for a bit then hobbled his bike home. Got a new bike. Continues to ride.

    Condolences to the family of Rider-69 and I hope you get closure.

  • So so sad u were an amazing person, loving friend, and all around loved by many. U will be forever missed.. Heaven just received another angel.. love u

  • Michele, what was his first name?

  • His name was Mike Shaw and he was a retired school teacher from Willits. He taught at San Hedrin retiring in I believe 2014 or 2015. He was a beautiful soul who gave to the kids an amazing experience learning.
    My girls had the pleasure of his vast knowledge, gentle manner and positive outlook at life. He will be miss…
    Rest in Paradise Shaw. 💔😢

  • I love you handsome Mike I miss you so much and if I could I would punch you right now because now I will never hear my nickname from you ever again and you were so healthy you don’t deserve this because you were something that words couldn’t describe. And for that I just really hope that you become an angel and watch over our family I love you and love beautiful k

    • Your comment is beautiful! Mike loved you as family. Always told me he wished he could spend more time with you and Collyn. We were planning on a summer trip, but life happened and we never went.
      Mike always told me you were so sassy, like me; I always agreed but added you were beautiful.
      I love you princess!

  • Kathryn Davenport

    Rest in peace Mike❤Thank you so much for what you did for my son, and so many others! A wonderful man, will truely be missed!😣⚘

  • U were the most amazing person and u were my daughters hero…u managed to get her to open up and talk about things she was battling when nobody else could reach her…i know i thanked u but i could never thank u enough. U are an enormous part of the reason my baby stayed in school…off drugs and out of trouble when everyone she was hanging out with got caught up in all that. You helped me to help her know her worth and for that u will always be a hero in my eyes…RIP Shaw…Lord knows u deserve it…u will be forever missed!

  • Mike, I sit here, and I can’t find anything to say, or think. I want to call you, but I know you won’t answer. I find it very difficult to accept that you have gone, and though it is selfish of me, your absence leaves me completely alone.
    I never ever thought that you would leave in the fashion that you did. I thought, that like your mother, I would be by your side until your last breath. Instead, I received a phone call from my son, and then I confirmed from the coroner. My world has come to a stop …. I can’t focus on simple things …. I can’t watch television without bursting out into tears… I find myself gazing outside for no apparent reason other than to wish you were coming to visit me for once in your life.
    I wait here, for something …. a phone call from someone letting me know what the details of your service will be. I can’t imagine anyone would leave me out, but, if no one has my number then, I fear that I would miss the most important day.
    I remember you telling me that grief is a process .. one that I have never experienced. I am experiencing that now.

    I don’t know how to really move forward. I have always searched for your approval an guidance in everything I do. I am getting ready to reenlist into the Army, and have no one to share that with. I have saved your voicemailes and gone through old emails. The reality is, I won’t be able to let you go…. and there is no easy path to recovery.

    My children are finding it hard to accept you won’t be around when we come visit. I know they are grieving in their own way, and they are asking me questions about you.

    I miss you more than ever, but I’m glad I came to Cali to see you. I love you Mike, and you will be forever my heart.

    • Service is to be this Saturday 8/11, in Ft Bragg at the state park 11am, by the Beachcomber motel parking lot. I, too, miss him. Knew him for 28 yrs and can hardly sleep. We were in daily contact from Jan to the weekend of his death. After all these years, we were finally going to be in the same area, looking forward to riding together. He spoke highly of so many of his former students, I couldn’t wait to meet them all. R I P Mike – you earned it. Continue to “be the angel” from above.

  • This is very unfortunate and sad to hear. Mike Shaw was a very great man and teacher, he gave so much to his students who were underprivileged in life, even after his retirement I would see him at the local community college helping former students pay for their classes or books who weren’t able to.

  • Mendocino Mamma

    Oh my gosh I just heard from my son that he was the one who discovered his body he was on his way to Laytonville and had stopped on the side of the road I just can’t believe this rest in peace.

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