McKinleyville Man Arrested After Wrestling With Wyoming State Trooper

Wyoming state trooper vehicle

Wyoming state trooper vehicle

Information from the Wyoming Highway Patrol:

On May 31st, 2018 a Wyoming Highway Patrol trooper stopped a vehicle at milepost 92 on Interstate 80, just east of Green River for a speeding violation at approximately 07:45 a.m. While conducting the traffic stop, the trooper became suspicious of additional criminal activity. Dustin RobertsThe driver was detained and in the process attempted to initially flee on foot away from the traffic stop. The suspect ran out into traffic in an attempt to evade the trooper. Once the trooper caught up with the suspect a physical altercation ensued, where the suspect attempted to disarm the trooper of his handgun. While this altercation was occurring a member of the public stopped along the interstate to assist the trooper. Another trooper arrived shortly thereafter. With the help of the citizen, and the other trooper, the suspect was taken into custody. Minor injuries were reported on both the trooper and the suspect. The citizen was uninjured. The suspect received medical clearance and was transported to the Sweetwater County Detention Center for further processing.

It was later discovered that vehicle contained approximately 74 lbs. of marijuana and approximately 1 gram of cocaine. The Division of Criminal Investigation has been requested to assist with the investigation.

The suspect has been identified 36-year-old McKinleyville, California resident, Dustin Roberts.

For more information from the trucker who stepped in to help, go to this article here. According to him, after the McKinleyville man was detained, he complimented him on his choke hold.



  • Divide by Zero

    Lovely, another ambassador from NoCal spreading the Cali love.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Well, he was trying. Jah love. Trying to get some quality, world-renowned Humboldt bud to the market. Yes, the Cali Love. That’s good. I prefer a capital “L”. Nice of you to promote the product. Probably, fighting with the Trooper was a bad idea. I’m sorry that he will now be ground through the legal system, but he seems to be young enough to get through it and understand first-hand What’s Happening Man with the drug laws. Thanks for caring.

      Close encounters of the worst kind.

  • Mister state trooper, please don’t stop me
    Please don’t stop me, please don’t stop me

    • He did it himself, he was speeding on the highway. He forgot rule #1, break one law at a time.

      • It’s a song by Springsteen.

      • He is my second cousin, originally from Ohio. He was driving his own vehicle and currently on the run from felony cultivating charges here in highland county Ohio. He fought the officer because he wasn’t speeding and was profiled has which you would be once he seen the outstanding felony warrants. It’s just a shame.

  • JustWantToHeartheEndoftheStory

    Once again, taking a short cut to Colorado proves counter productive. Wyoming is NOT a legalized marijuana state. Every time it comes up for a vote, it fails. So if you don’t want to see the inside of the Wyoming state penitentiary, do not drive through Wyoming. Just keep repeating, California drug laws are not valid in other states, California drug laws are not valid in other states

    • Pretty sure possession and transportation of 74 pounds of marijuana is illegal in every state, including California. Not to mention cocaine, which is illegal in every state.

      Thanks for playing

      • JustWantToHeartheEndoftheStory

        Forgot that The Dude is always right. My point was, although you ignored it, is that transporters live in a bubble world where whatever they are doing is okay. BTW, posting at 5:13 am? Did the buzz wear off early?

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        Dude, Where’s Ed Denson when we need him? Not so sure it would be illegal to transport 74 lbs. by a registered dispensary traveling within Cali. Most of the busts for quantity involve undocumented transporters, like this suspect, apparently. If the product is not grown on site, then a documented dispensary has to get it somehow. Any attorneys out there?

        Don’t forget your door prize on the way out.

    • Wyoming ain’t no joke, we rode through on our way to sturgis, stopped to grab a bite to eat. The waitres notice we’re all from Cali and began to tell us about her voyage way back when, she got caught with a pound of weed and got 5 years in prison, we finished our lunch and hauled ass outta there South Dakota ain’t playin either… it’s a fine time to just be a smoker, the price is right and the penalties are nothin

  • On the bright side, maybe a Wyoming incarceration won’t be as bad as let’s say a San Quentin or High Desert.

  • I’m guessing when the cops see a ca plate, they just start following and hope he does something wrong. When that fails, they’ll just make something up

    • Got pulled over in Utah and the Cop told Me I was approaching 70 miles an hour in a 65. I told Him I was going 66 on My speedometer. He said that 66 was approaching 70 from 65. Than asked if He could search My truck. Was not carrying anything with Me illegal that day. Going Southern route is good advice.

