Building Inspector Charged With Bribery and Theft Told Some Victims He Could Sell Their Legal Pounds Through His Cannabis Collective

Pat Mctigue

Patrick Mctigue

On Tuesday, a Humboldt County Planning and Building inspector, Patrick Mctigue, was arrested and charged with defrauding multiple victims. Two of the victims (they both wish to remain anonymous) spoke to us about their experiences.

Both the men had known Mctigue before he was hired in September of 2015 by the Humboldt County Planning Department. They said they both trusted him at first because he was Humboldt County native, a former kids’ football coach, and he seemed willing to work with them. He also told them he was opening a cannabis collective in Sacramento, Simply Humboldt Grown.

One of the victims, a businessman/farmer born in Southern Humboldt, explained that Mctigue seemed like “he was the cool guy…He was on our side.” The man explained that Mctigue seemed willing to cut through red tape and be helpful though money didn’t change hands at first.

Both men said that people trying to enter the legal cannabis world are struggling and trying to find a way to survive. “We are all so vulnerable trying to get our permits,” said the other victim, a Humboldt County legal cannabis farmer.

“He [said he] would move all my legal product [through his cannabis collective],” the farmer explained. “He said he could fast-track building permits.”

The other victim told us that he and his wife thought, “This could be our future. He opened the door…He tickled and we bit on his story.”

They both didn’t want the details of their actual transactions with Mctigue published. They said they worried he would know which of his victims were cooperating with law enforcement.

According to Humboldt County’s Planning and Building Director John Ford who said he was outraged to learn of the allegations against Mctigue, “This is a violation of the public trust.”

He said that Mctigue was not directly involved with issuing cannabis permits. However, he explained, “Mctigue was responsible for providing site inspections of cannabis permits and inspections related to Building Permits associated with cannabis sites in addition to Building Permits not related to cannabis.  He was not responsible for issuance of any permits or the manner in which permits were processed.”

One of the victims explained that he knew that Mctigue couldn’t help with the actual cannabis permits but, he said, “If we were going to need electricity and water [in greenhouses], we needed building permits.”

According to one of the victims, Mctigue “stated that he could push them through and John Ford would listen to his approval of those permits filed.”

However, after several months, both began to suspect that Mctigue was neither moving their permits through the process more quickly nor was Simply Humboldt Grown, Mctigue’s collective, actually doing business.

They both decided not to rock the boat and hope that something would work out. “I took the risk,” one explained. “I got ripped off but let’s leave it.”

One of the victims eventually learned that Mctigue was no longer actively working at the Planning Department. “Patrick was on medical leave,” the victim said he learned. “He got in a car wreck with a county vehicle while he was working and is on medical leave.”

Director Ford said that he couldn’t confirm that Mctigue had been on medical leave for legal reasons but he did confirm that Mctigue was in an accident in early November of 2017. Mctigue hasn’t been working actively at the Planning Department for some time, Ford explained, Mctigue “has been out for undisclosed reasons.”

At some point in November, after the accident, Ford said that he had learned there was an investigation into Mctigue’s actions at work.

A couple months after the accident, one of the victims we spoke to spotted Mctigue’s vehicle at a friend’s property. He said that one Sunday he was driving. “I noticed that Pat’s truck is parked at my buddy’s house.”

He said he called the friend and asked why he had a building inspector at his place on a Sunday. We have not been able to confirm this but the victim we spoke to said his buddy told him that Mctigue had offered to inspect the place for cash. But the victim said he knew that Mctigue couldn’t be inspecting for the Planning Department because he was out on leave.

The victim then contacted his District’s Supervisor and explained that he believed Mctigue was acting unethically. Eventually, the victim spoke to the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office with his concerns. He said he was told then that an investigation had already begun based on other complaints that law enforcement had received earlier.

“Everything he promised…he didn’t do…,” explained one victim. Beyond that, Mctigue didn’t even complete some of the basic jobs of an inspector, charged one of the victims who said that normal paperwork which should have been signed and then entered with the main office wasn’t filed by Mctigue. And now it has to be redone

According to Director Ford of the Humboldt County Planning Department, they have not yet learned how many permits may have been improperly influenced by Mctigue. He stressed that the department takes responsibility. “If a member of this department was inappropriate, we are going to work in a manner to make [any problems] whole…My basic approach is that we are..responsible for mistakes.”

He said that his department was prepared to help victims come into compliance. “If there is anything awry with anybody’s inspections, we will work with them to make things right,” he explained.

