58-Year-old Weaverville Man Dead in Yesterday’s Crash

fatal accident

[Crop of a photo by a reader]

Press release from the California Highway Patrol:

On June 3, 2018, at approximately 6:05 pm, Party #1 was traveling northbound on Lance Gulch Road north of Browns Ranch Road. For yet to be determined reason, Party #1 allowed his vehicle to travel off the roadway. After leaving the east roadway edge, the Chevrolet impacted and sheared off a small tree with the front of the vehicle before finally impacting head-on into a larger tree.

The impact into the larger tree caused the Chevrolet to come to an abrupt and complete stop causing Party#1’s chest to impact the steering wheel with great blunt force. While Party #1 was being medically treated by Trinity County Life Support personnel, awaiting for the medical helicopter to transport Party #1 to Mercy Hospital in Redding, Party #1 was pronounced deceased by Trinity County Life Support personnel.

It was determined Party #1 was not using the seatbelt and it is currently unknown if drugs or alcohol were a factor.

Personnel from the California Highway Patrol, the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office, the Weaverville Volunteer Fire Department, Weaverville Cal Fire, and Trinity County Life Support Ambulance responded to the scene.

The identity of Party #1 is being withheld pending notification of the next of kin by the Trinity County Sheriff’s Department. Once notification has been made, the name of the deceased can be obtained by the Trinity County Sheriff’s Department.

This investigation is ongoing.

The CHP also released information that the victim was a 58-year-old Weaverville man driving a 1974 Chevrolet.

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  • I believe this would be the first fatality on the new road. I thought it was a 35 mph speed limit there, but with virtually no traffic on it, speed limit is wide open, like the road itself.

    Sorry to the family for your loss. In small communities like Weaverville such loss affects us all.

  • Gonna miss you Nick . Rip. Prayers to deserri an the rest of the family

  • With all these fatalities of people not wearing seatbelts, you’d think people would figure it out…

  • Elric of Melniboné

    is that a actuel pitchure of the crash?

  • Rest in Peace….we all love you and will miss you forever, you’ve touched so many people’s hearts in one way or another. You will live on through each of us with all the memories we have with you… we know your watching over all of us now from up above….maybe you’ll meet my poppa…love you and always thinking of ya….

  • Someone dies and you guys are making fun of spelling?
    I’m very sorry for the loss to the family and community.

  • Gary and leeann Nunn

    Dear lord ..when a loved one is lost the whole family is so very devistated may your lovingkindness touch each and everyone in the famiy to help with the sadness and sorrow of losing such a kind man and a dear friend in which I love him so very much…Please send your angels to wrap there wings around each and everyone that’s hearts are torn apart from such a sad and painful loss….To all the family members I love each and everyone of you with all my heart and if there’s anything me and leeann can do please let us know for you are my family also…FOREVER…I LOVE YOU MY DEAR FRIEND NICK WILSON AND SOMEDAY WE WILL SEE YOU AGAIN

  • Dr Brian Ormond

    Spelling doesn’t really really matter
    language evolves
    dialects of the same language sound different



    • A DOCTOR? Who doesn’t care about proper spelling? I hope I’m never your patient!

      • Even worse, I’m a writer who thinks that people trying to communicate shouldn’t be mocked.

        • I agree Kym! I understood what was said. And shame on those who can spell for not trying to help instead of mocking.

      • A chiropractor is hardly a Doctor. LMAO!

      • Look he was a family member and I’m sure that we all would like it if you not make any comments about someone’s spelling and grow up [edit] trust me the last thing we care about is fucking spelling a word right

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