Five Dogs Up for Adoption Visit the Kinetic Sculpture Race

Klaus (and Sparky, the Kinetic Rescue Dog)

Klaus in the orange vest and Sparky, the Kinetic Rescue Dog–a sculpture at the Kinetic Sculpture Race promoting dog adoptions. [All Photos from the Humboldt County Animal Shelter]

Information from the Facebook page of the Humboldt County Animal Shelter:

…[F]ive dogs got to take a day trip to the Kinetic Sculpture Race last weekend.


dog in orange vest


Rocky was the star on Saturday and could not have been any more relaxed, even in the midst of 10,000 people on the plaza! He enjoyed the scenery, the pets, walking with the Sparky sculpture and meeting all the dogs.

dog in orange vest


Clyde was a little more subdued amidst all those people but stayed brave and showed very nice manners.

Mandy (taken at the shelter)

Mandy (taken at the shelter)

Mandy particularly loved the attention from the children and was very patient with them.

Ebony (taken at the shelter) worried dog

Ebony (taken at the shelter)

Sweet Ebony made the rounds on the Plaza and then opted for the dog bed at the bake sale instead. She was also good with everyone she met and enjoyed walking with the other dogs.

Klaus (see top photo) got to go out on Day 2 of the race. He stayed right with the racers while they changed their rigging from water to land – you would have thought he was their personal dog, even though he had never met them before. All seven junior Teddy Bear judges petted him at once! He even ended up with lipstick on his head from someone giving him a kiss.

All of these dogs are still available at the shelter [as of yesterday] AND the reduced adoption fees are still in effect….All adult dogs (6 months and older) are $50…Seniors (7 years and older) are, as always $35…. Come in betwen 10 am and 7 pm to meet them.

Ebony, Rocky and Clyde in their orange Adopt Me vests, following Sparky's brake test.

Ebony, Rocky and Clyde in their orange Adopt Me vests, following Sparky’s brake test.



  • There are so many great dogs to adopt and amazing volunteers helping them!
    Reminder, without a voucher getting a dog fixed can cost upwards of $450.

    If you are so inclined, lease take the time to call or write your supe about putting some money towards expanding and upgrading our shelter as well as creating a sister shelter in the more southern region of our county.

    Go check out the shelter sometime, its incredible what the volunteers and staff accomplish there. Some of the most dedicated people I’ve ever seen!

  • if only the orange vest came in human size…

  • Ebony at kinetic

    • This is the best picture I’ve seen of Ebony. Do you mind if this picture is used to advertise her adoptability? Thanks!

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  • Another pit bull killed a child. This time in Florida. When will congress become responcible and out law this breed.

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  • Divide by Zero

    Mandy is a beauty.

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