Ford said that his department has already learned of one person who needed to make changes to his property when it was re-looked at in the wake of the Mctigue investigation. He explained, “We had to work with a homeowner builder to address the way some of the way things were done. They did not end up negatively affected.”

Unfortunately, Ford said, “We will probably be uncovering things [improperly inspected] for a while.”

Now that Mctigue’s actions have been reported in the news, Samantha Karges, spokesperson for the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department explained, “[W]e are expecting more people to come forward.”

She suggested, “Any victims who may also be involved in illegal activities should contact the DA’s office or get an attorney to represent them. The DA’s office has the power to negotiate immunity in exchange for a testimony. I cannot promise or say for sure that the DA’s office will do that, but they are the only agency who has the power to do such a thing.”

Meanwhile, the victims are trying to recover from their losses. One of the victims estimates he lost about $10,000 and the other estimates he lost about $15,000 to Mctigue. Almost more than the loss of money though, they are groping to understand how this could have happened with a respected local man in a position of authority.

Both explained that they felt that because Mctigue was local and they were local, that he would be safe to do business with. “We were all born and raised here and we’re all in this together,” one of the victims said explaining why they trusted Mctigue. “Everybody knew him…We knew his wife. We knew his daughter…Everyone knows him…and he still did this.”

Earlier Chapter: County Planning and Building Inspector Arrested for Taking Bribes From Marijuana Growers and Others



  • Oh the poor victims, criminals conspiring with a Criminal and now they’re crying because they got screwed. And shame on you Kym for triing this in the Press. It’s all hearsay don’t you watch Judge Judy

    • Shame on me for reporting the news?…C’mon, Hobo-Joe, It isn’t trying a case to report witness statements.

      • The news was the original story of him getting arrested, you providing Anonymous hearsay statements that’s the BS part, you can analyze it anyway you want to maybe you’re kind of close to this I don’t know. And I’ve known Pat for a long time as well. And frankly I’m not shocked. But I’m definitely disappointed in the way your presenting this. I know I don’t have to read your site that to is a cop out.
        Have a good day and recognize constructive criticism

        • Hobo, I do recognize that you believe there is a legitimate problem which is why I am spending time responding. I try to ignore people that just want to complain.

          There are compelling reasons to report this story.

          This isn’t hearsay. I substantiated that they were victims. You don’t have to believe that I did it, but I did.

          One of my major reasons for telling their story is, if, which hasn’t been proved yet, Pat was telling at least some of the victims that he had a cannabis collective that could move their product, he was enticing them not the other way round which is usually assumed in bribery cases.

          However, the most important reason for reporting this is more press will likely give the situation wider attention and bring more possible victims forward.

    • Back off at least these guys are trying to get legal…don’t blame Kym for writing the news I went to school with Patrick and I’m shocked….money does funny things to some peaple

  • What, he’s just doing what the county does only on a smaller scale.

    • Exactly, he’s just profiting from drug money, same as the county.

      • Yeah. “Profiting from drug money”. Just like (almost?) EVERY business in Humboldt county.

        • I don’t think that you are leagally bound to give x amount of dollars per square foot of your canopies drug money to your local grocery store. You buy overpriced groceries by choice!

    • A lot of cannabis distribution company’s are pulling similar scams, asking for large amount of money upfront to join there collective to move all your herb, later you find out they don’t even have distribution licenses and they cannot sell any of your herb. Where is the stocks in the company that was supposed to be issued to growers who bought into a scam? People have been taking money from growers telling them all sorts of crap only to come up short and have nothing to show. These people need to realize how real business is done in a professional setting.

      • So the old skills of smuggling and black market do not constitute good business sense? What a philosophy adjustment. New mantra- Crooks are not your friends, crooks are not your friends…

        As Marco in the movie “A Slight Case of Murder” put it- “We don’t have to worry. We’re legit now.” I see a Hollywood remake coming with pot replacing bootleg gin.

  • From my perspective it looks like the “victims” were willing participants in a scheme they new to be illegal. They are just mad because their co conspirator double crossed them. Am I off base on this?

    • You appear to be right. If the “victims” had received what they thought they paid for we probably would know nothing about this at this point.

      • Is the second “victim” really a “legal cannabis farmer” if he/she knowingly obtained the permit fraudulently?

