EPD Has Mapped and Marked Hikshari’ Trail

Hikshari’ Trail markersPress release from the Eureka Police Department:

As part of our continued efforts to improve upon the emergency services provided to our citizens, the City of Eureka and the Eureka Police Department have recently mapped and marked the heavier greenbelt area of the Hikshari’ Trail to give citizens a visible reference for their location.

Citizens who are on the trail from the gated entrance at the Herrick Park and Ride to the Foot of Del Norte Street, will see painted yellow numbers on the trail every 100 feet. Hikshari’ Trail markersIf a citizen finds themselves in a situation requiring Police, Fire, or Medical services, they are urged to provide the dispatcher with the nearest reference marker number. This will allow for First Responders to know the callers exact location, which will assist in expediting the arrival of help.

This is the first phase of trail marking. This marking system will be continued along the remaining portions of the trail over the next months.

The Eureka Police Department hopes you enjoy this recreational area of our City.



  • Those are being used as camp sight numbers for the bums and transients

  • Come out on the Hikshari Trail Sunday afternoon 1-2 for a guided walk featuring native plants. Meet at parking lot on Hilficker near sewage treatment plant.

  • That’s a good idea.

  • The markings also provide a good reference as to how far you have walked, jogged, biked, etc.

  • Yay! I hope they do it for the whole coastal trail! Now we can have exact counts of syringes per meter!

    • local observer

      it was to satisfy the complaints from the fearmongerers that will never use the trail anyway. are you happy now? you only find needle where the junkies squat and camp, they don’t do that on the trail. but i’m sure advocates like you and others will stage some photos like at the skate park.

      • The last part of the coastal trail I used was the new Eureka part behind target… And it had two homeless camps on it, one of which was occupied by multiple parasites at the time, stolen bicycles, trash, and many signs of previous campsites poorly cleaned up. Already. Maybe you should look at something other than your cell phone while walking?

        Also, you only find them where they camp? I fucking found one stuffed in the doorstop for our front door when I worked at a eureka business, and we hadn’t had campers there. I’ve also found them on the roofs of eureka businesses. They just toss them wherever, whenever. Your safety does not matter to them in the slightest.

        • I am in old town everyday and I have a phone with a $25 plan. it makes phone calls and is 10 years old. the camp under the bridge is gone.

      • I play disk golf at coopers and there are very often needles right on the course. Very near the skate park.

  • Is that trail or street number...?

    This seems like a nice idea, until you realize that the numbering system is running backwards in comparison to the street numbering.
    So much for making it easier to find your way when driving to an emergency.
    At least both numbers match up around the Bayshore Mall……..

  • “Citizens?” You mean homeless criminals, right? Thieves and drug dealers use this taxpayer-sponsored boondoggle to bike up and down Eureka doing their dirty business. Thanks, Eureka!

    • The more citizens that use the trail the less convenient it will be for shady dealings to occur I would hope.

      • Look at Broadway. It’s a pretty busy place with lots of sketchy activity going on in plain view. Sequoia park has its issues with safety. But the problem does not lie with having trails as having an entitled criminal population.

        • BINGO

        • I hear people talk about sequoia park having problems but I’ve been there almost every day, for over a decade and I just dont see it. I do see a lot of trash that looks like it is left by kids.

          • Eureka has Serial Truth Killers, they exaggerate everything they possibly can.
            It seems like a cult or a hobby.

            • Eureka have a violent crime rate smack dab average in California but its property crime rate is way higher than average. Which means you are not more likely to get assaulted (even if confronted by scary individuals) in Eureka than other California small cities but stand a fair chance of having your car broken into.

  • Sounds like a fun trail! We installed numbers so you we can come rescue you lol

  • Fun times on the Hikshari Trail

    My friend and myself are females and we walk the trail three and four times a week for the past year or so. On the trail we have never been confronted by a transient nor asked for money. The only time we were was in the parking lot and that was a guy who came from a vehicle. We told him no and he didn’t hassle us. We have seen needles and some trash along the trail. But we have met one guy who
    is part of a veterans group that walks and we have seen him walking alone with plastic WINCO bag and picked up trash. He told us he believes there is a group that cleans the trail weekly. The south side trail is usually clean and we have seen more trash on the north side trail towards Costco. My point is as a woman I would not choose to walk alone. We will adopt the guy with the WINCO bag and help clean the trails. Something all of us could do. And report any needles we see to the health department. The only complaint I have pertains to people on bicycles. When you approach walkers from behind give a warning you are passing on our left. I personally have had a couple of incidences that were close calls with (not homeless) bikers. It is just common courtesy to give walkers a “heads up” that you are passing and it would help if you slowed down when you passed. Last, we have not had ant problems with walkers with dogs. That’s not to say there isn’t dog droppings. That is common, but for the most part most dog owners police their dogs.

    The trail belongs to the public and as so we need to be good stewards. It will never be 100% , but it is 90% a special place to enjoy walking or biking.

    • Thanks for the bicycle tips. I just recently started riding a bike again and it always makes me nervous when I come up behind someone on the trail. I’m not sure what to do but I always slow way down and engage them a ways back with “Hi folks” or “Excuse me”.

      • You should try the arcata community forest solution, and simply shove people aside if they don’t immediately jump into puddles to let you by.

        • After my slowing down with squeaky brakes and carefully clattering to a lower gear was not enough to alert a pair of dog walkers, they showed me what for. These two assholes proceeded to let both their dogs go to the ends of their 25′ retractable leases as I passed. Both big and walking right in the middle of the bike path, dogs out on either side, no awareness or politeness.
          Nasty motherfuckers….thankfully a rare experience, most, by far are nice to each other, walkers and bikers, I have never seen such assholes before or since in my 60 years of biking public streets and trails.

          • Bike riders maintaining a reasonably slower speed when they come upon people walking would be good, just as well as those with dogs keeping their dogs close enough to be able to control them. And no, downshifting is not sufficient enough noise to ensure someone is aware of a bicyclist coming any more than having dogs on a retractable leaded is all that is required by dog walkers.

            A speeding bicyclist can kill injure or even kill someone they hit. Not to mention scaring the daylights out of them as they whiz by.

            • I’ve ridden the streets of Eureka for years, and like motorists, there are some cyclists who will drive/ride faster than what the conditions or the law allows, and the trails are no exception. I’ve ridden this trail maybe 3 times, but haven’t done so in 3 to 4 years, due to the less structured nature of how the trail users operate upon it.
              As much as I like to use the trails, personally, I end up using Eureka streets, since many of the trails have to be accessed by using the streets , the more structured nature of how the road users operate, and most of the trails are not in the vicinity of the places I tend to commute to.

  • Martin Stockel

    Thank you to the Eureka Police Department for helping make our area safer. It is appreciated!!

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