REMINDER: City of Fortuna Offering Free ‘Exceptional Quality’ Compost June 4-8

This is a press release from the City of Fortuna:

marijuana Fortuna logoThe City of Fortuna will once again be hosting a promotional give-away for Exceptional Quality (EQ) Class A compost for unrestricted beneficial reuse as a soil amendment to your property or place of residence beginning on Monday, June 4th and continuing until Friday, June 8th.

Loading hours will be from 9am to 3:30pm each day at our facility located at 180 Dinsmore Drive. As per the City’s Biosolids Management Plan, the public will be limited to 2½ cubic yards (roughly one full-size pickup truck load) of material per address. Small pickup trucks should hold 1½ cubic yards. Everyone will be required to sign a “Hold Harmless” release of liability, when picking up the compost. Drivers must have proper tarps for covering compost while transporting from the facility. Tarps are NOT provided by the City. No pickups with canopies will be loaded by City staff.

Please use the corporation yard entrance at 190 Dinsmore Dr. (2nd gate past the bridge) when picking up the compost. Vehicles entering the corporation yard can proceed directly to the loading area by following the signs. If you have any questions, you may call 707.725.1426.

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  • Alt Right For Life

    Just wondering why people aren’t lining up for our toxic waste!

    We’ll have to spread it along roads now.

    Biosolids are toxic.

    • How do you what was composted?

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      How do you know that? People use compost all the time. Thoroughly treated sewage is fantastic. My Ohio hometown dumped the thoroughly treated sewage at the city dump. Everything grew like mad in it. Melons and tomatoes sprouted up all over and the ragweed was big and green. A mountain of it. Dad would bring home loads of it, screen it through 1/2 inch hardware cloth and grow the best, earliest tomatoes and vegies in the neighborhood. The compost Smelled sweet and rich. Spongy and absorbent. I still remember going out with a salt shaker and eating sun-warmed, wonderful tomatoes. Yummy!

      Judge for yourself, but this is probably a very good deal on outstanding free soil amendment and fertilizer.

  • Get there early for the selection! 🙂

  • Has it been tested for meth?

  • This is the best for growing psychedelic melons.

  • Just picked up a yard-and-a-half. Looks and smells like great stuff! It’s got a lot of forest product mixed in, too. Compost of this quality would have cost me between 80-120 dollars had I purchased it.

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