Eureka Man Arrested With 100 Pounds of Marijuana in North Dakota

A West Fargo police dog, DIsco, and the 100 pounds of marijuana

A 100 pounds of marijuana allegedly seized from a Eureka man’s vehicle and the West Fargo police dog, Disco, who allegedly alerted his handler to its presence.

A Eureka man was arrested May 30 on I-94 in North Dakota with more than 100 pounds of marijuana, according to an article in the Dickenson Press, a North Dakota news site. The North Dakota Highway Patrol said they pulled over Steven Richard Shipe, age 33, after they spotted an equipment violation.

A K-9 officer from the West Fargo Police Department brought to the traffic stop allegedly alerted to drugs in the vehicle. According to the West Fargo Police Department’s Facebook page, K-9 Disco has helped seize “over 500 lbs of Marijuana …in the last 9 months!”

According to the Dickenson Press article,

[North Dakota Highway Patrol Lt. Troy ] Hischer said troopers continue to get better at drug interdiction, seizing hundreds of pounds of marijuana during routine stops along the I-94 corridor in the past year alone.

“They’re very good at detecting abnormalities in the stories they hear,” Hischer said.

Shipe was booked into the Cass County, jail and faces charges of possessing marijuana with the intent to sell.



  • Sounds like a simple case of driving while under the influence of a California license plate…equipment violation huh?…hmm

    • Veteran's friend

      My friend just drove to Florida and returned, in a CA registered vehicle, with nary a glance from law enforcement. Methinks you are overly paranoid. If you aren’t a dope, with a load of weed, you won’t be “profiled”

      • You don’t have to believe it but it is a real thing.

      • Alt Right For Life

        Louisiana plates resemble California except for the numbering, but a glance at a non profile generally won’t bring a stare, off the 40, not the 10.

      • Proud Deplorable Grandma

        Wrong! My husband was followed in two states, Tennessee and Arkansas and was pulled over by a state trooper who asked him all kinds of questions, like where was I since I am also on the registration and where was he going. My husband had to get into the trunk into his small soft luggage to get the registration he specifically printed out. Asked why he had so little luggage and husband said I know how to do laundry and I am flying back (he was delivering our car to our daughter who lived in South Carolina at the time). My husband was carrying with his CCW at the time and the State Trooper didn’t care about that, finally asked if he had a 215 card. No my husband said. Husband asked why he was pulled over and I can’t remember what was asked but it was totally an excuse to pull him over. Totally profiled with my California disabled plates. He loves to tell that story because it’s so hilarious. Anyone who knows him knows he is not going to have pot in the trunk of his car.

      • Yea, go back across the state’s with cali plates again, I don’t believe ya. Profiling west coasters is a real thing. And I’m no dope and transport the same amount… none. Pulled over 4 times in 4 states by overly aggressive meatheads. [edit] Not to mention a waste of tax money, resources and time. Cannabis is a schedule 2 witj medical properties.. and should be treated accordingly. The prices we pay for non violent offenders to eat sleep and get primo dental work… on us….

      • That’s so false. I was recently pulled over in KS driving a rental car. I stopped and we chatted for a second he said he was going to let me off with a warning he just needed my paperwork. He came back a few minutes later and said is this your address hayfork ca. I said yes he said I’ll be right back. 10 minutes later 6 cars and a dog they learned I’m not so dumb as to cruise the highway with even a seed. All was great until Hayfork. Unfortunately that officer my friend I was visiting is an attorney. Sarah dose civil rights law for a living. I expect her to file a suit after the internal investigation is complete. I fought wars for my rights I want them all. I don’t care of the cop let me go. He had no probable cause to violate the rights I dam neared died protecting

        • And no one finds that California having such a universally bad reputation is maybe earned? And embarassing to be known for drug trafficking? Oh well, people do tend to get used to where they live until they no longer notice they are weird ones.