  • I would want to remain anonymous as well, what a bunch of snitch rats. Seems the rats were willing to play and got burned, that’s on them. If I were the county I would press charges against the rats. F@ck am all. They deserve each other.

    Crazy that both parties broke the law and only one gets any repercussions. Deny any permits to these “victims”, as they broke the law to obtain them. “Victims”, my ass. Corrupt business owners, plain and simple.

    • “Snitch rats” made me laugh.

    • corruption starts at the top and infects below. if he was a straight shooter we wouldn’t be reading this. he was the facilitator, everyone else is a participant.

      • Or in this case, is contaminated from bottom up? Or may surrounded by a sea of contamination? The trickle down theory of criminality…

  • This is embarrassing for those of us really trying to go legit! All it shows is that many people in our community that signed up to do the right thing still have poor intentions!! Not building thing properly and developing land leads to environmental damage. I see tons of more regulation in the future because a bunch of double dipping tater tots can’t pick one market or the other!!! These people represent the greedy scum of the county. Can’t deal with only profiting of one market so your working on both… One rotten apple spoils the bunch… How lame are these “victims”… You choose a ritchous path, but a broken vehicle to get there! You deserve what the inspector gets.

  • Ha Ha Ha! These snitch rats were sure ready to cut illegal deals for their permits. Guess they wanted to feel “safe” and “free” with this new “legalization” they probably voted for. Ha Ha Ha!![edit].rescind their permits.

    • I would assume they just wanted to feel the same entitlement that the good ol boys have. it cracks me up, GRS, Hooven, Mercer Frasier all in the weed biz. they get what ever they want, it is way deeper than many could even speculate on. in my neighborhood some removed the all the madrone signs and tossed them in the woods 20 feet from where they were.

      • Oh the horror of people being as irrational and nasty as their neighbors…

      • Yep. “Cannabiz” is an inside job. To misquote George Carlin, “It’s a big club and we’re not part of it.”

        • Great misquote! It was apparent to some of us- buried deep in the text of that corporate-friendly “legalization” proposition. It is becoming apparent to more people every day. Those who bent over to become “compliant”- keep bending. Keep paying and losing. You never really had a chance. It was fixed. Enjoy your compliancy and your eager rush into the arms of government! Hope you are feeling free, you “farmers”!! Ha Ha Ha!!!

    • dude! do you think if filing applications and paying fees resulted in county employees moving forward, that people would pay extra in the form of bribes??

  • “Unfortunately, Ford said, “We will probably be uncovering things [improperly inspected] for a while.”

    Mr. Ford, both parties are guilty and there is no victims. Deny permits as their punishment for trying to cheat the system so they can obtain permit.

    • Yes. Or you set a precedent that it is okay to participate in bribery in the path to getting permitted. No way around that signal you would definitely be sending…

    • The public is the victim. They pay the price from start to finish. At least the poor folks who still believe in integrity. The others go with “Everybody does it” as a measure of honesty.

      • Guest is right. The public is the only victim and it is the public Ford should be apologizing to, not the co conspirators.

  • “Almost more than the loss of money though, they are groping to understand how this could have happened with a respected local man in a position of authority.”

    This can’t be real. They engage in bribing a county employee to circumvent the regulations then expect that he will be otherwise as honest as the day is long in their personal dealings? It’s like the old chestnut about a honest politician is one who, when bought, stays bought. How can anyone , especially one involved in a business with a decades long history of shady dealings, be that naive? Oh justice, where are you… wait a minute… not justice. Nope, justice might take a dim view of bribery and their own corruption. Revenge is the ticket.

    I’m sure the DA’s office will turn a blind eye to their involvement to ease the way to the plea deal they will get. All the while McTigue will continue to get WC.

    As to Ford’s comments about making good the Department’s mistakes- yah, right, sure. That doesn’t match the “It doesn’t matter what the inspector said or doesn’t said, the rules are still the rules” that was SOP until this minute.

  • Mendocino Mamma

    Not only Humboldt is affected!

  • Paying a bride to facilitate the permit process should be grounds for denying a permit.

    • McKinleyville resident

      Exactly! They knew the deal was shady, but went along with it to cut corners and cheat the system.

  • The people who paid the bribes should be charged also and their permits taken away.

  • Veteran's friend

    Here is a whole new group of people impacted by the utter incompetence of every aspect of Humboldt County government.
    Vote for no incumbent, or you accept the status quo.

  • Alt Right For Life

    Seems like he didn’t do anything wrong and most likely wasn’t able to sell moldy weed for these people trying to jam him up.

