One Injured After Side by Side Crashes on Bell Springs Road

Major injury Crash traffic accident crash

Just before 8 p.m., the California Highway Patrol received a report of a side by side crashing in the 63,000 block of Bell Springs Road. According to the report, the victim’s head was trapped under the rollbar and the victim was having trouble staying awake.

Cal Fire and an ambulance were dispatched to the scene which is east of Leggett about 6 miles. A helicopter was eventually sent to the scene and the patient was flown to Redding with major injuries, according to the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page

Please remember that information gathered from initial reports is subject to revision as more facts become available.



  • Praying for fast recovery 😔💔

    • If that makes YOU feel better then it is not completely worthless.

      • Wow hmm! Did your comment make you feel better?

        Hope this man has a complete and speedy recovery.

        Please all be careful no matter where and what you’re driving. Our roads and trails leave little margin for error or the unexpected.

  • Assaulted by a sidebyside?

    • La Gloria Ranch

      Please keep your trolling comments out of this tragic accident. Al is a beloved husband, father and friend. He just exchanged vows with the love of his life and mother of his daughter less than two weeks ago. He has a increadably warm smile and a kind heart. Courtney, if we can help you in any way please let us know. We are praying for Al and your family. Love,
      -The Almquists

      • Thank you..well said.. I asked my comment be removed because I felt it wasn’t any better than that one I was responding too. no matter who you are, you wouldn’t want to be in that situation. Have respect for the family as you would hope for yours

      • I asked a simple question, the statement reads,” victim’s” , should say “driver’s”, if this person was driving , otherwise victim implies that someone was ran over by someone operating a sidebyside.

  • Thank you mad river

  • Eldon G. Whitehead

    Hey Lone ranger, try to refrain from making [edit] comments like that. A Family man was seriously injured and had to be flown to a good hospital, which we really don’t have in this area. If you have never driven that road, than you have no idea of how dangerous it can be. It’s not a 6 lane Freeway. During the 1964 Floods, that road was the only way in and out of Humboldt County via Hwy. 101, I know, I had to drive over it a couple of times and I wouldn’t want to really drive over it in good weather. Please be more compassionate. Thank You.

  • Had a neighbor killed with a quad.

    Meanwhile… if you are handling a quad… or a side-by-side.
    Please remember some safety ‘rules’.

    Wear a helmet.
    Wear seat belts if operating a side-by-side.
    Booze or buds… bad.
    Operating quads and side-by-sides are illegal on public highways in California.

    BTW: I don’t know if this driver was (or was not) wearing a helmet or using a seat belt… or whatever.

    It’s a dangerous world out there, be careful.

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