(Listen) ‘(‘Times) Ignored the Many Good Things Happening Here,’ EPD Chief Interviewed; Other Top Stories

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Humboldt Last Week, Episode 85

  • ‘(The New York Times) Ignored the Many Good Things Happening Here,’ EPD Chief Interviewed (4:40)

Eureka Police Chief Steve Watson talks about his city’s challenges and upsides, his view of the not-in-my-backyard mentality for intervention services, his ambitions for reducing crime rates, and how he assesses his department as he’s coming up on a year at the helm in July.

  • McKinley Statue Fate Might Be Up To Arcata Voters, Signatures Being Verified
  • Chef Guy Fieri Has News for Jimmy Fallon That Could Impact Humboldt Businesses
  • Humboldt High HIV Rates Cause State Intervention
  • KHSU Addresses Rumors After Firing of Longtime ‘Director
  • Beach Wheelchairs for Humboldt
  • Other Top Stories

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Image of Chief Watson courtesy of his Twitter page



  • Perhaps intervention services should be located in Watson’s neighborhood.

  • Veteran's friend

    We should not need to compliment you for doing your job sir, and what a shame we must point out shortcomings you fail to acknowledge or take responsibility for.

  • If Betty Chin manages to house and rehab 44 homeless in a way that is safe for the neighbors, that is a plus for the people housed. It will make no noticeable difference to the general public because it is a very small number helped at a level of expense not able to be supplied for the mass of homeless. She talks about continuous monitoring. The most problematic, distruptive people are not going to be participants anyway because they are not going to accept any restrictions on their behavior.

    So for all the noise, her program is a charity for a few and the city and county should know that every single problem caused by homeless is still going to be there whether she gets her village or not. Drug addiction and mental illness cause homelessness and no solution can be found without treating those, whether they are given a place to live or not. If not supervised and willing to be supervised, their problems go with them.

    • Veteran's friend

      6000 evictions A DAY in Amerika. Not all are addicts or mentally ill. NOT EVEN CLOSE.
      A simple thing like letting homeless people keep their dogs, will bring in many who otherwise shun “help”.

    • Let’s start a “go fund me” to ship any willing bus fare recipient off to their destination of choice! East coast destinations preferred of course. Not in my backyard, someone else’s problem!

  • Friday afternoon in Garberville a man tried to push a woman in through the front door of her home while she was unlocking it, she managed to get to her car and lock herself in—-he is described as : caucasian-30ish called himself “John” “He was VERY confident and aggressive”—–probably living at the meth camp on the Sprowel Rd. offramp or buying from the guy just down the street across from the old school.

  • Sorry Kym, I did not know where else to post this and will get more details A.S.A.P. to pass on- The woman used her umbrella in the guys face to back him up and ran to her car.

    • James, can the woman contact me? My email is mskymkemp@gmail.com

      • She is a traveling Dr. here visiting a friend–she had to go back to work and will be back in 3 weeks—I will pass your email on to her—-she is pretty tripped out about the incident right now—-I will be going over to the sheriff station this morn to do some follow up. Will also pass your email to her boyfriend. Thank you for your contribution to our community !!

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