  • Hard to believe one of their bros would screw them over. HA!

    For another 5K Ford will smooth it all out.

  • A buncha narcs , snitches and whiners and posers. Underground markets are for champs.

  • what a bunch of imbecilic rubes. weak scam upon scam upon scam.

  • Its totally ok and legal for lobbyist to donate to their special interest.and conspire to change law in their interest .Corporations rule our government .but that’s Ok. but cannabis farmers cant pay to help pave the way .It works in Washington.

  • I wonder how much the [edit] “donate” to building inspectors,sheriffs,judges,county tax assessor,fish n game,your neighbor,Jerry brown,ICE etc ?

  • Sounds like a lot of bull to me locals that had no idea how inspections or permits are done? Sounds like a black market weed deal went south. He had a head injury rung his bell in that car wreck .

  • Key words, “He knows everybody.” I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets off scot free , as hes part of the Humboldt Good Ole Boys network. Wonder what happens to those new vehicles and fancy horse trailer he purchased recently, with cash, no doubt.

  • The funniest part is the local born, second gen pot growers calling themselves farmers…

  • Looks like if his trial was held here on Kym Kemp, he’d get laughed out of the court room! I agree, and I think it sounds like a friend helping a friend, something went south, and the friend snitched on the other friend. I see a lot of this as the business model crumbles. Partnerships are going south at an amazing rate.. I don’t see much of a story here. The real story is where is all that cash that’s POURING into the planning Department going? All the abatement notice cash, the permit cash? All the folks in the dept look like this guy. I know there’s a story there. Come on investigative journalists!

  • Why are we referring to the cheaters as victims?

    • The two men allege they lost money to a government employee because he led them to believe he would provide them services that he couldn’t provide.

  • Yeah. Right . That is why the story has this line “One of the victims explained that he knew that Mctigue couldn’t help with the actual cannabis permits but, he said, “If we were going to need electricity and water [in greenhouses], we needed building permits.”” or this “According to one of the victims, Mctigue “stated that he could push them through and John Ford would listen to his approval of those permits filed.”” They knew they were putting out money expecting to get special treatment. IE Bribing a public official and only became suspicious when they thought he was no longer an active public official.

    • If two men rob a bank, and then one shoots the other, the gunshot person is described as the victim. That’s the way it is in the law. In addition, the details that I agreed not to share make these men even less culpable.

      • So they weren’t knowingly trying to cheat the system?

        • I think it depends on what you think the system is. If you think it is an honest and fair system, then yes, you would probably consider they were trying to cheat it.

          • Does bribery make any system more honest or fair?

            I can empathize with people who are desperate because they are afraid they are losing everything. I can’t sympathize with those who thought bribery was an acceptable option.

      • Kym, he’s called a fellow suspect. In this case “According to 18 USCS prec § 201(b), whoever directly or indirectly, corruptly gives, offers or promises anything of value to any public official with intent to influence that person’s official act will be fined for the offence of bribery.” And the fact that the official didn’t deliver doesn’t make them victims of fraud either unless he never intended to act on the bribe.

        • He couldn’t deliver on most of what he allegedly promised. The most obvious instance of that in the story I was able to tell is that he allegedly went to a person’s property when he was on leave to do work. But there is much more that I’m not at liberty to tell. You can decide on the basis of what I am able to tell that, that the men are not victims. But I believe they are.

          • That they are charging him with bibery means there were bribes. You can’t have one without the other. That he also engaged in fraud is possible but doesn’t change the bibery bit unless he was caught in a sting. And that would be a whole ‘nother story.

            • There are multiple victims. Not all situations are the same.

              • Even then any normal businessmen know that a government employee offering services for private payment related to his official duties is engaging in a prohibited practice and would know it is shady. That is a universal no-no. Even his story of having a valid and legal commercial outlet for pot sales is not right. Or that he was on disability leave and starting his own business? You just can’t put a shine on this pile.

                How can they allege such ignorance and be believed?

                However, from the reported offer of the DA to work out an blanket immunity offer, they have already decided to ignore the bribe offering public in favor of prosecuting the bribe taking official. That doesn’t mean they aren’t guilty.

                • The DA didn’t make that offer. The Sheriff’s office suggested, “The DA’s office has the power to negotiate immunity in exchange for a testimony. I cannot promise or say for sure that the DA’s office will do that, but they are the only agency who has the power to do such a thing.” An offer to negotiate immunity is not the same as offering blanket immunity.