  • I think that every state is now looking out for Calif plates, just waiting and looking for a mistake then making the stop. Would be interesting to take a empty uhaul across country and see how many times you get pulled over just for being from Calif.

  • Quick Survey for the local readership:

    If you see a CHP getting his ass kicked on the side of the road, do you stop to tag in for Smokey?

    If yes, do you come away unscathed?

    If no, how do you choose to experience the event?

    • I would watch from court side laughing my a$$off and would not do a damn thing . The laws sign up for these task they have to carry out , even if that’s fighting coked up weed muels . It would’ve been hella funny to watch two people (law and suspect ) who don’t know how to fight fighting at the scene of a traffic stop .

    • This guy is damned lucky he wasn’t black that day. If he were, he’d be another statistic, before wrestling.

  • In the midwest everyone is a cop. Its a nice change.

  • but he’s just an innocent cannabis farmer making medicine and giving it to the needy in Wyoming lol

  • Um, what about the cocaine they found? Why are we all focusing on the weed?

  • Other states do target California plates. Just sayin.

    • Veteran's friend

      My friend recently spent a couple of months on the east coast, traveling in a CA vehicle. Obeying traffic laws has a great side effect. NO CONTACT WITH LAW ENFORCEMENT at all😊
      All of the states between here and there treated him just fine.

    • Thanks for “just sayin”, Granny (I agree), and for the pic of your beautiful big-eared fluffy Calico kitten. 🙂

  • I wonder if he is related to Jim Roberts from Fortuna who got busted two years ago in Illinois with two hundred lbs and then ratted all his friends out?

    • And then there was the guy who had to point out that this Person may be connected to this other guy who screwed up and ratted on his friends.

    • No not related, he’s originally from Ohio. He’s a good dude with really shitty luck!

  • groba dude osnt trustafarian

    Gee, I drove 3000 miles through Arizona, Utah, Nevada and CA. No cops looked at me, but then I never break the speed limit any more…

    Drove 10 miles from home and got “profiled” by the CHP, pulled over, rudely questioned, interior of my car was “sniffed”. Let me go, cause I don’t take drugs, don’t transport or grow…

    The cops know who you are, where you are, and how you make a living. Right there in the big computer.

    The rest is chance. Cooperate when you encounter these people! Drive sane!

    Good luck, dopers…

    • Also, wash your damn car before you go out of state, even just to camp, even if it’s a beater.

    • exactly and they knew this guy is from Ohio. not a CA resident and has never had an address in CA. this is typical fake news from typical dumbasses. similar to the new CA attorney that claims each pot plant uses 12 gallons per day. last year I grew a few plants for the second time and watered them according to what I read since I don’t have much experience. they died from stem rot. I asked a guy at NHS what I did wrong and he said you over watered them. we should make falsehoods a felony, this propaganda bullshit is out of control and its going to create a generation that we will regret.

  • Just let me get away with this one God i sweer i will never do it agine

  • “Casey Jones, you better watch your speed…”

  • On another topic:
    Granny, did you photoshop yr cat or is she really unusual and beautiful?

  • Desperation is spreading. Glutted market. Thousands of pounds unsold in June and getting old. People who have no business leaving CA with weed are now doing desperate things. It will be getting a lot worse soon…Economic devastation spreading over the area. Enjoy your “legalization” everybody!

    • shoot life is good on our “hill” but your right if you still have a mass amount of product this biz isnt for you.

  • Um, Kym, did you blackball me? I’ve had to re-sign in every time today. And, yes, I did check the box.

    • Dawn, If I blackball you, then you can’t post. And you posted. I don’t know what the problem is. I would guess that your cookies aren’t being saved. Check your settings.

  • Special thank you to Mr. Philips who put this miscreant in a choke-hold, and allowed the officer to subdue him. Little more pressure next time would be helpful.

  • MY girl friend and I were headed from San Diego to Cedar Breaks Utah in a 60VW window bus in ’69. State police pulled us over in Cedar City and tore it up for 2 hours. Missed the stash. Turned us around and escorted us to the Nevada line with 2 cars. We were told that our kind were not welcome in Utah. Haven’t been back.

  • Interstate trafficking of two Scheudle I narcotics in Wyoming… that’s probably like 50 consecutive life sentences. You’re not in Cannifornia anymore (and won’t be for a very long time…).

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