    • The feds should track it back to the source and lockup everyone at the county level involved with allowing this schedule 1 drug to hit the streets like this. Imagine if the load made it to it’s destination and the money returned to Humboldt. Imagine then that the grower pays his county fees and canopy taxes with the same money. Is that too much of a stretch of the imagination or is it possible? Is it possible that the county is knowingly and willingly taking in drug money from the Midwest or East coast and doing it with a smile?
      Is it crazy to wonder if the drugs being consumed and fought over in cities across the country are funding the local county government to some degree?
      People are spending 100’s of thousands of dollars to get permission from the county to grow a controlled substance. Those dollars are very likely coming from the East coast or the Midwest. This bust in North Dakota is proof of that. How can the county sit back collecting money for this brazen disregard of federal law while creating more infrastructure to further break the law in the future? It’s a federal crime to produce and distribute drugs and our county is knowingly and willingly directly involved in it by profiting from it. The county has all of the apn’s and files on sq. footage of canopy, light assist, diesel tanks, water storage, chemical storage you name it and even a signature of the grower stating all all facts are true and correct. The feds could so easily subpoena the county for all records pertaining to commercial cannabis and sieze all properties involved. Once going over the paperwork the feds could easily recognize the intent of the county to profit from the production and distribution of a schedule 1 drug!

      Contact U.S. Attorney Alex G. Tse to request that he look into this issue further.

      • Thank you for your courage to post this — BRAVO.

        • Please… [edit]. coming from a PHD, cannabis should, and always should have been schedule 2… you can pay over and over for your “cops” to miss the ton of heroin driving by as they fuck with a legal cannabis transport, from a legal grow where the state says its legal, and should be backing its citizens after taking their millions in tax money for their own repurposing.

          • Don’t think for a second that weed being named Schedule 2 would fix any problems.

            Meth, cocaine, opiates are all schedule 2 and available at the local pharmacist with a prescription. Hasn’t slowed the drug war down a bit, or alleviated drug-related crimes, or the criminal justice system’s reliance on drug convictions.

            Hasn’t spurred a renaissance in addiction research to study the effects of those drugs on developing brains, or how to treat addiction effectively.

            Just more arrests. More ‘war on drugs’ mentality. Don’t expect any magic if weed gets re-scheduled, either.

        • Lost Croat Outburst

          Courage? We still have the First Amendment guaranteeing free speech, despite the President and his cronies talking about fake news and football players having the courage of THEIR convictions. I honor our freedoms, served in defense of those freedoms and I don’t have to like what someone says to honor their free speech rights.

          The simplest rights and freedoms take centuries of suffering and injustice to finally be ratified. Weed is far better for society than alcohol ot tobacco and that’s why we are moving the way we are moving. Sad to see 707prius’s deploreable attitude, but that’s life in a still-free country; we are constantly annoyed by others’ speech and faith and politics. Please don’t arrest us anymore. Thank you.

      • Sleepy Alligator

        I think the reason your idea is so unrealistic is because you seem to believe that your government is an honest uncorrupted law-abiding organization. Try imagining Humboldt County’s economy if no marijuana related funds were coming in.

      • That’s a terrific idea, very practical use of the abundant taxpayer resources available for combatting the lethal THC-crisis facing the Nation.

        • There would be an abundance of funds after every property registered with the county to grow a controlled substance gets seized and auctioned off to further fund the war on drugs.
          If the DEA subpoenas the county for all commercial cannabis paperwork they’ll have a roadmap to all involved parcels backed by signed confessions!

          • Funny! Hill property is worthless.

            • Some of the parcels are so trashed they may actually be liabilities, not assets, considering the looming abatement program. Still, delusional land owners want a fortune for them.

              • I remember coming onto long abandoned grow sites on public lands 20 years ago. They don’t repair themselves that fast at all.

          • Veteran's friend

            All the current taxes on those properties would vanish. If you think that would somehow be good for the county, I suggest you RETHINK.😁

            • That is the avalanche of short funding hanging over the county, schools and other bond recipient’s. Even if they don’t sell, the people who have recently purchased may vary well want a downward reassessment.

      • time to grow up

        You left out the track and trace aspect of California and Humboldt law. Regulations are designed to limit out of state sales. Did you ever stop and think about the similarities other substances like coffee, and wine, and beer have with marijuana? Coffee was looked down on as a vice when it first hit Europe, now we are socialized to it, and it is now seen as a mind altering substance that helps productivity. Maybe we are still operating under outdated laws. At one time it was illegal for women to engage in witchcraft, was that a sensible or well thought out law? Would you get behind it all full force like your weed prohibitionism, just because it “is against the law”?