            • Hey, Kym. Keep this up and you’ll know more law than I do. You are absolutely correct, of course. It’s hard not to enjoy this story. I Googled the dispensary. It’s still one line.


            What a tease. Haha. So what’s the story?

          • I will be the first to apologize for comments against the “victims”, if in fact, they did not pay money to Mctigue to get special treatment with obtaining any permits. If they did pay money for special treatment, then they are guilty as much as Mctigue. It really is that cut and dry.

        • Yes but if you do it not so directly or indirectly it’s called lobbying no? What, you mean to say that our entire country is corrupt?!?! Wait just a damn minute there shorty, I’m a goddamn red blooded Merican and if we can’t pay money to get special treatment then what have we got?!?! Communism that’s what!! Goddamn commies!! Every last one of ya!!

  • So your first article states he was handed $50k and believed to have received $100k. This article states he received about $10k from one victim and estimated $15k from another. Not sure but I don’t think adds up to $100k. All this drama over some faceless cry baby dope growers that know the risks of their lifestyle. It’s sad to see a person have his career screwed up by people that don’t pay income tax,they seem to think sales tax is enough.

    • There are multiple victims. These are only two of the victims speaking to me. In fact, I note that there was at least one more, the one that Mctigue was allegedly working for after he went on leave. But remember this part? “Eventually, the victim spoke to the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office with his concerns. He said he was told then that an investigation had already begun based on other complaints that law enforcement had received earlier.” So the Sheriff’s Department was already investigating at least one other instance prior to the victim in this story coming forward.

      Also, in both the cases I talked about, according to the version I heard, Mctigue enticed the growers not the other way around.

  • Land of the fee

    In communist Russia you just pay 10-15% to the main guy in town and do your business, no problem. In Commiefornia you pay 15 agencies 3% and they still don’t leave you alone. I am sure inspector gadget was just trying to help out by making things go a little smoother?

  • The cheating co-conspiritors’ story sounds like it was crafted to make them appear ignorant that they were bribing a public official. i am also surprised at the slant in this article. Failing to get a response from the accused is a sure way to a guilty verdict in the court of public opinion, including a grand jury. The county had better be prepared for a big fat lawsuit if it turns out he is not guilty. The accusers should prepare themselves for the same or prison.

    • To be fair, I should have reached out to Mctigue. But, it is my longtime experience that defense attorneys do not let their clients talk. But, you are right, I should have at least attempted to reach him. If he would like to respond, I’ll gladly provide him space.


      “The man explained that Mctigue seemed willing to cut through red tape and be helpful though money didn’t change hands at first.”

  • Lolz , these people aren’t “ victims “

  • STAUB v. BAXLEY (1958) 355 US 313
    “. . . an ordinance which makes the peaceful enjoyment of freedoms which the Constitution guarantees contingent upon the uncontrolled will of an official – as by requiring a permit or license which may be granted or withheld in the discretion of such official – is an unconstitutional censorship or prior restraint upon the enjoyment of those freedoms.”

    When the state imposes a charge for the enjoyment of a right, it is patently unconstitutional.
    [Murdock v. Pennsylvania, 319 US 105 (1943); United States v. Jackson, 390 US 570 (1968)]

    “. . . our decisions have made clear that a person faced with . . . an unconstitutional licensing law may ignore it and engage with impunity in the exercise of the right . . . for which the law purports to require a license.”

    “Every man is independent of all laws, except those prescribed by nature. He is not bound by any institutions formed by his fellowmen without his consent.”
    CRUDEN v NEALE, 2 N.C. 338 (1796) 2 S.E. 70.

    • Yah, yah, yah. That was true in 1823 maybe but things have become a lot more complicated, litigated in a lot more detail, many more amendments and precedents established, and the world in much more capable of providing more danger than existed in 1786. Parsing the Constitution, looking for escape clauses, even if technically reasonable(which it isn’t) is not going to happen. It is futile.

      • Guest,

        “Yah, yah, yah.”? What was true in 1776 up to and including 1823 and court citations since are still relevant, or the decisions would have been challenged and over-turned. The older, the better. I chose those three U.S. Supreme Court rulings because they are; Supreme Court rulings – i could list many more. The land jurisdiction hasn’t changed. A four colored flag signals that we’re not in Kansas anymore. If we wanna go home, the time has come to click our heels and the “COLOR of law” will go the way from whence it came and take the liars, err lawyers, with it. The original 13th Amendment is still on the books.

