K-9 Kai Catches Criminal With Cannabis, Meth and More, Says Crescent City Police

POlice dog with drugs

K-9 Kai crouching next to cannabis and other items seized in the traffic stop.

Press release from the Crescent City Police:

On 5-25-2018, a CCPD Officer made a traffic stop on US highway 101 North, south of Parkway Drive.

K9 Kai was deployed during the traffic stop and alerted to the presence of narcotics. A subsequent search led to the location of approximately 4.4 pounds of marijuana, approximately 3.5 grams of suspected methamphetamine, a methamphetamine smoking pipe, shot gun shells and a loaded handgun.

The driver, Aharon Hook (age 47), was arrested for being a felon in possession of a firearm as well as several other weapon and drug related charges.



  • Groba dude trustafarian osnt

    Book em Dano!

    Another valuable bust!

  • Canaries in the coal mine

  • Training dogs to jump on tables is ridiculous. Especially to show off this bust.

    You want to show the cop k9 off, I get it – I love my dogs too.

    But to me, this looks like something a 10 year old would do; putting a dog on the table to show off.

    Let the dog sit in front of a table for higher levels of percieved professionalism, please.

    • On come on let the dog have it. He did the work.

    • Not the dogs fault the laws a former scrubs that use to get picked on in their early life . So any chance they get to shine that badge they will , even if it’s over this bust which is … wait for it … $1,000 -1,500 bust total combined .

  • Congrats to Kai and his human but keep the dog off the table !
    Have the dog pose with his captured stuff in a more dignified position.

  • The dog ALWYS alerts to drugs. Lol. If there is no drugs and it happens to go to court the judge just says that the dog is wrong 10% of the time. Sorry That’s the loop hole

    • If the dog is wrong why are you going to court? It seems you would only go to court if they found something. Conspiracy theorist?

    • I actually own a former police dog from Bay Area , a Belgian malinois and can tell you all 1000% they can make a dog “hit” on anything . And they do false alerts to violate rights all over America’s interstates and freeways and cities.

      • You are 1000% correct. I’ve seen them train. All it takes is a simple hand gesture or a vocalization from the handler and the dog will “key” on command. If your holding and are stopped by an officer with a dog, you’re done because the search will hold up in court.

        • Which you wouldn’t need in court if your pot was legal. Or you didn’t have it at all. Criminals like the idea that the police are prevented from finding evidence of crime by asserting their rights but there has to be some limit on protecting criminals. The rules are there to keep the police power from being abused but go too far and there might as well be no police at all.

          A criminal’s best defense against police abuse is having a civil tongue in their mouths but that does not seem to go down well with the less successful crooks.

          • Soon-to-be Former County Supervisor Ryan Dumberg

            Try telling that one to 🍊 Traitor Trump 🇷🇺 who is irrationally convinced of not only his own supposed personal self-righteousness, but of his own imaginary personal indefatigability. All of those uppers from Dr. Ronny Jackson plus all of Trump’s asinine aspersions against the American justice system will not spare Dumbass Donnie Two Scoops 🍦🍦 from his day of legal reckoning, which is coming very soon. ⚖️🇺🇸

          • Your réponse belies a mindset that is found all too often these days: That its is more important to catch people breaking the law than to preserve the basic rights that keep us relatively independent and free from government/ outside intrusion.
            Legislators create all kinds of new laws all the time to be able to catch law breakers. While even that become onerous, at least it is an agreed upon process done (often*) in the open. (* – The unjust aspects of lobbying and ‘undue influence’ are aspects of that argument I am leaving aside).
            With one officer, or dog handler, making a decision to use a simple “hand gesture or vocalization” to get a dog to “key” on the suspect, vehicle, or whatever, is and should be widely condemned as a means to a “just” end!
            Do you think torture is a worthy tactic as well? …….It’s a slippery slope, Mr Guest!

            • Your post has the type of logic used to shut down every discussion- using extreme examples. The “what! You want people to starve” kind of response. All the real issues are shunted aside so everything devolves to a spit off.

              Drug sniffing dogs are a tool. As subject to misuse as anything else in the world. But that is no reason to condemn it wholesale if it is also a useful tool. That reeks of the game playing of the criminal who really enjoys rules that restricts his being caught. There are limits on dog searches. For one you need to be stopped for other reasons. There will always be limits on any police action and there will always be questions raised. But anyone who expects that only a perfect and incorruptible system is to be tolerated is doomed to be disappointed.

              • Dogs have a purpose in law enforcement. Even with drug sniffing. It’s when they, as a “tool” are misused, INTENTIONALLY, and in a way that threatens citizens freedoms that I do STRONGLY OBJECT!

                When you say, “As subject to misuse as anything else in the world”, you are condoning the misapplication of the “tool”. And yes, condemning such action, often by one individual against a ‘free citizen’ is just!

                Our law enforcement/judicial system is imperfect, just like most institutions. What’s interesting and revealing is what side of the debate people like you and me end up on: Freedom (me), or the state’s interest (you).

              • “Stopped for other reasons” – If traveling, the reason is often having a California plate.

  • Alt Right For Life

    Why does it seem that weed, meth, and felons with firearms seem to go hand in hand, like hippies in mud at Woodstock?

    Great job LAW ENFORCEMENT, keep busting the junkies and burn their crops. You have the complete support of the community that matters.

    • Because it’s like saying why do people want a chaser when they take shots ? Or cigarettes when they get buzzed . I believe folks that have meth and weed and etc are smoking weed cause it helps them come down off the hard stuff .

  • Cove Troll, 10 Toes, and Life is Good are correct.

  • Great job K-9 Kai and his CCPD handler/officer.

    I completely agree with Alt Right For Life. The community that matters needs to support the Keeping California Safe Act of 2018 initiative. Petitions are now on the street — be sure to sign. Then be sure to vote YES for this in November.

    We need take our streets back from these scumbags.

    • You know I looked at the “Keep California Safe Act” website and while the brief statement sounds good, I couldn’t find a link to the actual full text, which always makes me wonder.

  • opinions are like assholes , everyone has one and most of them stink.

  • “Drugs On the Table”

    How exciting!! Alert the press!!

  • lol and oregon is protecting this meth dealer

  • about time you got the scum ,so.or.gp.has been protecting this scum for years

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