        • It’s a drug, it’s federally illegal, even more so after crossing state lines. Not all states want marijuana legalized. When marijuana grown in Humboldt county is shipped to other states that don’t recognize it as “medicine” then a federal law has without a doubt been broken. Our county officials involved in the legal commercial cannabis program should be found culpable. It’s no secret that there is and will continue to be more local pot production than Californias market can bear. Oregon is a prime example of this.
          Anyone trying to grow pot for profit locally is pissing in the wind if they intend to sell it in California. Look up Zimmatic, Reinke or Valley pivot irrigation systems. They’re capable of irrigating 100’s of acres at minimal cost. A single system can be purchased for less than the average Humboldt grower spends on soil! These systems are all over central California. Look for the bright green circles on Google Earth!
          I wish the feds would legalize pot just so all of the whining and moaning over permits will be over. The beauty would be seeing the actual farmers seamlessly take over the entire industry while every local grower sits on their “hill” further complaining about how unfair it is to be irrelevant in a national free market. Yes legalization on a federal level would be comical!
          “But we grow quality” “nobody will buy that swag” is what the typical Humboldt grower might say.
          Think for a moment about all the options for cigarettes and chewing tobacco at the local stores… What’s the average cost per pack minus the taxes? What major companies produce the tobacco?
          Growing pot is not the task of geniuses, it’s a hobby of old hippies. Grow your pot as a hobby. Leave the commercial farming to the farmers. Just as with vegetables, you can grow some to eat, grow some to sell at the farmers market but you simply can’t compete with a real farmer growing on a real farm!

          As of right now pot is illegal federally. Until it is legal I stand behind the fact that our county is guilty of knowingly and willingly profiting from the production and distribution of a controlled substance.

        • Your type of thinking is exactly why we have needles scattered all over Eureka.

      • Anonymous Humboldtian

        Why don’t you contact him yourself if you’re so worried about it. I’ll even pay for your postage. You’re looney tunes if you think all of that is ever going to happen.

    • In most places LE will give you a fix-it ticket for any equipment violation, headlight or taillight out, licence plate light out, cracked windshield, bald tires.
      I think these violation should be enforced here as well. If they were, lives would be saved.

  • Yikes. Even the CHP are “profiling” in CA, saw a guy in handcuffs being loaded in a CHP car and a tow truck hauling off his “pound loaded” pickup in Lakeport yesterday…

    If you grow, they know!

    Time to move that shit to farmland somewhere, and leave the transporting to the middlemen!

    Watch out, here comes the Black Helecopters!

    • I got shook down real good about twenty five years ago in lakeport. There was a crash that closed 101 in between Hopland and Ukiah at about 11 at night, CHP pointed out I could take 175 or whatever through Lakeport, and out 20. I stopped at a gas station, and unfamiliar with the area, asked some kids in a V-dub bus how to get back to 101. they said I could follow them. However, when i came out of the store, they were already heading out, kinda in a hurry… I could see a sheriff’s car parked over on the side. I went over to my car and opened the door, then out of nowhere the two sheriffs, were right behind me, one shining his flashlight in my face,
      He got in between me and the door and got his head in there looking around. I had a pack of King Size rolling papers in the center, but it seemed like they didn’t recognize them. Then they had me open the back of the station wagon(which I now know not to do, ‘get a warrant’). My future wife had transported a bale of alfalfa sometime prior, so there was stemmy clover shaped green matter all over the back! they spent a half hour sniffing and spinning the foliage in the midnight gas station glare.
      Nothing but Dutch currency, this was pre Euro. I was just returning from the Netherlands, maybe thats why I was driving back late?
      5 seconds of confusion, then they turned on their heels and walked away without saying a word.
      My would-be buddies in the bus were clear over to Blue Lakes by then! So I was like:
      “Hey since I have your attention, how do I get back to 101?”

  • Glad at least some places still have a semblance of normalcy and laws.

  • The final and decisive battle in the War on Drugs…. Rejoice, the war is finally over.

  • But but but it’s legal (whiny voice)

  • worth a try i guess,
    what else ya gonna do with it?

  • the cops know. there is just no other conceivable reason to drive anywhere else in the United States from California!
    Judge: ” they are from California? They are driving through North Dakota?! WTF?”
    Warrant issued.

  • I bet the “equipment” failure was having Cali plates. Just think how much gets through with guys who know what they’re doing. Rule one: don’t use a Ca registered vehicle… Try a small airplane next time???

    • Someone i know flew a small plane into a small Tennessee airport. Unloaded a couple of duffle bags. The regulars at the bar overlooking the landing area yucked it up. Called the police. The rest is misery.