        • I’m a Constitutionalist by inclination but I also know enough to see that windmills are not truly giants in disguise and won’t be obsessed with tilting at them.

          • Well then you won’t recognize this either i suppose?

            “It is not to the moderation and justice of others we are to trust for fair and equal access to market our products, or for our due share in the transportation of them; but to our own means of independence and the firm will to use them.” -Report of Secretary of State on Trade and Tariff December 16, 1793.

            The laws of the order is the vehicle that gets you there. Last Sunday, here where i live, there was the annual member’s meeting. 40 members -1/3 for a quorum is 13. When i got there i asked if there was a quorum? Nadine told me that there are 11 and Prez’ spouse went to wrangle another member (from somewhere out in the forest). The un-elected Prez. said now we have 12. Meaning me. And he’d wait to take roll-call until after his spouse returns. Then Prez. said he had a quorum number question. –Also, a letter from a member was being counted in that 11 total. (You can’t make this stuff up). E.B., from Sonoma County, jumped at the chance to perform her rehearsed lines, saying that, the number the quorum is based on ISN’T 40! I have it on tape. I got up and left. No quorum, no business can be conducted. Age old (1893) Rules of Order haven’t changed either.

            Should i have stayed and joined in the fraud?

        • Its all good until you start to violate someone else’s rights. I see lots of that here in humboldt when it relates to cultivation of pot.

          • TQM,


            “…we are of the opinion that there is a clear distinction in this particular between an individual and a corporation, and that the latter has no right to refuse to submit its books and papers for an examination at the suit of the state. The individual may stand upon his constitutional rights as a citizen. He is entitled to carry on his private business in his own way. His power to contract is unlimited. He owes no duty to the state or to his neighbors to divulge his business, or to open his doors to an investigation, so far as it may tend to criminate him. He owes no such duty to the state, since he receives nothing therefrom, beyond the protection of his life and property. His rights are such as existed by the law of the land long antecedent to the organization of the state, and can only be taken from him by due process of law, and in accordance with the Constitution. Among his rights are a refusal to incriminate himself, and the immunity of himself and his property from arrest or seizure except under a warrant of the law. He owes nothing to the public so long as he does not trespass upon their rights. (1905/6: Hale v. Henkel, 201 U.S. 43.; Defined the distinction between natural persons and corporations as it pertains to 5th Amendment protections within the U.S. Constitution.) [verified source:…].

            • I’m glad you agree that the widespread devastation upon the environment from cannabis cultivators is an infringement upon the rights of the public.


    If someone pays a hitman that never kills,it’s still attempted murder for both.
    If the payer snitches on their hitman that doesn’t kill,is the payer now the victim?


    Wow,if he has to pay anything back,we will see how many growers show up to snitch and claim some bribe refunds.

  • The hasty publishing of this article has started the trial by media process. His reputation/character is ruined even if he is found not guilty. Trial will need to be outside Humboldt.

    • When you’ve seen the inside of an Administration room,w/its four-colored flag, labeled courtroom, you’ve seen ’em all. Do they even bother with the “All rise” invocation anymore? Back in the day, the magistrate carried a Bible, that’s what the people were ‘All rising’ for.

      When the City of Eureka, Cyndy Day-Wilson, brought litigation v. the People, (April 8, 2013), it was a Bond issue to pick-up the city employees humongous CalPers tab – that legally requires a vote- Wilson hired two A turns from Sacramento $$$$. They were there . . . on a speaker. Wilson fumbled around in her usual dumb-as-a-door-knob manner. I filed a Void Judgment since i was one of two people who filed anything previous. That’s when Elizabeth Smith, in the court file clerk’s office, transferred to another position.
      Long story, short, it doesn’t matter where the trial happens, it will take place in Oz.

      • That response is so vague it’s hard to decipher – it smacks of a lunatic rant of someone who thinks they are above any law and order in society.

  • I wonder if this has any connection to this story? It was posted on June 4th in The Trinity Journal.

    “Today, Trinity County sheriff’s deputies executed a search warrant at the Trinity County Planning Department Cannabis Division to seize evidence in a criminal matter.

    Deputies had received information that officials in top county government were attempting to alter evidence in a criminal matter, the Sheriff’s Office said in a news release.

    The Sheriff’s Office said no additional information will be provided at this time, as it is an active investigation.”

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