Driver Unidentified in Fiery Fatal Crash

Fatal crash iconPress release from the California Highway Patrol:

At approximately 0950 hours [yesterday], United States Forest Service and Trinity Center Volunteer Fire Department personnel responded to a report of a smoke check on Eastside Rd, approx 11.4 miles east of SR-3. Upon arrival, they discovered a vehicle was on fire and was completely consumed. The fire had spread to adjacent brush and fire personnel spent several minutes extinguishing the flames. Once the fire had been knocked down, fire fighters found a person deceased behind the wheel of a 2003 Toyota Pickup. It was apparent the Toyota had ran off of the road and crashed prior to catching fire.

The California Highway Patrol and Trinity County Sheriff’s Department responded to the scene and the CHP subsequently assumed control of the collision investigation. It was determined the Toyota pickup was traveling Eastside Rd westbound and for unknown reasons, traveled off the roadway and struck several trees, before bursting into flames. The driver of the Toyota suffered fatal injuries as a result of the collision. At this time the driver remains unidentified. There were no witnesses to the collision or subsequent fire. The investigation is still ongoing.



  • 0950 hours, would have been yesterday MORNING!!! 2150 hours, would have been last night!!! The 24 hr method of time telling doesn’t start over at noon but just continues adding hours!!!

  • Mistakes happen Dan!!!!!! 😂 Kym is a good person why so angry over a time misprint ?

  • I am not angry & certainly not delighted someone died!!! I was just simply pointing out a minor error!!!

  • I’m not angry!!! I just like using 3 exclamation points on every sentence!!! LOL!!!

  • So what about his or her loved ones not forgetting the first responders volunteers etc to witness this where r u people coming from?

  • So he/she suffered fatal injury’s and died due to being trapped in a burning vehicle in the middle of nowhere. You don’t say?

  • Question. Why so many comments on the number of exclamation marks, on whether or not the use of 24 hour time vs 12 hour time is proper, whether or not one of the writers is angry or happy or . . . A person lost their life and, if he/she was still alive at the time the car burned, suffered a horrid death. His/her family must be devastated. The fire fighters on the scene, whether volunteers or paid, having to deal with this. Why are so many of you making light of the entire scenario. For all you know, at this point, the victim was a friend, or worse, family/loved one. If so, you have my deepest sympathies. As for Kym’s typos, you should see mine before I send anything out.

    • Thank you Lani for stating what is important.

    • Because 1) comments are not the news story. They are comments. And 2) pointing out mistakes that affect the usefulness of the story might be a good thing and 3) some people are constitutionally incapable of refraining from doing it.

      Lastly, the person in fact possibly was already dead from their injuries before the fire started. The one accident that was similar to this one, where I was the second person on the scene, the fire started about 30 minutes after the crash had killed one of the occupants. People, alive and dead, were not removed from the vehicle, having been waiting for the paramedics, til then. So assuming that they died in the fire might be unnecessarily stressing.

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