Public Works Begins Replacement of Williams Creek Bridge on Grizzly Bluff Road Tomorrow

This is a press release from the County of Humboldt:

The Humboldt County Department of Public Works on Monday will begin replacing the Williams Creek Bridge on Grizzly Bluff Road to improve safety for motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians.

A 10-ft wide, single-lane detour bridge with stop sign controls will be constructed and remain in place until the project is completed.

Construction is scheduled to begin on Monday, June 4, with a completion date in late December.

If you have any concerns or questions, please, contact Resident Engineer Chuck Dory of Ghirardelli Associates at 707-273-1004.

We thank you in advance for your patience and look forward to the completion of the project.



  • Hum County has miserable/pot-holed/slided/shitty roads.
    Why are they er… ‘fixing’ this ?????

    • I agree , Eel River Dr in Loleta has a failed culvert that they keep filling in . This time they put steel plates on it also , that’ll fix it !

  • I agree. It has now become an old school pacman game driving, with sudden lane changing back and forth to avoid the especially bad pavement spots. You have to try to remember where the most dangerous spots are, keeping your eyes on the pavement just in front of the truck , then look up to check if there is oncoming traffic. If not you swerve suddenly to the other lane to miss the rough then back again. The bad choice is when you decide not to slow to a crawl then look up to see oncoming traffic suddenly appear so, despite hitting the brakes, you hit the skittery patch much faster than is safe. And I drive a 3/4 ton pick up. I can only imagine what this does to small cars. This game will soon end anyway as the bad patches are starting to cover both sides of the road.

  • Sharpen your pencil

    Then walk people! Quit complaining, or pay to have the work done. Unless there is some sort of realistic threat to safety there is no need to rush repair. We have failing roads all over and you [edit] want to complain about potholes! Get a grip, and maybe life!

    • We have paid for it and continue to pay for it . It’s called taxes , vehicle registration fees but the funds aren’t used for what they were intended for or used to make temporary repairs which is a complete waste of money . Fix it right and be done with it .

      • Our local geology is unstable by nature (Franciscan melange). The roads here will always require maintenance. There is no way to “fix it right and be done with it.”

    • Not only is money diverted from where it is needed, it is done so brazenly. First there’s a proposition to tax more to fix roads because they are left to deteriorate. First, there was a proposition to increase taxes to fund road work. Now there is another proposition to repeat that most of the taxes promised to that cause will be guaranteed to be spent on it except now some parts of it should be diverted now for funding things other than the promised work. Another utterly sneaky way of getting people to increase taxes on themselves for work they can see needs doing then allowing the legislature to put their hands in that till too.

      It has been paid for with tax dollars both locally and Statewide. Remember the Gas Tax increase last year? What hasn’t been done is the work.

  • If the county has a source the maintain and replace bridges, this is good. Complain all you want, but educate yourself on how funding is received for he roads, bridges and other infrastructure projects; to often the funding can only be used for one-type of work – the county has money for bridges, good for them.

    • Maybe there is something wrong with the way funding is done? The money is diverted from locals and funneled elsewhere then returns with outside control? And each pass through a bureaucracy a bit is skimmed off to cover the costs of the bureaucracy.

      Too many times there’s the gleeful report of “We got a grant to pay for this.” This is not free money. This is taxes returned somewhat diminished and with strings attached. Maybe if it wasn’t taken away in the first place, locals could decide just was is a priority for themselves. What a concept.

      • This is why I actually like Measure Z. It’s a local tax that’s spent locally with (as far as I can tell) no money spent on admin crap … Actually, I think they hired an auditor to process all the MZ stuff. Anyway, we get to see exactly where the money goes and have more of a say in where it goes than any state or federal process.

  • >”Unless there is some sort of realistic threat to safety there is no need to rush repair. We have failing roads all over and you [edit] want to complain about potholes! ”

    Why don’t you drive from Ferndale to Honeydew… then back over Panther Gap to 101 ?

  • I can’t understand why they are replacing this bridge?????

    Ferndale has so many bad roads, Washington, Pleasant Point, Grizzly Bluff Rd from the city to Blue Slide, ect.
    Why aren’t they being fixed?????

    I have lived on these roads all my life, almost 80 years.

    They are widening the Grizzly Bluff Rd’s bridge. WHY??? Not safe??.

    I have never heard of a bad wreck or lives being deceased because of this bridge not being big enough to hold two cars, of course some people drive 65 mi per hr, instead of the 45 mph. on Grizzly Bluff Rd., so is this why this wasteful project is being done????

    Oh yes, like the new Waddington bridge, redone a couple years ago,, ha ha, you can pass a car on it, it’s that wide. Oh well I give up!!


  • It’s all about funding sources. there is special state funding
    for bridges. There is no state funding for pot holes, Pat on the back to the county for finding money to fix a bridge before it falls apart and the road is closed for a year. Awaiting repair.My big gripe is the state has stopped funding chip seal Because of all the claims for car damage
    From people driving to fast on new chip seal

  • That bridge seems fine. There are 2 other spots on that road between Ferndale and Rio Dell that are on the verge of closing the road. What the Fuck??

    • McKinleyville resident

      Structurally, this bridge is not good and is also too narrow for the volume of truck and tractor traffic. As others have voiced, funding for bridge replacement comes from a different source than filling potholes. On certain routes, the County also receives federal money for storm damage projects – such as Thorne-Briceland Road and Alderpoint Road last year and a second Alderpoint Road culvert failure is being addressed this summer too.

  • Here’s the rest of the story…
    The county intended to replace this bridge a few year’s back, but accidentally removed the Williams creek bridge on Williams Creek Road, instead of the Williams Creek Bridge on Grizzly Bluff Road. If they would have checked their facts with the Redheaded Blackbelt, they might have avoided this MILLION DOLLAR MISTAKE…

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