Work Crews Fall Burning Tree Which Closed Hwy 199 Today

Redwood fire

[All photos from the CHP]

The California Highway Patrol in Crescent City released photos from today’s tree fire which closed Hwy 199 for much of today.

Around 8 a.m. this morning, a fire was reported in a redwood tree near Hwy 199 northeast of Crescent City.Crews fighting fire in redwoods Firefighters called for a helicopter to help put out the flames.

helicopter redwoodBecause it was in the state parks, permission to drop the tree had to be obtained.
Man with chainsaw on redwood stump

The tree was dropped across the highway and then had to be cleared by work crews.Redwood fallen across hwy 199By 3:30 p.m., the highway was reopened.

Earlier Chapter: Hwy 199 Closed Due to Fire




  • Muddy Black Dodge

    ? Wierd?

  • Have they been able to determine what caused it yet?

    • why did they fall it? Redwoods are fire adapted and it is very mild still. Now a 2,000 year old being is dead. Not good.

  • >”Have they been able to determine what caused it yet?”

    Must have been a lightening strike… (or space aliens).

  • Seriously.. I didn’t hear of any lightning strikes. Is there any powerlines nearby? Spontaneous combustion?

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      A lightning strike from a week or so ago can smolder for days and finally flame on. You don’t get thunder without lightning. This actually happened at our place years ago. We were out of town and heard about a lighning fire. Turned out it was yards away from the cabin and CDF put it out and left a business card! They finally saw the increasing smoke plume. Tree is still there, top is gone. I have seen dry roots act as fuses taking a fire yards away underground. Be very, very careful.

      • Good call, I would love to hear what they ‘officially’ came up with, but I bet you’ve nailed it.
        Kym, have you heard any updates?

    • Julia butterfly smoking a joint … dam hippys

  • wow that tree was big. what a waste.

    • Use to log Redwood. Last thing you want to do is drop it on asphalt! If it was that close to the road, maybe take it out in pieces.

  • There was an old redwood tree in Arcata’s community park that had been struck by lightening years ago, burned severely, and went on to grow old. Seems to me that this situation, where they had to cut down the tree, was done so they could get the highway back open for traffic. The tree was not cut down to put the fire out. In a park too. Too bad.

  • Probably the first and last time the faller has got to drop a tree of that size. He’ll be telling that story for years.

  • Did the burning tree give us any stone tables with horrific morals etched into them?

    • Such horrific things as don’t murder or lie or steal? Well that could always be as equally ignored as the bush ones. But you are confusing your biblical stories. The stone tablets was another place another time. And included stuff about false idols.

  • So, why didn’t the helicopter drop his bucket on the tree??? ,nice picture of it hoovering(spelling sucks) above the tree???
    Damn nice tree.
    State PARK? Uuummm
    So when Lightny (sp) starts in other non-State Park areas, it’s crazy. ….lost acres, homes. ..etc …..
    I don’t get it.
    Lived in Myers Flat for 10yrs in the 80’s -90s…….
    Damn Shame

  • They should have dropped water on it from a chopper and posted a crew to monitor it in case it spread… No need to fall the ancient tree.

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