  • Took it to North Dakota where the prices are still 4K a lb and it’s so miserable people pay it

    • The Hermit of Grizzly Mountain

      Two million bucks is big incentive compared to, what – $250K locally! But not for me – I wouldn’t want to be in Steven Richard Shipe’s shoes today, and I don’t know what consequences he is facing in ND.
      And now I’m wondering, are Federal charges usually applied, as well?

      • How many years since you came down off the mountain ⛰ that load would be worth maybe $50 K locally and probably twice that in some other states.

      • Oh you bet they will.....

        not as of right now, but once the feds get wind of that, they’ll want their piece of that pie. And they’ll claim it, too, due to “cross state trafficking” laws and prosecution.

        • Sleepy Alligator

          The Feds do not care about a meager 100lbs. That’s small potatoes and will be handled on a local level.

          • When they can roll up a bigger fish they’re always interested, and they all roll!

            • Sleepy Alligator

              The Feds only get notified about marijuana busts when there are 100 kilos (220lbs) or more, unless special circumstances exist.

    • Veteran's friend

      And…they have the money from the oil boom jobs

    • I got five on it

      Problem is only thirty people live in North Dakota, and only half of them smoke weed

  • Cali plates are no joke. Was driving back from the east coast with my husband and 2 kids and got pulled over in South Dakota. The cop was 1000% sure we were transporting pretty much just bc we were from Cali. Put my husband in 1 car, me and the kids in a other and ripped our car apart. Every 10 min or so the cop would walk back to talk to my husband, and say things like, “you getting nervous?” After an hour of searching, suprise, found nothing, legit only guilty of cali plates. I’ll admit though, it was a slight victory to watch that cops confidence slowly fade and be replaced with anger as he realized he was wrong.

  • Veteran's friend

    Disco sucks

  • Someone here is going to have some visitors soon!

  • Thank you for using the term “allegedly alerted” in regards to the dog. A handler can make a dog alert with a hand movement or the slightest vocalization. It’s near impossible to discount or challenge the so called alert in court.

    • Yeah, it’s called “Juke the Dog” they do it all the time, with no recourse, I got “Juked” and the f’ing great dane left 3 big scratch marks on my car door!

  • Now they get to spend $38,601 a year in North Dakota, to keep a Cali-Grower locked up!

    • The average ND Citizen would pay a LOT more to attend public executions.

      • Alt Right For Life

        Maybe not attend because of miles to travel, but a live streaming video subscription, might raise money for roads and schools.

        You may be on to something, or possibly just watched The Running Man?

  • JustWantToHeartheEndoftheStory

    Wow, the apologists are out in full force. It’s interesting how the weed community is (apparently) incapable of understanding that not every state has the same laws as California in regards to marijuana. When caught, the whining and whimpering and DEMANDING avoids the simple truth. Or is it the THC affecting the brain?

  • What a con job 17 agencies have to be payed off in order to get a license it’s a lie this whole thing is a freaking lie . Oh don’t worry the ones in the know club will get a free pass in the game that is this legal lie .

  • A couple years ago, the Fargo Chief of Police was busted for extortion; He was running a “turn in your buddies and go free” racket. Two college student suicides were directly attributed to his game.
    I grew up there – and hit the road as soon as I was emancipated. The whole area is barking crazy…and the bible-belters are especially vicious, as well as ignorant. No one should visit the Land of the Walking Brain Dead, especially not if intending to bump their economy. Nothing is worth it in North Dakota. Nothing.

  • Idea:

    Rent the rental cars for 4 weeks, not 5 days.

    It’s an obvious bad story to rent for 3-5 days and cross the country.

    You get your money back on time you don’t use with the rental.

    Better idea:

    Don’t do it at all.

  • Hard to conceal the STANK of that much. Just sayin’.

  • When I go to visit my son in Federal Prison I am tested every time for weed residue they call it Ion Spectometry and if you test positve for residue they dont allow your visit I never would enter a fed prison with weed. I suspect you are targeted because you have a 955 zip code and they just want to deny your visit once you have been positive you are always tested, the guards claim the tests are random and i have been tested every visit since even when with my grandson.also when you travel from humboldt on amtrak they love to search people from humco I was told this by an amtrak bus driver he saw them bust a 19 yr old with 10 lbs of weed the same applies for train travel once you are on the train.

  • Where you can still get 4K a lb for outdoor

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