Oops, Usher Won’t Let Dreadlocked John Jaso, One of Humboldt County’s Former Major League Baseball Players, Down to the Field

Thursday night, John Jaso, McKinleyville High alumni and former major league baseball player for the Tampa Bay Rays, almost couldn’t get his dreadlocked, tie-dyed Humboldt self down to the field to talk with his former teammates. A tiny little tiger of an usher did not buy his tale.

The Tampa Bay Rays posted a clip of the interaction on their twitter feed.

Sometimes you can take the guy out of Humboldt and make him a multi-millionaire baseball player but….you can’t take the Humboldt out of the guy.

Note: For a really great story about Jaso, check out this Vice Magazine piece written by another major league baseball player where Jaso talks about his concussions and there’s a home-video clip of him after he got the call to go to the big leagues–a total charmer!



  • What the hell lady lol.

  • Alt Right For Life

    Looks like she doesn’t like dreadlocks, which is fine because she is entitled to her opinion.

    Respecting rules, code of behavior, and proper attire will take you places in life.

    This is a good story to share with others on issues regarding ego and respect for rules.

    • Judgemental, a bit?

      What rules do you think he was breaking?

      What behavior did you see that was outside the “code”?

      Who is to determine what “proper attire“ is? Looked fine to me. I certainly doubt that the stadium prohibits the wearing of tank top and shorts.

    • Didn’t anyone read you Cinderella when you were a kid? When people say you could go to the ball if only you had the right clothes, they’re mostly lying.

    • Prejudiced? In America? Never!

    • Soon-to-be Former County Supervisor Ryan Dumberg

      OK, Marge Schott. Whatever. 👌🏿

      By the way, the Cincinnati Reds suck!

    • No it’s not fine this is a supposed professional, acting like kids playing on the monkey bars. Wouldn’t be surprised if this elderly lady was kicked off the monkey bars a few times herself.

      Loving the sound of Humboldt Honey now in medicated form. Here’s hoping the Whitethorn Nuns infuse some of that yellow gold. (Re. Advert)

    • Elric of Melniboné

      No one is “entitled” to an opinion.

  • If he’s so important why not get VIP access through the clubhouse and go directly to the dugout?

  • Get a hair cut hippie! Haha what a cranky old lady!

  • Divide by Zero

    But, but, are not dreadlocks on a white guy cultural appropriation? He should be reported to the California Dept. of Fairness and Feelings.

  • Was at a Pirates Spring Training game last year, during warm ups yelled McKinleyville out a few times; Jaso came to the rail and asked who was yelling this. Was super nice to my family

  • Looks like some no account hippie trying to get close to the players. No seat assignment, no pass. She is doing her job.

    • Wait, is the problem that he “looks like some no account hippie,” or that he doesn’t have a pass?

      Looks are irrelevant, yet you still judge by them and throw them around as insults. You’re an excellent human being, I’m sure you’ll agree.

      • Alt Right For Life

        The job of security is, like it or not, to profile people.

        She did her job in protecting the players from what looks to be a stoned hippie that might strip down and streak the field, iniate an animal rights protest, or even worse, unfurl a Bernie Sanders banner.

        I’m thankful for profiling as it keeps libs in check and keeps the public protected from the liberal agenda.

        Frankly, if people now a days took better pride in their appearance we’d see less dreadlocks, tie dyed clothing, less people driving hybrid cars, no pony tails on ‘men’, and just a healthier society.

        Let’s hope he has seen the error in his ways and has a haircut in mind to correct all this.

        He has the opportunity to show the world that dreadlocks and tie dye have absolutely nothing to do with Humboldt and are not welcome anywhere in our fine nation.

        • What in the Blue Blazes do hybrid cars have to do with this?

          • Lost Croat Outburst

            Agree. Yeah, remember the good ol’ Jim Crow days when white guys with haircuts would lynch black uppity dudes? When women couldn’t vote or control their own bodies and stuff? Segregation was the law in some of these United States in my lifetime. Remember how great it was to be male up until about 1967?

            In fairness, if the usher didn’t recognize our local guy, why would she let him on? Are other fans allowed to roam around the field? I think not.

          • Hybrib cars use up more resources and toxins during manufacture than they will save during use, compared to driving a 1990’s bmw or the like.

        • Don’t worry, be happy.
          Something tells me you’ll be waiting for your happy day for a very long time. People don’t have to conform to your limitations and fears, and they won’t.

        • Not that you are at all judgmental or anything. How is it that you get to set the rules of appearance at a sports event? I did not know there was a dress code, much a hair style code.

        • Must be hard to live that way.

        • Jeez, a hairstyle has you this worked up? I personally have a bit of a prejudice against women who tease and hairspray but I try to keep it under control and recognize that hairstyle is not a moral failing.

          • Alt Right For Life

            The world can never have enough aqua net rocker chicks, and that is a commonly known fact.

            Aqua Netters hold a much higher social status than dreadlocks, besides most dreadlocks are fake, store-bought, Hollywood image sold to gullible lost souls.

            The hole in the ozone layer is but a small price to pay regarding Aqua Netters.

    • maybe Miguel would like to be judged by his name…

  • It doesn’t matter how he looks. Bottom line, he had no pass to be there. She was doing her job brilliantly!

  • Well, another serious ethical and existential problem solved by the mob!

    Is this the best that the cream of the professional journalists could come up with?

    Here is hoping that Mr Wonderful will always get exactly his little way, from now on!

  • I was at the Sox vs. Rays game Wednesday night. Attendance was lower than most Crabbies games. Pretty sure I could’ve staggered out onto the field and kicked dirt at the ump without being stopped. Then again I don’t have dreds.

  • hahaha, way to go girl!
    If he were on the other side of the fence, he would have given feisty gal a raise for doing her job.

  • Alt Right for Life: a healthier society if we don’t wear dreads & tie die? We’d be a healthier society if we ate far fewer foods sprayed multiple times with herbicides (corn,soy) or made their own pesticides (potatoes). The left is far more aware of the ill effects of GMOs. And the Rt is far more unhealthy bec they won’t believe anything the left does. Don’t mix up yr comfort zone with reality.

  • The right wingers are a sad, pitiful bunch. Heartless to the core. Judging clothing, hair, skin color. Lonely at the bottom, I guess. 😂

  • Lesson…don’t dress like a dirtbag.

  • Miles Fromhoneydew

    “Shut Up ‘n’ Play Ball !” That’s how we would always settle it – on a good day – long ago.

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